Vanier Scholars 2012

Name University  Discipline Research ProjectFootnote 1
Azad, Marisa Ann McMaster University Biochemisty Disarming the enemy: reversing antibiotic resistance with inhibitors of Vat enzymes
Bahremand, Arash Université Laval Nervous System Therapeutic potential of cystamine for Parkinson's disease
Bhilocha, Shardul Ashvinkumar Lakehead University Cell Biology Positron emission tomography imaging methods to investigate host cell resistance to antibodies against the human epidermal growth factor receptor 2
Browne, Dillon Thomas University of Toronto Environmental Influences on Health Socio-economic status, child developmental health and within-family relationships: examining the differential effects of families, persons and dyads using the Social Relations Model
Calce, Stephanie E. University of Victoria Aging Old bones: the effects of osteoarthritis on skeletal qge markers
Cameron, Chris Gordon University of Ottawa Health Research Development and application of analytical methods for network meta-analysis to assess the safety of drugs and improve the health of Canadians
Chen, Yin-Yuan Brandon University of Toronto Health Research Potential legal and policy implications of medical tourism on international migrants' access to health care in receiving countries
Chudyk, Anna Maria University of British Columbia Aging Out and about: the association between the neighborhood built environment and older adults' mobility and health
Cina, Davide Pietro University of Toronto Renal Function, Nephrology, Urology Dissecting the role of the mammalian target of rapamycin in the renal glomerular filtration barrier and tubular epithelium
Colquhoun, Amy University of Alberta Population Health Development and evaluation of knowledge translation methods as a part of community-driven research on Helicobacter pylori in northern Aboriginal communities
Dargie, Emma Queen's University Nervous System Women in Pain: Exploring the Neuropathic Components of Vulvodynia to Improve Diagnosis and Treatment
Deb, Saswata University of Toronto Cardiovascular Surgical and pharmacological novel interventions to improve overall results of saphenous vein grafting patency in coronary artery bypass grafting surgery: an international multi-centred randomized controlled clinical trial
Deshwar, Ashish Ranjeet University of Toronto Cardiovascular Characterization of the pro-cardiac activity conferred by Gata5 and Smarcd3b in the zebrafish embryo: an approach to identify novel regulators of cardiac progenitor development
Dickinson, Philip McGill University Aging Functional connectivity of resting state activity as a neuroimaging biomarker for Alzheimer's disease
Elbert, Adrienne Brock University Biochemistry Determining genome-wide binding changes of epigenetic regulators CTCF and cohesin-complex in ATRX-knockout mouse brain
Falconer, James Michael McGill University Health Services Research Towards equity in population health: comparing evolving policy in world health care systems
Gracey, Robert Eric University of Toronto Muscle, Bone, or Joint Chlamydia-induced reactive arthritis: does macrophage polarization play a defining role?
Grandisson, Marie University of Ottawa International Health Développement de lignes directrices pour la recherche évaluative en réadaptation à base communautaire
Huang, Shih-Han Susan University of Western Ontario Biophysics A new marker for dialysis adequacy
Ibrahim, George University of Toronto Nervous System Functional connectivity of neuronal networks in childhood epilepsy
Jantz, Jay Queen's University Nervous System Removing obstacles to treating Parkinson's disease
Jessri, Mahsa University of Toronto Nutrition Long-term effects of increased wheat fiber intakes on oral glucose tolerance in hyperinsulinemic adults
Keough, Matthew Thomas Concordia University Mental Health Clarifying how alcohol facilitates recovery from stress in coping-motivated drinkers
Kessler, Dorothy University of Ottawa Cardiovascular Occupational performance coaching, a novel patient-centered intervention to improve participation in personally valued activities following stroke
Knapp, David Jorg Hans Fraser University of British Columbia Cancer Mechanisms of external control of hematopoietic stem cell fate decisions
Leslie, Kathleen University of Toronto Nursing Governance and accountability of health care professions in Ontario: a policy analysis of recent amendments to the Regulated Health Professions Act
Loyola-Sanchez, Adalberto McMaster University Muscle, Bone, or Joint Development of a culturally sensitive community-based health program to improve the health status of people living with osteoarthritis in an underserved rural community of Mexico
Ma, Dennis University of Windsor Cancer Targeting mitochondrial and oxidative vulnerabilities as a novel strategy for cancer therapy
Manoranjan, Branavan McMaster University Cancer In vivo clonal evolution of medulloblastoma brain tumour-initiating cells in response to therapy: discovering the refractory brain tumour-initiating cell population
Mantovani, Giulia University of Ottawa Biomedical Engineering Subject-specific electromyography-driven musculoskeletal model of the hip joint applied to femoroacetabular impingement patients
Mercer, Gareth David University of British Columbia Population Health Assessment of the relationship between innate immune system ontogeny, infant feeding mode and susceptibility to infection in HIV-exposed but uninfected infants
Merino Diaz, Diana Margarita University of Toronto Cancer Elucidating the genomic complexities of choroid plexus tumor development to improve diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of young brain tumor patients
Meyer, Matthew John University of Western Ontario Health Services Research Testing the impact of resource availability on patterns of referral to inpatient stroke rehabilitation in ontario
Mikkonen, Juha York University Population Health Promoting health equity: a comparative study between Canada and Finland
Missaghi, Kianoush Université de Montréal Nervous System Études des réseaux neuronaux responsables de la respiration chez la lamproie
Parmasad, Vishala University of British Columbia Health "Is better man belly bus' than good food waste": The sociocultural dimensions of managing the chronic disease type 2 diabetes mellitus
Patrick, Lyana Marie University of British Columbia Societal & Cultural Dimensions of Health Addictions and Mental health planning in 21st century Canada - examining cultural safety through an indigenous planning paradigm
Pon, Julia Ramana University of British Columbia Cancer The role of MEF2B in non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Poormasjedimeibod, Malihesadat University of British Columbia Health research Development and application of nanofibers releasing anti-fibrogenic factors for treatment of dermal fibrosis
Robert, Maxime McGill University Nervous system Balance and mobility re-education using virtual reality in children with development delay.
Robichaud, Nathaniel McGill University Biochemistry eIF4E phosphorylation and the tumour microenvironment: implications in signalling, invasion and metastasis
Rozmus, Jacob University of British Columbia Immunology-Transplantation The role of B cells in the pathophysiology of chronic graft-versus-host disease
Salvi, Jayesh Suresh University of Toronto Aging Cohibin-driven turnover of non-coding RNA regulates rDNA repeats and cellular lifespan
Shelley, Jacob Jordan University of Toronto Societal & Cultural Dimensions of Health The promise of law for public health
Vanderlee, Lana Mae University of Waterloo Population Health Impact of nutritional labelling on menus: a quasi-experimental study
Vincent, Krista Brock University Cancer The incidence, functional consequences and clinical significance of secreted frizzled-related protein 2 promoter hypermethylation in melanoma
Walker, Robin Lorraine University of Calgary Health Services Research Ambulatory care sensitive conditions identified in hospital data: which admissions are deemed avoidable?
Wang, Xin University of Toronto Cancer Identifying driver mutations in childhood medulloblastoma by novel functional genomic approaches
Wessels, Jocelyn McMaster University Reproduction/ Pregnancy The role of neurotrophins in the pathophysiology of endometriosis
Wieskopf, Jeffrey Shawn McGill University Genetics The role of genetics in chronic pain
Wong, Jenna McGill University Health Services Research Using real-time electronic health information from a multi-national pharmacosurveillance system to assess the safety and effectiveness of oral hypoglycemic drugs among patients with type 2 diabetes
Xie, Yicheng University of British Columbia Nervous System Optimizing hypothermic neuroprotection to recover fine synaptic structure and sensorimotor function in vivo following cerebral ischemia and reperfusion
Yousefi-Nooraie, Reza McMaster University Health Services Research A series of studies on using social networks to inform and support evidence-informed public health practice in Canada: investigating public health organizational networks and online sources of public health evidence
Zhou, Rui University of Alberta Nervous System Locomotor networks in the lumbosacral spinal cord of the human
Name University  Discipline Research ProjectFootnote 1
Abdel Aziz, Ahmed University of Waterloo Integrated Circuits A new generation of miniaturized mechanical transistors/relays for ultimate reliability ultra-low power applications
Abdelfattah, Ahmed University of Alberta Biophysics Protein engineering applied to the development of indicators for neuroimaging
Arsenault, Richard École de technologie supérieure Hydrology Integration of high resolution climate model datasets in hydrological modelling and prediction
Beers, Amanda McMaster University Sensory Systems and Perception The effect of aging on timing judgments made from visual motion cues
Berken, Jonathan McGill University Cognitive Science - Language Cortical and subcortical brain regions that contribute to language translation proficiency
Bernhardt, Joanna University of British Columbia Aquatic Ecology and Limnology Can ocean 'cold spots' enhance resilience to climate change?
Blake, Oliver Simon Fraser University Neurophysiology Biofeedback driven muscle coordination
Brenna, Wilson University of Waterloo Astronomy and Astrophysics Gravitational duals to Lifshitz fluids
Brocardo, Marcelo University of Victoria Communications networks A new approach to mitigate botnet attacks and to identify the botmaster
Bédard, Anne-Catherine Université de Montréal Organic Chemistry Développement de méthodes de macrocyclisations 'vertes' : utilisation de la séparation de phases comme stratégie pour contrôler la concentration
Carey, Graham University of Toronto Photonic Devices and Networks Semiconductor quantum dots for solution-processed photovoltaic devices
Carias, Mathew University of Toronto Biomedical Engineering Magnetic resonance image-guided intra-cardiac ultrasound ablation and treatment monitoring
Chitnis, Saurabh Sunil University of Victoria Organic Chemistry Structure and reactivity of main-group cations leading to new reagents and materials
Clark, Cameron University of Calgary Neurophysiology The effects of working memory training on cognitive performance, brain structure and brain function
Cox, Grant McGill University Geochemistry and Geochronology Neoproterozoic volcanism and its links to environmental change
Desharnais, Brigitte Concordia University Analytical Chemistry Postmortem categorization of metabolizer type and adverse drug reaction events through enzyme biomarker quantification
Doucette, John University of Waterloo Artificial Intelligence Preemption dynamics in multiagent resource allocation sensitive to social welfare and user modeling
Dussault, Jean-Michel Université Laval Mechanical Engineering Développement de technologies de fenestration intelligente à cristaux liquides pour la réduction de la consommation énergétique des bâtiments
Fisher, Kent University of Waterloo Optics Experimental realizations of quantum channels using linear optics
Gerbrandt, Eric University of Saskatchewan Plant and Tree Biology Characterizing agronomic and genetic diversity in blue honeysuckle (Lonicera caerulea L.) germplasm for health benefits and adaptation to the Fraser Valley, British Columbia
Gillen, Jenna McMaster University Kinesiology Cell signalling pathways regulating the skeletal muscle adaptive response to exercise: role of exercise intensity and nutritional manipulation
Godbout, Andrew University of Calgary Robotics Computer analysis of repetitive movements producing interactive audio feedback
Guo, Si Yue University of Toronto Physical Chemistry Why do surfaces catalyze reaction? Hydrogen halides at silicon
Hersch, Steven University of Toronto Molecular Biology Deciphering the elongation factor-P translational regulation mechanism
Jonker, Tanya Renee University of Waterloo Cognitive Science - Fundamental The role of context in retrieval-induced forgetting
Klutsch, Jennifer University of Alberta Evolution and Ecology Interactions of an invasive bark beetle with a forest pathogen: range expansion of mountain pine beetle in jack pine forests and impact of dwarf mistletoe
Langohr, Daniel University of Western Ontario Biomedical Engineering Design improvement of total shoulder replacement implants with the incorporation of PEEK including the validation of a micro-CT wear assessment technique
Liem, Rhea University of Toronto Aerospace, Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering Surrogate modelling in high-fidelity multidisciplinary design optimization for future aircraft concepts
Mamun, Kazi University of Regina Software and development Security management and real-time monitoring of reverse auctions
Marquardt, Drew Brock University Condensed Matter Physics Alpha-tocopherol's location, dynamics and antioxidant properties in the cell membrane
Mastronardi, Melanie University of Toronto Inorganic Chemistry Towards the development of improved green material optoelectronic devices: investigating the definitive size-dependent properties of silicon nanocrystals
Matejko, Anna University of Western Ontario Cognitive science -- development Neurocognitive trajectories of conceptual and procedural arithmetic strategy development
McIntosh, Shane Queen's University Software and development Improving the scalability of software build systems for ultra large scale systems
Miller, Joshua University of Alberta Evolution and Ecology Development and application of genomic resources for bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis)
Miyashita, Tetsuto University of Alberta Evolution and Ecology Sorting out vertebrate ancestry: testing hypotheses about the origin and early evolution of vertebrates using hagfish embryos
Moffat, Chandra University of New Brunswick Evolution and Ecology Host-associated differentiation in phytophagous insects: does intraspecific variation in host plant traits drive ecological speciation?
Murray, Maureen University of Alberta Terrestrial ecology The effects of body condition and habitat quality on conflict behaviour in urban coyotes
Ooms, Matthew University of Toronto Mechanical Engineering Evanescent photosynthesis: cultivating cyanobacteria in a surface-confined light field
Peacock, Stephanie University of Alberta Animal Biology Nonlinear dynamics of sea lice transmission and salmon populations in coastal British Columbia
Quesada, Juan Nicolas University of Toronto Physics Quantum correlations: applications in biology and metrology
Racicot, Léanne University of British Columbia Organic Chemistry Total synthesis of thiopeptides: a solution to a world without antibiotics
Rao, Yingli Queen's University Inorganic Chemistry Smart materials based on organoboron compounds: potential applications in OLEDs, UV protectors, oxygen sensors and e-papers
Sauder, Laura University of Waterloo Microbiology Investigating the ecology of ammonia-oxidizing micro-organisms in rotating biological contactors of municipal wastewater treatment plants
Seli, Paul University of Waterloo Behavioural neuroscience Exploring mechanisms of sustained attention
Shademan, Mehrdad University of Windsor Fluid Mechanics Large Eddy Simulation of High Reynolds Number Impinging Jet with Large Impingement Height to Nozzle Diameter Ratio
Shafiq, Muhammad Omair University of Calgary Information Technology Semantically formalized logging for enhanced management and monitoring of large scale applications
Shakiba, Nika University of Toronto Biomedical Engineering Elucidating the reprogramming mechanism: selection pressures direct a poised subpopulation to an iPS state
Silverstein, Harlyn University of Manitoba Condensed Matter Physics Dugganite series can unlock the key to understanding multiferroic behaviour
St-Onge, Renée McMaster University Microbiology Extracytoplasmic proteins modulate the muralytic activity of resuscitation-promoting factors in Streptomyces coelicolor through direct binding
Tsoi, Kim University of Toronto Biomedical Engineering Development of a high-throughput in vitro model to study the effect of nanoparticle physicochemical properties on hepatic fate and toxicity
Vadaga, Kiran Concordia University Cognitive Science - fundamental The time course of cognitive inhibition and its relation with higher-order cognition and age
Verma, Mohit Singh University of Waterloo Chemical Engineering Biodegradable polymeric system for enhanced periocular drug delivery
Zlatanov, Nikola University of British Columbia Communications Systems Buffer-aided relaying: a new protocol for next generation Wireless networks
Name University  Discipline Research ProjectFootnote 1
Ado, Abdoulkadre Université Laval Management, Business, Administrative Studies Performance des joint-ventures sino-africaines : facteurs clés de succès
Anderson, Emily K. University of British Columbia Interdisciplinary Studies Smallholder participation in conventional and environmental service markets in East Africa: market characteristics and social-ecological system consequences
Andrews, Nathan University of Alberta Political Science The dialectics of globalization, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and poverty: a comparative study of Kinross and Newmont mining investments in Ghana
Bazilli, Susan University of British Columbia Law South African women's constitutional struggle for equality
Bodineau, Sylvie Université Laval Anthropology Protéger les enfants soldats : la vulnérabilité des enfants en question
Bégin-Caouette, Olivier University of Toronto Education Les effets de la mobilité étudiante sur les compétences interculturelles, la réussite scolaire et le développement professionnel des étudiants suivant une formation collégiale de type technique dans un cégep
Caballero, Gustavo A. University of Calgary Economics Providing evidence for a theory of rational risk behavior of the poor: incentives of being near the subsistence level
Deschênes-Pradet, Maude Université de Sherbrooke Modern Languages and Literature Habiter l'imaginaire : étude géocritique de la science-fiction québécoise, suivi de Pour retrouver Simone
Dolbec, Pierre-Yann York University Management, Business, Administrative Studies From places to spaces: a study of communities built in commercial spaces
Engler Palma, Maria Cecilia Dalhousie University Law Towards ecosystem approach to finfish aquaculture in Canada: an international and comparative perspective
Erengezgin, Cavlan B. University of British Columbia Geography Reconstructing historical memory by decolonizing gender in Turkey: Kurdish women's politics of nation, violence and freedom
Froc, Kerri A. Queen's University Law The untapped power of section 28 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Genest, Alexandre University of Ottawa Law The law and policy of trade-related investment measures (TRIMs) and performance requirements: implications for sustainable development
Glover, Katharine E. McGill University Law Much less and much more: a biographical assessment of the Supreme Court of Canada's present and future significance
Grayson-Courtemanche, Catherine-Lune Université de Montréal Anthropology Le camp de réfugiés de Dadaab, au Kenya : étude ethnologique sure l'expérience de jeunes réfugiés somaliens qui sont nés et ont grandi au camp
Hathaway, Mark D. University of Toronto Environmental Studies Ecological worldviews, transformative learning and engagement for sustainability
Heller, Kaitlin B. University of Toronto History Seeing things: chroniclers and the construction of truth in early thirteenth century England
Holmes, Jessica A. McGill University Fine Arts Disability and embodiment in musical performance today
Hunter, Douglas W. York University History Cryptohistory, race and nationalism: exploring the fringe of discovery narratives
Kulick, Rachel E. University of Toronto Archaeology Environmental sustainability in a Minoan Bronze Age town: a multi-scale geoarchaeological investigation of human-landscape interactions at Palaikastro, Crete
Kushlev, Kostadin University of British Columbia Psychology Uncovering the joys of parenting: can children transform their parents' behaviours, protect them from existential threats and bring greater well-being in their lives
Lafantaisie, Vicky Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Psychoeducation L'intégration sociale des familles négligentes : intervenir et vivre ensemble en respectant les valeurs; les attitudes et les comportements qui vont à l'encontre des normes établies
Le, Bonnie University of Toronto Psychology Addressing global challenges through an identification with all of humanity
Luxion, Mona C. McGill University Urban and Regional Studies, Environmental Studies Water and sanitation in small and mid-sized Indian cities: improving the state of coverage
Mahmud, Nehraz Memorial University of Newfoundland Anthropology The state of Muslim women's rights to property in Bangladesh
Mant, Madeleine L. McMaster University Anthropology Perimortem trauma: a new interdisciplinary framework for identification and interpretation
Martens, Linsay University of Saskatchewan Political Science Assessing the politics of power generation and opportunities for First Nations-led renewable energy in Saskatchewan
Martin, Beth J. Ryerson University Demography Mitigating the impacts of family separation: an evaluation of Canada's family class immigration program
Moscrop, David R.H. University of British Columbia Political Science The democratic brain: non-consiously affected behaviour and democratic citizenship
Noble, Jason D.K. McGill University Fine Arts Finding meaning in information: semiotic composition
Okpanachi, Eyene University of Alberta Political Science Federalism and the management of diversity: a comparative study of Canada and Nigeria
Posca, Julia Université du Québec à Montréal Sociology L'identité de la classe moyenne à l'épreuve de la financiarisation : regard sur le rapport culture/économie à travers l'endettement des ménages canadiens de 1975 à aujourd'hui
Quigley, Leanne University of Calgary Psychology A longitudinal investigation of impaired cognitive inhibition as a vulnerability factor for emotion dysregulation
Ritzema, Anne M. McGill University Education Predictors of socio-educational well-being for children with neurodevelopmental disorders
Rosés Labrada, Jorge E. University of Western Ontario Linguistics Collaborative documentation and description of Maco, a Salivan language of Venezuela
Rowan, Mary Caroline University of New Brunswick Education Engaging with Inuit educators, elders, families and children in co-constructing culturally meaningful, place based approaches to early childhood education in Nunavik
Rueda Heredia, Carlos O. McGill University Management, Business, Administrative Studies Organic leadership development: how on-the-job, internet-based pedagogies accelerate management learning and organizational change in non-profit organizations
Scott, Amy B. University of Manitoba Anthropology Putting stress to the test: using patterns of growth and development to identify stress severity in the human skeleton and its correlation to social change in late to post-medieval Denmark
Shigematsu, Tetsuro H. University of British Columbia Communications and Media Studies Documenting difference: Asian representation in broadcast versus social media
Short, Megan M. Lakehead University Psychology Enhancing subjective well-being and achievement in student populations: an investigation of trait perfectionism and its adaptive and maladaptive effects
Sirois, Emmanuelle Université du Québec à Montréal Fine Arts Pratiques de médiation culturelle, interprétation des œuvres spectaculaires et « web 2.0 »
Sukhawathanakul, Paweena University of Victoria Psychology Because everyone deserves to be helped: preventing peer victimization by developing norms of social responsibility
Szanto, David A. Concordia University Interdisciplinary Studies Performative gastronomy: emergent phenomena in network food settings
Tavernier, Royette Brock University Psychology Turning points: the association between positive meaning-making and psychological well-being among emerging adults
Tigue, Cara C. McMaster University Psychology The influence of politicians' voice path and perceived disease threat on voters' impressions of candidates
Tuck, Richard University of Victoria Education Business education to the poor: a cross-cultural study of the efficacy of entrepreneurship training among microfinance recipients
Vega Dulanto, Maria del Carmen University of Western Ontario Anthropology A history of violence: 3000 years of interpersonal and intergroup conflicts from the late Pre-Ceramic to Republican times in the Peruvian Andes - a bioarchaeological perspective
Wagner-Rizvi, Tracey L. University of Waterloo Interdisciplinary Studies Instrumental, structural and discursive power and the contrary interests of transnational advocacy networks and transnational corporations in global social policy development
Wilhelmy, Audrée Université du Québec à Montréal Fine Arts La pratique graphique en amont du texte littéraire
Yaworski, Karen F. University of Toronto Comparative Literature Racial Stereotypes in the Fiction of Dany Laferrière and Junot Diaz
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