Boursiers Vanier 2013

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Alchini, Ricardo Université McGill Système nerveux The Manipulation of 14-3-3 Proteins to Promote Axonal Regeneration after Injury
Allan, Kristina Université d'Ottawa Cancer Enhancing the therapeutic efficacy of oncolytic vaccinia virus using functional genomics
Allen, Stephanie Dalhousie University Santé mentale Attention Bias Modification Training: Efficacy Study of Novel Treatment for Anxiety in Children With and Without Autism Spectrum Disorders
Alvarez, Elizabeth McMaster University Recherche dans le domaine de la santé The development, implementation and evaluation of a health systems guidance workbook: Supporting the contextualization of the World Health Organization's 'Optimizing the delivery of key interventions to attain Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5' (Optimize4MNH) guidance at the national level
Antoun, Ghadi Université d'Ottawa Métabolisme/ diabète The Role of Prenyl Diphosphate Synthase Subunit 1 (PDSS1) in Impaired Cellular Bioenergetics and its Implications in Obesity
Baltich, Jennifer University of Calgary Santé des populations Evaluating the effectiveness of neuromuscular training on strength, coordination, and injury prevention in novice runners.
Beall, Reed Université d'Ottawa Santé des populations Pharmaceutical Innovation, Drug Access, and International Trade Policy in an Era of Global Population Aging
Becker dos Santos, Daiana University of British Columbia Cancer Identification of Developmental Pathways Selectively Reactivated in Lung Tumours of Never smokers
Bhullar, Kirandeep University of British Columbia Bacteriologie A sticky situation: Defining how bacterial pathogens subvert the intestinal mucus layer.
Boffa, Jody University of Calgary Santé internationale Evaluating the effectiveness of 6-month Isoniazid Preventive Therapy amongst people living with HIV in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Capozzi, Lauren University of Calgary Aspects psychosociaux/ comportements Physical Activity and Nutrition in Head/Neck Oncology: Developing a Patient-Oriented, Clinic-Supported Program
Chamard, Emilie Université de Montréal Imagerie Modifications neurométaboliques et microstructurales à la suite d'une commotion cérébrale chez les athlètes féminines.
Chambers, Lori McMaster University Dimensions sociales et culturelles de la santé These women's work: Exploring the meaning of work from the perspective of HIV-positive Black women who live in Ontario
Dali, Rola Université McGill Système nerveux Regulation of the tumourigenic ability of glioblastoma stem-like cells
Dodd, Warren University of Guelph Santé des populations Seasonal Labour Migration and Intra-Household Health Statuses in the Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu, India
Escalante, Nichole University of Toronto Immunologie/ Transplantation NOD1/2 Mediated Control of Innate and Adaptive T cell function during Chronic Colitis
Farooqi, Nasr Université McGill Système nerveux Neuro-immune interactions in autism: mechanisms of disease and therapeutic targets
Fervaha, Gagandeep University of Toronto Santé mentale Investigations of the functional neural circuitry underlying effort-based motivational impairments in schizophrenia: a translational model
Fuller, Jonathan University of Toronto Gériatrie A Philosophical Analysis of the Current Chronic Disease Model and Implications for the Care of Complex Older Patients
Gagnon, Michelle University of Regina Aspects psychosociaux/ comportements Pain communication in couples with chronic pain: Partner interactions and sex differences
Gharat, Amol Université McGill Système nerveux Neurons' electrical activity refines neural circuits by strengthening the connections between neurons with correlated activity while eliminating connections between neurons with uncorrelated activity.
Haji, Faizal University of Toronto Recherche sur les services de santé The effect of simple-to-complex simulation training on novice skill acquisition and procedural errors in lumbar puncture: a prospective, randomized study
Holshausen, Katherine Queen's University Santé mentale A Step Forward for STEPS: An Investigation of the Neural and Behavioural Responses to a Novel Treatment for Functional Outcome in Schizophrenia
Huang, Yuanshen University of British Columbia Cancer The role of thymocyte selection-associated high mobility group box (TOX) in the pathogenesis of cutaneous T cell lymphomas
Jafari Sojahrood, Amin Ryerson University Recherche dans le domaine de la santé Experimental and theoretical investigation of the dynamics of ultrasonically excited micro-bubbles for imaging and therapy
Jones, Catherine Université de Montréal Santé des populations Exploring the process of policy formulation and analysing implications for health promotion: the case of national policy on global health
Kaba, Alyshah University of Calgary Recherche sur les services de santé Conformity to the Majority: Peer Impact of Medical and Nursing Student's Clinical Skills Performance in a Simulated Training Enviroment
Kang, H. Bindy University of British Columbia Dimensions sociales et culturelles de la santé Sadhee Sehayth (Our Health): Experiences of Punjabi Ancestry Canadians Living with Cardiovascular Disease
Kaye, Cameron University of Manitoba Imagerie Feasibility Study and Experimental Evaluation of Microwave Tomographic Imaging for In Vivo Characterization of Tissue as a Diagnostic Technique for Human Disease
Kim, Jaeseung University of Toronto Génomique, Protéomique et bioinformatique Genetic and cellular origins of relapsed acute myeloid leukemia in remission
Kim, Jieun University of Toronto Appareil cardio-vasculaire Engineering interactions between the macrophage polarization and human pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiac tissue to develop an in vitro myocardial infarction model to understand the early disease progression
Konsztowicz, Susanna Université McGill Santé mentale Group cognitive-behavioural therapy for co-morbid social anxiety in schizophrenia: Efficacy and neuroimaging markers of symptomatic improvement.
Kwan, Andrew University of Toronto Cancer Epigenomic Profiling of cirDNA in Colorectal Cancer
Le, Connie University of Alberta Virologie Studies on the Development of an Effective Vaccine Against Hepatitis C Virus
Lee, Amanda McMaster University Recherche dans le domaine de la santé Exploring the Antiviral Mechanism of Natual Killer cells during HSV-2 Infection
Leung, Ada University of British Columbia Cancer Characterization of Genes and Pathways Conferring Cytoprotective Responses and Validation of Potential Targets that will Enhance First-Line Platinum-Based Chemotherapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Lewinson, Ryan University of Calgary Muscles, Os ou articulations Orthotic prescription for knee osteoarthritis using a biomechanical personalized-medicine approach
MacKinnon, Anna Université McGill Santé mentale Oxytocin and Depression during the Perinatal Period
Marshall, Natalie University of British Columbia Génomique, Protéomique et bioinformatique Studying global proteolysis and N-terminal protein modifications in human cells to determine the mechanisms by which enterohemorrhagic and enteropathogenic Escherichia coli cause human disease
Martin, Michael Université d'Ottawa Santé mentale Detection of severe mental illness among prisoners
McCurdy, Sean University of Toronto Cancer A novel use of E2f and Cdk inhibitors to prevent RB1-null tumors in genetically engineered models of retinoblastoma and other cancers
Muraca, Giulia University of British Columbia Reproduction/ grossesse Epidemiological insights into increasing postpartum hemorrhage rates in Canada
Nackiewicz, Dominika University of British Columbia Métabolisme/ diabète Using regulatory macrophages (Mregs) to promote beta cell regeneration during islet inflammation.
Papazoglou, Konstantinos University of Toronto Santé mentale Promoting resilience among first responders: Culturally-sensitive intervention strategies for positive health
Rasmussen, Brittany University of Toronto Endocrinologie Leptin action in a gut-brain axis and involvement in the glucose-lowering effect of duodenal-jejunal bypass surgery
Rizkalla, Mireille University of Northern Colombie-Britannique Vieillissement Cognitive Training in the Rural Elderly: A Randomized Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy and Accessibility of a New Approach
Rodriguez-Torres, Mauricio University of Western Ontario Cancer Tumor cell-derived mechanisms underlying lung-specific metastatic behavior of breast cancer cells: Role of ALDH1A1, CD44 and other stem cell related factors.
Salway Hottes, Travis University of Toronto Santé des populations Spatiotemporal dynamics of the syphilis and HIV syndemic in Colombie-Britannique
Scourboutakos, Mary University of Toronto Nutrition Eating-out: A study of the nutritional profile of restaurant foods and interventions to promote healthy-eating
Suen, Colin Université d'Ottawa Appareil cardio-vasculaire Effect of mutations in the BMPR2 gene on the phospho-proteome of blood-outgrowth endothelial cells in pulmonary arterial hypertension
Tso, Michael University of Toronto Système nerveux Immunological mechanisms of brain injury after experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage
Victor, Sarah University of British Columbia Aspects psychosociaux/ comportements Who attempts suicide? Predicting attempted suicide among a high-risk population engaging in non-suicidal self-injury.
Wallace, Lauren McMaster University Santé internationale An Investigation of High Fertility Rates and Local Perspectives of Community-Based Family Planning Programs in northern Ghana
Winsor, Shawn McMaster University Recherche sur les services de santé Ethical frameworks to assess health technology: A theoretical and empirical study
Yavin, Daniel University of Calgary Système nerveux The Non-Invasive Evaluation of Elevated Intracranial Pressure in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
Zaslavsky, Kirill University of Toronto Biologie moléculaire Dissecting molecular phenotypes of SHANK2 mutations using patient-specific neurons from an autistic patient
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Abdelfattah, Mohamed University of Toronto Matériel informatique Communication-Centric Architectures and Design Styles for Next-Generation Programmable Systems-on-Chip
Barba Flores, Luis Carleton University Technologie de l'information Proximity data structures and facility location problems
Blais, Bruno École Polytechnique de Montréal Génie chimique Modélisation des écoulements de type solide-liquide dans les procédés de mélange par la méthode de Boltzmann sur réseau
Bock, Dan University of British Columbia Évolution et écologie Genomics of speciation, domestication, and invasiveness in a multipotent sunflower species
Bushuyev, Oleksandr Université McGill Chimie des polymères New Green Photo-Materials for Self-Cleaning Solar Photovoltaic Cells
Campbell, Scott McMaster University Génie chimique Engineering "Smart" Thermosensitive Iron Nanoparticle-based Composite Devices for Controlled Release Applications
Chowdhury, Mohammad Université McGill Photonic devices and networks Photocatalytic and Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting for Carbon-free, Renewable and Storable Energy Generation Using III-Nitride Nanowires/Heterostructures.
Cloutier, Maxime Université Laval Science et technologie des matériaux Design, development and validation of an antibacterial coating deposited by plasma for specific applications.
Deshwar, Amit University of Toronto Intelligence artificielle Computational Methods For Gene Expression Analysis of Heterogeneous Samples
Doering, Jonathon University of Saskatchewan Écotoxicologie Predicting the Relative Sensitivity of Sturgeons to Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Agonists
Drover, Marcus University of British Columbia Chimie inorganique Understanding Acetylene: Alkyne Functionalization via a Rhodium(I) Complex
Ebert, Maximilian Université de Montréal Biochimie Integrated computational and experimental investigation for the development of a powerful approach to computationally-guided enzyme engineering
Farrell, Aaron Université McGill Physique de la matière condensée Topological superconductivity and majorana fermions in strongly interacting materials
Fox, Kieran University of British Columbia Science cognitive – autres The Metacognitive Monitoring of Attention
Fuentes-Pardo, Angela Dalhousie University Évolution et écologie Adaptive and neutral genetic variation in spring- and fall-spawning herring Clupea harengus harengus L. (Clupeiformes:Clupeidae) in the Northwest Atlantic
Furey, Nathaniel University of British Columbia Écologie aquatique et limnologie Quantitative analysis and simulation of Pacific and Atlantic salmonid smolt migrations
Gobbo, Pierangelo University of Western Ontario Chimie physique Small Bioorthogonal Gold Nanoparticles (AuNP) for In Vivo Labeling of Biosystems
Gogarten, Jan Université McGill Écologie animale Behavioral and environmental predictors of primate diseases in Kibale National Park, Uganda
Grants, Jennifer University of British Columbia Génétique Genetic study of CDK8-dependent gene regulation in metazoans
Habib, Fatemah Université d'Ottawa Chimie inorganique Lanthanide-based Nano-magnets and Their Hybridization with Carbon Nanotubes.
Hall, Kyle University of Calgary Chimie physique Development of Novel Kinetic Gas Hydrate Inhibitors using Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Heidar Zadeh, Farnaz McMaster University Chimie physique A New Machine Learning Method for Chemical Property Prediction Using the Spectral Signatures of Properties on Molecular Surfaces
Jalaal, Maziyar University of British Columbia Génie mécanique Injectable Intelligent Materials for Simultaneous Arterial Embolization and Targeted Drug Delivery
Karr, Justin University of Victoria Science cognitive – développement Social Dimensions of Higher-Order Cognitive Development: Modeling Executive Functions, Predicting Latent Growth, and Modifying Rates of Change
Kerr, Shaun University of Alberta Physique Proton and Electron Acceleration for Fast Ignition Laser Fusion
Kholghy, Mohammad Reza University of Toronto Génie mécanique Experimental and numerical study of the evolution of soot morphology and chemical composition in laminar, co-flow, diffusion flames of the surrogates for jet fuels
Laguë, Sabine University of British Columbia Physiologie et métabolisme des animaux Cardiovascular responses to high altitude hypoxia in bar-headed geese: the relative roles of genetics versus phenotypic plasticity
Leshuk, Timothy University of Waterloo Génie chimique Magnetically Recyclable Nanomaterials for Advanced Water Purification
Lifshitz, Michael Université McGill Neurologie du comportement – apprentissage Mindfulness training in children enhances the neural substrates of self-regulation
Loranger, Sébastien École Polytechnique de Montréal Dispositifs et réseaux photoniques SQUALL : Solid state QUantum dot doped glass Assisted Laser CooLing
Mansour, Hossein Université McGill Génie mécanique Building Better Violins: Combining Measurements, Modelling and Perception
Masnadi Shirazi Nejad, Amir Hossein University of British Columbia Circuits et dispositifs électroniques Silicon-Photonics and Advanced Terahertz CMOS Electronics for Ultra High Speed Computing and Communication
McLeod, Jonathan University of Western Ontario Génie biomédical Brain shift compensation using intraoperative ultrasound
Mehrabian, Abbas University of Waterloo Mathématiques pures The Query Complexity of Graph Property Testers in the Dense Graph Model
Mercier, Samuel Université de Sherbrooke Science et technologie de l'alimentation Modélisation et optimisation de la production de pâtes alimentaires enrichies en lin
Moon, AJung University of British Columbia Robotique Design and Implementation of human-robot negotiation mechanism via nonverbal gestures
Nona, Christina University of Toronto Neurologie du comportement – apprentissage Examining the role of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors (NMDARs) in sensitization and neuroplasticity
Numanagic, Ibrahim Simon Fraser University Logiciels et développement Boosting compression of sequencing data using reordering
Peirce, Sarah University of Western Ontario Géographie physique Characterization of the Active Width in Gravel-Bed Braided Rivers
Przedborski, Michelle Brock University Physique de la matière condensée Static and Dynamical Properties of Domain Walls in Unconventional Superconductors
Reimer, Christian Institut national de la recherche scientifique Optique Investigation of a novel source for entangled quantum states of light and all-optical integrated quantum computation and cryptography.
Reimer, Jody University of Alberta Mathématiques appliquées Towards a comprehensive model of changes to polar bear populations under climate warming
Renaud, Justine Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Biologie cellulaire Étude de la médiation des effets neuroprotecteurs et antioxydants du resvératrol par SIRT1 (silent mating-type information regulation 2 homolog 1) sur un modèle murin d'hyperglycémie
Sedivy-Haley, Katharine University of British Columbia Immunologie Genetic Screening for Immunomodulatory Targets and Targeting Agents
Simões, Tiago University of Alberta Taxonomie, systématique et phylogénétique The Early Evolution of Mosasauroid Lizards: Convergence and Aquatic Adaptations
Sourial, Mary McMaster University Biologie cellulaire The Role of FMRP in Neural Stem and Progenitor Cell Biology
Stotesbury, Theresa Trent University Mécanique des fluides The creation of forensically relevant synthetic blood substitutes for application in crime scene reconstruction and molecular diagnostic techniques
Thibault, Louis-Philippe University of Toronto Mathématiques pures Non-commutative desingularizations
Tysor, Carolyn University of British Columbia Évolution et écologie How do pollen movement and reproductive phenology structure potentially adaptive gene flow in wind pollinated tree species?
Unglert, Katharina University of British Columbia Géophysique Using Volcanic Tremor as a Tool for Eruption Forecasting
Van Engelen, Niel McMaster University Génie des structures Investigation of Geometry and Support Conditions on Fiber Reinforced Elastomeric Isolators (FREIs) for the Seismic Protection of Structures
Westwood, Jocelyn University of Alberta Génie électrique et électronique Nanoelectromechanical systems integrated with high surface area thin films for ultra-sensitive mass detection
Wicki-Stordeur, Leigh University of Victoria Biologie moléculaire Understanding the molecular switches that control Panx1 regulation of postnatal neurogenesis
Yi, Zhihui École Polytechnique de Montréal Science et technologie des matériaux Organic Electrochemical Transistors for Bioelectronic Applications
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Abul Fottouh, Deena McMaster University Politique et Gouvernement Digital activism and networking for the 2011 Egyptian revolution: A structural, political and cultural perspective
Anderson, Zachary University of Toronto Environement et développement durable Selling to Save: The Cultural Politics of Conservation and Resource Extraction in Papua, Indonesia.
Arpin, Marie-Luc Université du Québec à Montréal Science et technologie Ingénierie et controverses : enjeux épistémologiques
Baker, Janelle Université McGill Environement et développement durable Cree Knowledge of Wild Food Contamination in Alberta's Oil Sands Region
Bangsund, Clayton University of Alberta Droit et justice Deposit Accounts: The Concept of Perfection by Control
Bastakoti, Rishi University of Calgary Chagements climatiques/ planétaires Carbon trade in Nepal's community forestry as an example of neoliberal pressure in forest governance of Global South: Whose interest, whose benefit
Chaparro-Pacheco, Ricardo University of British Columbia Violence Memories from the violence: Perpetrators' narratives of human of rights abuses in Colombia
Cohen, Dan University of British Columbia Politique et Gouvernement Learning about learning: The spread of the Harlem Children's Zone model of education reform
Diop, El hadji Moustapha University of Western Ontario Beaux-Arts et culture Les passerelles de l'écriture: la problématique de l'adaptation cinématographique chez Ousmane Sembène
Donaldson, Emily Université McGill Environement et développement durable Landscapes Lost, Paradise Found? Negotiating Sustainable Heritage Management and Livelihoods in the Marquesas Islands
Eales, Lindsay University of Alberta Beaux-Arts et culture Dancing (dis)ability differently: The social impact of performing with Canadian integrated dance communities.
Feuiltault, Nathalie Université de Sherbrooke Gestion The Co-Construction Model: How Collective Intelligence Can Be Developed in Groups Through Actionable Meeting Practices of Innovativeness, Mindfulness, and Connectedness.
Fosbrook, B. Université York Innovation, développement insdustriel et techniqu Technology as Philanthropy: Engineering the Future in Silicon Valley
Frydel, Tomasz University of Toronto Violence The Role of the Polish "Blue" Police in the Destruction of Jews, 1939-1945: A Case Study of the Rzeszow Region
Garner, Ian University of Toronto Beaux-Arts et culture The Cult of the Afganets: Social Exclusion, Artistic Inclusion and the Soviet Soldier
Hickey, Andrea Université d'Ottawa Éductation Using working memory training to improve math and reading skills of youth in foster care.
Hobbis, Stephanie Université Concordia Droit et justice Negotiating Post-Conflict Reconciliation with State- and Nation-Building: The Case of the Solomon Islands
Hoffman, Sheila Université du Québec à Montréal Beaux-Arts et culture Au-delà d'une méthodologie de la muséologie : la convergence entre la théorie et la pratique au carrefour des sciences de l'information
Isabelle, Maripier University of Toronto Emploi et travail The epidemics of student employment: A study of peer effects on the work-schooling tradeoff faced by adolescents.
Jacob, Elisabeth Université du Québec à Montréal Éductation La coconstruction d'interventions éducatives axées sur le jeu symbolique pour favoriser l'émergence de l'écrit : soutenir les enseignantes atikamekws de maternelle dans leur pratique
Jekanowski, Rachel Université Concordia Beaux-Arts et culture Towards a Post-Colonial Archive: Found Footage in Radical Post-Colonial Filmmaking of Latin America and Cuba
Kacperski, Celina University of Western Ontario - A construal level approach to mental training in sport performance
Kim, Chong Su University of Victoria Politique et Gouvernement Social Movements and Democratic Deepening in Post-Cold War East Asia
Knight, Natalie Simon Fraser University Population indigènes Indigenizing Literary History: A Methodology for Spatial Justice
Labelle-Hogue, Simon-Pier Université McGill Beaux-Arts et culture Sociologie de la contre-culture : éléments de définition, épistémologie et productions
Levesque, Simon Université du Québec à Montréal Beaux-Arts et culture La fiction à l'épreuve du réel : énonciations frontalières chez J.M.G. Le Clézio, Jean Echenoz et Emmanuel Carrère
Lord, Kat Memorial University of Newfoundland Éducation et recherche postsecondaires Curricular Peer Mentoring within Canadian Higher Education: Supporting Communication, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking.
MacDonald, Katherine University of Alberta Loisirs et tourisme Talking About a Revolution: Volunteer Abroad Encounters in Nicaragua
Mills, Aaron University of Victoria Population indigènes Title: Riding Mishibizhiw's Waves: Right Relations And Legitimate Authority Amongst The Anishinaabeg Subtitle: A Theory of Indigenous Law
Morgan, David Dalhousie University Relation internationales, commerce et développeme Cultures of Protection: Understanding International and Local Conceptions of Civilian Protection
Murphy, Sophia University of British Columbia Relation internationales, commerce et développeme Resilient Food Security: strengthening the international governance of agricultural trade in support of ending hunger
Muthukrishna, Michael University of British Columbia Multiculturalisme et études ethniques Culture as a Complex System: Dynamic Processes of Cultural Transmission
Ohberg, Lisa University of Guelph Environement et développement durable The Limits to Local? Identifying the Role of Local Food in Sustainable Community Food Systems and the Effect of Place in Mediating this Role
Patry, Julie Université de Montréal Droit et justice Dissolution de la frontière entre vie personnelle et vie professionnelle - Analyse historique et prospective du traitement judiciaire et administratif du concept de « vie privée » en droit du travail au regard de l'évolution du contexte social et technologique.
Pavan, Sara Queen's University Multiculturalisme et études ethniques Making Diverse Democracy Work: The Effects of Integration Policies on Trust, Social Cohesion and Political Participation
Pereira, David University of Toronto Éducation In-between Worlds in Uncertain Times: How Portuguese Young Men Navigate Identity and Future Between School and Home/Community
Personn, Tim University of Victoria Beaux-Arts et culture Morally Passionate, Passionately Moral: Affect and Philosophy in the New Avant-garde
Peterson, Andrew University of Western Ontario Santé Ethical and Epistemological Implications of Detecting Covert Awareness in Disorders of Consciousness
Prochner, Isabel Université de Montréal Beaux-Arts et culture Design and feminism: Re-visioning design projects for sustainability
Ramirez, Caroline Université d'Ottawa Logement Mémoire, minorité et territoire : Le souvenir du lieu au service de la construction territoriale et de la définition identitaire de la communauté
Raphael, Daisy University of Alberta Question touchant les sexes Belonging: Masculinity, Race, and Nation in Canadian Political Humour
Reece, Bryan University of Toronto - Aristotle on the Voluntary in Nicomachean Ethics III
Rhodes, Ekaterina Simon Fraser University Environement et développement durable Designing Effective and Acceptable Climate Policies in Canada: An Application of Multi-Attribute Policy Analysis
Schaefli, Laura Queen's University Population indigènes Mapping Canada's Aboriginal History
Sesay, Mohamed Université McGill Droit et justice The Impact of International Human Rights Trials on Civil War Termination in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Comparative Study of Sierra Leone and Uganda.
Shaw, Jennifer Simon Fraser University Jeunesse Interrupted Lives: Youths' Experiences of Transnational Migration and Prolonged Family Separation
Sheffer, Lior University of Toronto Politique et Gouvernement Information-Processing by Politicians in a Multi-Agent Environment: A Theoretical Model and a Comparative Empirical Investigation
Tine, Janine University of Alberta Enfants Understandings of childhood in intercultural marriages
Tremblay, Alex Université Laval Multiculturalisme et études ethniques Les relations interculturelles au sein des élites de la ville de Québec entre 1840 et 1929
Vena, Daniel Queen's University Question touchant les sexes The Death of Chivalry? From the Politics of Nostalgia Towards an Ethics of Mutual Respect
Whitt, Clayton University of British Columbia Chagements climatiques/ planétaires Climate Change and Spatial Transformations in the Bolivian Highlands
Willmon, Renee University of Western Ontario Études de la population One picture is worth a thousand words: A 3D investigation of the evolutionary impact of tuberculosis (TB)
Wilson, Tina McMaster University Jeunesse Emerging Adulthood, Extended Transitions, or Early Exits? Exploring the Impacts of Neo-Liberal Restructuring on Shelter-accessing Youth in Toronto.
Wong, Danielle McMaster University Multiculturalisme et études ethniques (Self-)Orientalizing Cyberspace: Asian North American Identities in Social Media
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