Vanier Scholars 2014

Name University  Discipline Research ProjectFootnote 1
Babovic, Sonja University of British Columbia Cell Biology Developmental changes in human hematopoietic stem cell control and their relevance to leukemia
Barber, Claire University of Calgary Health Services Research Development of Cardiovascular Quality Indicators for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Barton, Kristen University of Calgary Muscle, Bone, Or Joint Controlling inflammation to prevent the development of osteoarthritis following reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament and drill hole surgery
Best, Michael Queen's University Mental Health Social Exclusion of Individuals with Psychosis: Predictors and Neurobiological Consequences
Cisneros-Franco, Miguel McGill University Nervous System Regulation of brain plasticity in the aging brain - inhibitory mechanisms
Clark, Beth University of British Columbia Psychosocial/Health Behavioural Res. Reducing LGBTQ youth health inequity: Effectiveness of school-based population health interventions
Cook, Jonathan University of Toronto Virology Biophysical analysis of HIV-1 viral glycoprotein-mediated interleukin signal modulation
Crafa, Daina McGill University Mental Health Inflexible Neural Responses to Social Context Aggravate Symptoms of Schizophrenia After Immigration
Czoli, Christine University of Waterloo  Population Health Prevalence, perceptions, and chemical constituents of electronic cigarettes in Canada: Evidence to inform policy
Da Silva, Michael University of Toronto Societal & Cultural Dimensions Of Health The Legitimacy and Limits of Constitutional Health Rights
Daya, Ritesh McMaster University Mental Health Allosteric modulation of the dopamine D2 receptor: A new perspective for the treatment of schizophrenia.
Edgcumbe, Philip University of British Columbia Imaging Augmented Reality Elastography Navigation Aid (ARENA) for Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery
Elphinstone, Robyn University of Toronto Immunology-Transplantation 'Pharmed' Red Blood Cells as Novel Therapeutics for Life Threatening-Infections
Farnesi, Biagina-Carla Concordia University Health Research Doing more harm than good? Pediatric obesity and bariatric surgery
Felsky, Daniel University of Toronto Genetics Evaluating Gene-Gene Interactions for Detection of Risk for Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease using Established and Novel Neuroimaging Phenotypes
Gallina, Alessio University of British Columbia Muscle, Bone, Or Joint Are motor control dysfunctions related to the clinical presentation of knee osteoarthritis?
Hadwen, Jeremiah University of Ottawa Molecular Biology Re-positioning clinic-ready compounds towards a cure for
Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Hashad, Ahmed University of Calgary Cardiovascular Cav3.2 Channels and the Regulation of Cerebral Blood Flow
Herman, Emily University of Alberta Genomics, Proteomics, And Bioinformatics Genomic and Transcriptomic Analysis of the Neuropathogenic Amoeba Naegleria fowleri
Hopperton, Kathryn University of Toronto Nutrition Amyloid beta induced inflammation and its resolution by omega-3 fatty acids in a mouse model of Alzheimer's Disease
Imam, Bita University of British Columbia Geriatrics WiiNWalk: Evaluation of the Nintendo WiiFit to Enhance Walking in Older Adults with Lower Limb Amputation
Islam, Md Nazrul University of British Columbia Population Health Predictors of online STIs/HIV intervention diffusion patterns across subgroups of young people in British Columbia.
Jones, Andrea University of British Columbia Mental Health Diamond in the rough: Identifying factors of resilience in a socially marginalized population
Jozaghi, Ehsan Simon Fraser University  Psychosocial/Health Behavioural Res. Social network analysis: Evaluation of peer-led intervention at North America’s only supervised injection facility
Juzwik, Camille McGill University Nervous System Immune influences on neuronal viability and repair in multiple sclerosis
Karakochuk, Crystal University of British Columbia Nutrition Investigating Risk Factors for Chronic Undernutrition in Cambodian Children
Keller, Brian University of Ottawa Cancer Tailored Oncolytic Viral Therapeutics for the Treatment of Malignant Melanoma
Kinnaird, Adam University of Alberta Cancer Metabolic Modulation of Renal Cell Carcinoma: A Translational Approach
LaMarre, Andrea University of Guelph Mental Health Troubling recovery: A narrative, arts-based exploration of individual, familial and health care expectations for and understandings of eating disorder recovery and their impacts on diversely embodied young adults
Lane, Natasha University of Toronto Health Services Research How should family physicians be paid to reduce socioeconomic disparities in heart failure outcomes?
Law, Yuen Shan Stephanie McGill University International Health Social Determinants of the Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis epidemic: Comparing Social Dynamics in South Africa and Peru
Leung, Felix University of Toronto Genomics, Proteomics, And Bioinformatics Integrating high-throughput technologies for the identification and validation of ovarian cancer biomarkers
Lever, Jake University of British Columbia Genomics, Proteomics, And Bioinformatics Personalised treatment of glioblastoma using machine-learning driven network analysis of drug sensitivity data
Li, Victor University of British Columbia Health Research Peptide-Mediated Clearance of Beta-Amyloid for Alzheimer's Disease Therapy
Little, Matthew University of Guelph Population Health Nutrition shift and type 2 diabetes in rural Tamil Nadu: disease perceptions, etiology, and solutions
Macri, Erin University of British Columbia Muscle, bone, or joint  Patellofemoral joint osteoarthritis: a targeted physiotherapy RCT in an overlooked condition
Mohammad, Amro McGill University Cancer Assessment of Soluble Prorenin Receptor as a Prostate Cancer Biomarker
Morrison, Hali University of Alberta Cancer Accurate Dosimetry for Episcleral Plaque Therapy
Nantes, Julia McGill University Nervous System Mechanisms of inhibitory neurotransmission related to remission from symptoms of multiple sclerosis
Oluwole, Oluwafemi University of Saskatchewan Health Research Agricultural Exposure and Asthma Severity and Phenotypes among Children in Saskatchewan
Perciani, Catia University of Toronto Virology Immunological Characterization of Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) as a Replicating Viral Vector for an HIV Vaccine
Perez, Samara McGill University Psychosocial/Health Behavioural Res. The Invisible Son: Understanding the factors that influence parents’ HPV vaccine decision-making for their sons
Pyne, Jake McMaster University Societal & Cultural Dimensions Of Health Exploring the role and significance of access to medical transition in the health and wellbeing of transgender youth in Ontario
Ranganath, Nischal University of Ottawa Virology Oncolytic viruses as a potential approach to eliminate cells that constitute the HIV reservoir
Rawji, Khalil Sherali University of Calgary Nervous System Rejuvenating Macrophages/Microglia for Remyelination in Aging Mice
Samuel, Nardin University of Toronto Cancer Epigenetic analysis of Li-Fraumeni Syndrome cancers for identification of novel mechanisms of tumorigenesis in cancer susceptibility
Scheim, Ayden University of Western Ontario Population Health Syndemic Production among Transgender Ontarians: A Social-Epidemiological Approach to HIV Risk, Mental Health, and Substance Use
Shapiro, Gilla McGill University Psychosocial/Health Behavioural Res. A new technique to measure cancer anxiety and a meditation treatment approach for cancer survivors and their partners.
Sindhwani, Shrey University of Toronto Cancer Nanomaterial based enrichment of blood proteins for cancer detection and monitoring
Smith, Jenna McMaster University Cancer Bridging the Gap: Incorporating Exercise Evidence into Clinical Practice in Cancer Care
Toossi, Amirali University of Alberta Nervous System Restoration of Standing and Walking after Spinal Cord Injury
Twa, David University of British Columbia Cancer The significance of recurrent translocations involving programmed death ligands in non-Hodgkin lymphomas
Wisnovsky, Simon University of Toronto Cancer Eliminating Platinum Chemotherapy-induced Peripheral Neuropathy through Subcellular Targeting of a Platinum Drug
Wright, Alexander University of British Columbia Imaging A multidisciplinary approach to sport-related head trauma: using biomechanics, cerebrovascular physiology, neurocognitive function, and neuroimaging towards understanding and diagnosing concussion
Wu, You University of Toronto Cell Biology Characterizing the effects of human milk oligosaccharides and prebiotics on the intestinal epithelial barrier in the setting of Necrotizing Enterocolitis
Name University  Discipline Research ProjectFootnote 1
Anstett, Daniel University of Toronto Evolution And Ecology Latitudinal Gradients in Herbivory and Plant Defence
Artelle, Kyle Simon Fraser University Terrestrial Ecology Behavioural and numerical responses to niche overlap:  acutely applied scholarship in bear-salmon-human systems of British Columbia
Baquero, Monica University of Guelph Immunology Modulation of immunity by bovine gamma-delta T lymphocytes during early and subclinical Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (Map) infection
Blondin, Maude-Josée Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Control Systems Méthodes hybrides à base de métaheuristiques pour la commande et l'optimisation énergétique de systèmes multimachines et multisources avec contraintes multiples
Bowes, Eric University of British Columbia Inorganic Chemistry Rational Catalyst Design: Towards Methane Functionalization
Byers, Kaylee University of British Columbia Evolution And Ecology Rats, Parasites and their Associated Pathogens: Understanding Host-Parasite Dynamics in an Urban Ecosystem. The Population Genetics of Vectors and their Pathogens, the Evolutionary Relationships Between Ectoparasites and their Hosts, and the Differences in Parasite Assemblages Between Introduced and Resident Vancouver Rats
Campbell, Michelle University of Alberta Taxonomy, Systematics And Phylogenetics The origin and evolution of marine adaptations in late Cretaceous lizards (Pythonomorphs)
Cockett, Archa Rowan University of British Columbia Geophysics An integrated framework for coupled geophysical and fluid flow inversions for enhancing quantitative cross-disciplinary communication
Copeland, Charles University of British Columbia Plant And Tree Biology Characterizing the role of protein degradation in the negative regulation of R protein-mediated plant immunity
Crane, Adam University of Saskatchewan Animal Ecology Using behaviour as an innovative approach to understanding the impact of climate change on biodiversity
Derka, Martin University of Waterloo Information Technology Searching for error-correcting codes with better performance
Enders, Hendrik University of Calgary Biomedical Engineering Mechanisms of brain-muscle coordination during human movement.
Ezulike, Obinna University of Alberta Civil Engineering A Model for Optimizing the Volume of Fresh Water used in Producing Hydrocarbons from Canadian Shale Reservoirs
Fabien-Ouellet, Gabriel Institut national de la recherche scientifique Geophysics Intégration géostatistique des mesures géophysiques, géochimiques et des informations de forage pour la caractérisation de sites contaminés
Farrell, Maxwell McGill University Evolution And Ecology The Ecology of Emerging Ungulate Diseases
Fontaine, Christine University of Victoria Behavioural Neuroscience - Learning Intrauterine ethanol exposure-induced depletions of neural glutathione impair olfactory learning and memory in rats.
Gibson, Raechelle University of Western Ontario Sensory Systems And Perception When the brain plays music: The neural mechanisms of sensorimotor coordination during beat perception
Hallas, Alannah McMaster University Condensed Matter Physics Exotic Magnetic Ground States in Frustrated Pyrochlores
Harrison, Tanya University of Western Ontario Earth Science Global Scale Studies of Martian Mid-Latitude Landforms
Havixbeck, Jeffrey University of Alberta Immunology Mammalian neutrophils regulate inflammation through an evolutionarily unique mechanism
Heagy, Lindsey University of British Columbia Geophysics Investigating the application of electromagnetic geophysical methods for hydraulic fracture characterization
Hébert, François Olivier Université Laval Molecular Biology Bases génomiques et protéomiques d'une prise de contrôle comportemental d'un vertébré (Gasterosteus aculeatus) par un cestode (Schistocephalus solidus).
Jochym-O'Connor, Tomas University of Waterloo Physics Developing the set of tools for the physical implementation of fault-tolerant quantum error correction
Jones, Stephanie McMaster University Microbiology Targeted mRNA degradation in Streptomyces
Keunen, Rachel University of Toronto Anyalytical Chemistry Development of an Analytical Tool Utilizing Electrochemical Detection Methods For the Measuring of Protein Kinase Activity on a Protein Substrate Using Ferrocene-Adenosine Triphosphate (Fc-ATP) as a Co-substrate
Khan, Muhammad University of Calgary Pure Mathematics Hypergraphs, Discrete Geometry and Optimization
Laventure, Audrey Université de Montréal Physical Chemistry Préparation et caractérisation de nouveaux matériaux moléculaires amorphes
Leung, Vincent McMaster University Chemical Engineering Developing Low-Cost Sensors for Water Quality Using High-Throughput Methods
Liang, Shuai McMaster University Organic Chemistry Reversible dispersion and releasing of single-walled carbon nanotube by a series of stimuli responsive TTFV/TTF based polymers
Linley, Stuart University of Waterloo Chemical Engineering Design of Recyclable Nanocomposites and Application to Industrial Wastewater Contaminants
Lyons, Katherine University of Calgary Animal Physiology And Metabolism Maternal contaminant offloading and its impact on development and long-term growth and stress performances in elasmobranchs
Mahnam, Mehdi École Polytechnique de Montréal Industrial Engineering Novel optimization techniques for volumetric modulated arc therapy treatment planning
Marcynuk, Kathryn University of Manitoba Electrical And Electronic Engineering Statistical Feature Extraction for the Increased Accuracy of Maternal-Fetal Electrocardiography Under Non-Gaussian Noise Conditions with Independent Component Analysis
McTavish, Michael University of Waterloo Terrestrial Ecology Exotic earthworms as novel ecosystem features: impacts on plant community composition with implications for ecological restoration and invasive species management
Menzies, Allyson McGill University Animal Biology Host-parasite interactions in a population of North American red squirrels
Mondal, Dibakar University of Western Ontario Biomedical Engineering Organic-inorganic hybrid biomaterials for bone tissue replacement and regeneration
Montgomery, Miles University of Toronto Biomedical Engineering Designing an Elastic Scaffold with Shape-Memory for Functional Tissue Delivery
Nease, Jake McMaster University Chemical Engineering Design, Modelling, Simulation, Techno-Economic Analysis, Life-Cycle Analysis, Control System Design and Pilot Plant Development of Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells and Compressed Air Energy Storage for Clean, Reliable and Zero-Emissions Peaking Power
Panerati, Jacopo École Polytechnique de Montréal Computer Hardware A Novel Approach for Designing Adaptive Computing Systems for Aerospace
Paradis, Pierre-Luc École de technologie supérieure Mechanical Engineering Couplage d'un collecteur solaire hybride PV/T et d'une thermopompe au CO2 pour l'amélioration des performances de chauffage en milieu nordique.
Rahimi, Afshin Ryerson University Aerospace, Aeronautical And Automotive Engineering On-line Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis for Aerospace Systems
Ranamukhaarachchi, Sahan University of British Columbia Biomedical Engineering Targeted microneedle insertion for epidermal vaccine delivery and biosensing
Reynolds, Merilie University of Alberta Geochemistry And Geochronology Geochemistry as a tool for discovery in the Red Dog Zinc-Lead-Silver District, Alaska
Ritchie, Cameron University of Toronto Structural Engineering Performance of steel hollow structural sections (HSS), hollow and concrete-filled, subject to blast and impact loading
Saunders, David University of Saskatchewan Ecotoxicology Characterization of Endocrine Disrupting Effects, Bioaccessibilities, and Environmental Concentrations of Three Novel Brominated Flame Retardants to Assess Risk of Toxic Effects to Children
Schmidt, Matthew University of Waterloo Physical Chemistry Quantum molecular dynamics in confined environments
Scopel, Lauren University of New Brunswick Animal Ecology Can Arctic Terns be used as a tool to assess ecosystem-scale change in the Gulf of Maine?
Sloan, Heather University of Waterloo Terrestrial Ecology Restoring Ontario's tallgrass prairie using ecosystem fragments: A novel approach to reclaiming habitat
Sugar, Lorraine University of Toronto Civil Engineering Data, Metrics, and Monitoring Systems for City-based Climate Action
Sultana, Madeena University of Calgary Artificial Intelligence A Novel Nonintrusive Multimodal Biometric System Using Online Social Network Based User Profiles
Terrana, Alexandra York University Physics Time-dependence in Massive Gravity
Waterton, Peter (Pedro) University of Alberta Geochemistry And Geochronology Canada's Arctic komatiites as probes of Earth's accretion.
Zahn, Hans University of British Columbia Biomedical Engineering The development of microfluidic technology for high-throughput genotyping of single cancer cells.
Zajdlik, Adam University of Toronto Organic Chemistry Development of 1,1-boryl carbene-enabled boron transfer methodology
Zhang, Shiming École Polytechnique de Montréal Materials Science And Technology Conducting polymer thin films for high-performance organic bioelectronic devices
Zihajehzadeh, Shaghayegh Simon Fraser University Electrical And Electronic Engineering Wireless Inertial Sensor Network for Ubiquitous Motion Capture
Name University  Discipline Research ProjectFootnote 1
Abbott, Sarah Royal Roads University Communications And Media Studies Activating Creative Filmmaking Practices for Social Engagement within Social Science Research
AbuAmsha, Duaa University of Calgary Linguistics  Historical linguistic change in the verbal inflection system of Palestinian Arabic: Jaffa and Gaza dialects in contact
Armstrong, Melissa Carleton University History Militias, Maladies and Medicine: the African National Congress’ Department of Health in exile, 1960-1990
Ayotte-Beaudet, Jean-Philippe Université du Québec à Montréal Education  L'éducation scientifique dans l'environnement extérieur immédiat à une école secondaire pour favoriser l'intérêt des jeunes au secondaire
Beck, Marisa University of Waterloo Political Science  The Usefulness of Formal Models in Climate-Change Policymaking
Blouin, Samuel Université de Montréal Sociologie Vous avez dit "valeurs communes"? La nation à l'épreuve du pluralisme ordinaire
Brankley, Andrew Ryerson University Psychology Development of a standardized method of behavioural crime scene analysis in sexual offending
Chaperon, Élise Université du Québec à Montréal Psychologie La modification du biais attentionnel négatif envers le rejet social : une approche novatrice pour améliorer la qualité de la relation conjugale
Curnow, Joe University of Toronto Education  Changing minds, changing communities: Learning racial justice in a community of practice.
Darvin, Ronald University of British Columbia Education Digital identities, educational inequities: Investigating social class and new literacies of migrant Filipino youth in the knowledge economy
DeFalco, Randle University of Toronto Law  International Criminal Law, Human Rights and the Problem of Indirect Violence: An Interactional Account
Delfin, Mauricio McGill University Communications And Media Studies Information and Communication Technologies and the new government of Culture: Contemporary cultural policy configuration and contestation practices in the arts and cultural sectors of Latin America
Fleet, Vanessa York University Fine Arts  Collecting Landscape: Early French Excursionist Photography and the Cultural Pursuit of Collecting Images
Grain, Kari University of British Columbia Education  Service-learning education at home and abroad: A critical comparative study
Grinberg, Amit University of Toronto Anthropology Holding the Stick from the Middle - an Ethnography of Palestinians Employed as Fieldworkers by Israeli Human Rights NGO's
Haas, Oded York University Urban And Regional Studies, Environmental Studies Housing, ethnocracy, and the right to the city:
Re-imagining housing as space for inclusion, from Israeli 'mixed cities' to Toronto mixed-income projects
Hernandez, Alejandro Carleton University Sociology Colombia-Canada-Canada-Colombia Networks: The Development of Transnational Spaces and the Shaping of Youth Identities
Karimi, Mohammad McGill University Communications And Media Studies Urbanisation as Modernisation: The Pursuit of Modernity in Kabul City, 1870-2006
Khatami, Richie University of British Columbia Political Science  The Feeling of Cohesion: Understanding and Cultivating Empathy in a Multicultural Society
Klassen, Gillian McGill University Psychology Career mentorship programs: The effects on rural First Nations youth
Kully-Martens, Katrina University of Alberta Psychology A Classroom-Based Mathematics Intervention for Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Kung, Yk Hei Franki University of Waterloo Psychology When Cultures Collide and Synergize: How Incremental Mindsets Can Unlock Creativity in Intercultural Negotiations
Lavoie, Kévin Université de Montréal Social Work Donner naissance sans être mères : récits de femmes qui exercent la gestation pour autrui
Lay, Jennifer University of British Columbia Psychology Overcoming barriers to social engagement: Exploring associations between self-esteem, social self-efficacy, everyday helping behaviour, and well-being in older adults
Lerner, Jacqueline University of British Columbia Urban And Regional Studies, Environmental Studies If you built it, will they come? Using historical development patterns to improve prediction and mitigation of cumulative environmental impacts
MacIver, Erin University of Guelph Geography  Women and Cattle in Botswana: Access, Identity, and Empowerment
Maier, Katharina University of Toronto Criminology Half way to freedom? How female offenders rebuild their lives within the halfway house setting
Mason, Sarah University of Western Ontario Geography  Reverence for the pastoral versus land as a resource: Emerging issues with urban biosolid management in rural Ontario.
Matejova, Miriam University of British Columbia Political Science Navigating the Geopolitics of the Arctic through the Energy and Environmental Security Lens
Mathie, Jessica University of Toronto Linguistics  The intersection of word formation, sentence structure and meaning in an Australian Aboriginal language
Matzen, Christina University of Toronto History Women's Prisons in Twentieth-Century Germany: Gendered Punishment from the Kaiser to the Cold War
McRuer, Jennifer University of Saskatchewan Education  Practice makes…policy: Critically informing educational policy for environmental sustainability through practical experience
Moody, Oluwatobiloba Queen's University Law  The Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol within the Global Intellectual Property Framework: Effective Protection for Traditional Knowledge Associated with Genetic Resources in Biodiverse States
Moritz, Sarah McGill University Anthropology Sharing Salmon Streams: Intersections of Hydro-Electric Development, Interior Salish St’át’imc Subsistence Fishing and Environmental Change in the Fraser River Valley of British Columbia
Offenbecker, Adrianne University of Calgary Archaeology  Prehistoric victims of violence: investigating the relationship between geographic origins and violent conflict at Paquimé, Mexico using stable isotope analysis
Ogasawara, Midori Queen's University Sociology The Rise of the National Identification System and Techniques of Population Sorting: The development of a surveillance-assisted political economy from colonial to neoliberal times in Japan
Patchin, Paige University of British Columbia Geography  Securitizing Amazonia: 'Round-up' in Colombia, Brazil, and the United States
Peters, Clorinde McMaster University Interdisciplinary Studies Framing consciousness: cultivating public visual and civic literacy through documentary photography
Pullman, Ashley University of British Columbia Education  Skilling Women: The Gendered Distribution of Vocational Education in Canada
Ritchie, Justin University of British Columbia Urban And Regional Studies, Environmental Studies Measuring investment footprints: a quantitative approach to understanding the life-cycle impacts of financial decisions
Rnic, Katerina University of Western Ontario Psychology The Influence of Schemas and Mediating Social Behaviours on Interpersonal Stress Generation
Robert, Martin Université du Québec à Montréal History  Gouverner la mort. Dissection, spiritisme et assurance-vie dans le Québec du 19e siècle.
Rotz, Sarah University of Guelph Geography Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience in Ontario Farming Systems
Salas González, Daniel Dalhousie University Sociology Rethinking the Public Sphere: Creating spaces for debate in Cuba’s ongoing reform process
Sannen, Alexandre University of Western Ontario Literature, French Vers une compréhension du plaisir en littérature : étude de l’histoire de l’hédonisme et de ses signes, de leurs conditions d’émergence, de leurs re-productions et re-présentations dans le genre romanesque postmoderne 
Seagle, Caroline McGill University Anthropology Biodiversity for whom? Analyzing and theorizing mining's engagement in sustainability and biodiversity conservation in Madagascar
Sigouin, Caroline Université Laval Linguistics  Variation géophonétique en français québécois
Stadnicki, Daniel University of Alberta Fine Arts  Hidden Words: The Culture, Politics, and Sacralization of Music in Canada's Iranian Baha'i Communities
Steinberg, Etye University of Toronto Philosophy The Concept of a Person and The Demands of Morality
Stiegler, Sam University of British Columbia Education  Investigating educational experiences of transgender and gender non-conforming school leavers
Stone, Jeremy University of British Columbia Urban And Regional Studies, Environmental Studies Discursive Gentrification: Neighborhoods, Resistance, and the Tragedy of the Urban Commons
Thapa-Bhattarai, Sujata University of Toronto Urban and Regional Studies, Environmental Studies The right to mobility in the city: gender, transportation and urban public space in Kathmandu and Kabul
Vukatana, Ena University of Calgary Psychology Preschoolers' sensitivity to vocal emotion as a cue to a speaker's intent
Wang, Yichuan University of Alberta Economics  Imagining inclusive Canadian watershed management: Exploring institutional openings to the fractal expansion of collective action for managing the Mackenzie River Basin
Wilkinson, Rosalind Concordia University Psychology The Social Consequences of Self-Distortions During Early Adolescence: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
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