Vanier Scholars 2015

Name University  Discipline Research ProjectFootnote 1
Babaeijandaghi,Farshad University of British Columbia Cell Biology Role and Phenotype of Different Macrophage Subsets and Their Interaction With Fibro/Adipogenic Progenitors in Tissue Regeneration and Fibrosis
Babineau,Vanessa McGill University Mental Health The development of dysregulation from 3 months to 6 years of age: The interplay of plasticity genes, pre- and postnatal exposure, and early mother-child interaction
Bergeron, David Université Laval Aging Validation du Dépistage Cognitif du Québec : vers un meilleur outil de dépistage des démences atypiques
Blair, Alexandra Université de Montréal Population Health Cervical Cancer Screening In Urban Areas
Blouin, Brittany McGill University International Health Decreasing the global burden of childhood malnutrition: integrating zinc supplementation into deworming programs
Bouchard, Maude Université de Montréal Health Research Stimulation transcrânienne par courant alternatif (TACS) des fuseaux de sommeil pendant une sieste : effets sur la consolidation de la mémoire déclarative
Charles (Nyanza), Elias University of Calgary Population Health Exposure to arsenic and mercury: Associated pregnancy outcomes and early infant developmental outcomes in gold mining areas in Tanzania.
Crisan, Anamaria University of British Columbia Genomics, Proteomics, And Bioinformatics Bridging gaps in Tuberculosis (TB) research: Developing statistical, computational, and information visualization tools for the interpretation of large-scale genomic and population datasets to improve TB prevention and control in British Columbia
de Kock, Leanne McGill University Genetics DICER1: An investigation of the intracranial syndrome phenotypes and mosaicism
Dunlop, Katharine University of Toronto Mental Health Determining treatment efficacy and biomarkers of response to dorsomedial prefrontal cortex repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation as a treatment for treatment-refractory anorexia nervosa binge/purge subtype and bulimia nervosa: A multimodal, machine learning, triple-blind sham-controlled study
Eastwood, Kyle University of Toronto Nervous System Development and efficacy of procedure specific instruments for anterior sinus post traumatic cerebrospinal fluid leakage repair using fluidic smart structures optimized according to patient imaging
Farragher, Janine University of Toronto Psychosocial/Health Behavioural Res. Development and Testing of an Energy Conservation Education Program to Reduce Fatigue and Improve Quality of Life for Adults with End-Stage Renal Disease on Hemodialysis
Fashler, Samantha York University Psychosocial/Health Behavioural Res. Identification of Attentional Risk Factors for Chronic Postsurgical Pain Using Eye-Tracking Technology: A Prospective Cohort Study
Figueiredo, Carlyn University of Toronto Cancer Gold nanoparticles with surface enhanced Raman scattering capability for the detection and treatment of glioblastoma tumours.
Gralnick, Tara University of Toronto Mental Health Personality and Cognition across Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy versus Antidepressant Medication for Major Depressive Disorder: Temporal Dynamics and Associations with Long-term Outcomes
Gurmu, Kassu Ketema McMaster University International Health Narrowing the evidence-action gap in the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS (PMTCT) program in Ethiopia: What can we learn to enhance other health programs?
Heaslip, Ashley University of British Columbia Health Research Intimacy, Sexuality and End-Of-Life Illness Experience: patient, partner and health care provider perspectives
Howell, Nicholas University of Toronto Health Services Research What are the effects and economic impacts of walkable neighbourhood design on type 2 diabetes care?
Jobin, Parker University of British Columbia Biochemistry tRNA Synthetases as Extracellular Targets of Matrix Metalloproteinases
Johnstone, Devon University of Ottawa Genetics Exploring Gene/Environment Interaction in the Diabetic Embryopathy Femoral Facial Syndrome
Jung, Suna McGill University Vision Visual impairments following birth asphyxia: unravelling the role of retinal injury in humans and rats
Kesner, Philip McGill University Nervous System The Role of Presynaptic NMDARs in Neuronal Circuit Development and Synaptic Plasticity
Khan, Amanda University of Toronto Gastrointestinal (Liver) The Development of Anthropomorphic Realistic Model "Phantoms" for Surgical and Medical Education
Khowaja, Asif University of British Columbia International Health Cost-effectiveness of CLIP (Community Level Interventions for Pre-eclampsia) Trial in Pakistan.
Kubiniok, Peter Université de Montréal Chemistry - Analytical Chemistry Dynamic phosphoproteomics to uncover kinase substrates and interaction sites
Lee, Frank University of British Columbia Blood Dissecting the mechanism of a novel clot dissolving agent: Amino acid-tethered clotting factor Xa
Lee, Jong Bok University of Toronto Cancer Characterization of human allogenenic double negative T cells as a novel immunotherapy against acute myeloid leukemia
Malhotra, Darpan University of Alberta Biochemistry Towards treatment of Endothelial Corneal Dystrophies: Identification of correctors of mutant SLC4A11-misfolding
McCloskey, Curtis University of Ottawa Cancer The role of PTGS2 signaling in ovulation-associated Brca1 repression
McGuirk, Shawn McGill University Biochemistry Impact of PGC-1 on the development of therapeutic resistance in breast cancer
Mexhitaj, Ina McGill University Nervous System Elucidating disease-relevant immune cell subsets in pediatric-onset multiple sclerosis: A unique window into early disease mechanisms
Normandeau, Catherine Queen's University Mental Health An overlooked puzzle piece: role of neurotensin in anxiety and depression
Nwachukwu, Ifeanyi University of Manitoba Nutrition Transepithelial transport of flaxseed protein-derived antihypertensive peptides.
Perreault, Maude McMaster University Reproduction/Pregnancy Prenatal and early neonatal determinants of bone health outcomes in infants
Phipps, Erica Queen's University Environmental Influences On Health Riding the third wave to health equity? An investigation of a relational knowledge translation pedagogy in addressing low-income housing and environmental health risks
Pullmer, Rachelle Simon Fraser University Mental Health Efficacy of If-then Plans and Mental Practice for Binge Eating Disorder: Implications for Treatment Accessibility and Outcomes
Quintanilha, Maira University of Alberta Nutrition Promoting Appropriate Body Weight and Optimal Dietary Intake to Pregnant and Postpartum Women in the Context of Community-Based Organizations in Alberta
Radin Pereira, Leticia Cristina University of Alberta Nutrition Determinants of Postpartum Weight Retention
Raja, Reesha McGill University Nervous System Regulation of neuronal circuit formation by the transmembrane protein, AMIGO-1.
Rajora, Maneesha University of Toronto Nervous System Delivery of traceable, multifunctional, biomimetic nanoparticles to the brain to treat Alzheimer's disease
Ramzy, Adam University of British Columbia Cell Biology An adeno-associated virus based gene therapy treatment for diabetes: Using transcription factors to guide the expansion of insulin producing beta-cell mass in the pancreas
Robinson, Alexandra University of Calgary Health Services Research Motherhood and marginalization: Barriers and strategies in forming primary supports during pregnancy
Rozenberg, Dmitry University of Toronto Muscle, Bone, Or Joint Sarcopenia in Lung Transplant Patients
Savage, Paul McGill University Cancer Stromal influence on epithelial outgrowth and heterogeneity in breast cancer
Schmidt, Mandi University of British Columbia Nervous System Novel therapeutic strategies to mitigate NMDA receptor-mediated toxicity in Huntington disease mice
Shamblaw, Amanda Queen's University Mental Health Maternal Depressive Symptoms in the Immediate Postpartum Period and Infant Attachment: The Role of Infant EEG Patterns and Maternal Attachment
Steadman, Patrick University of Toronto Nervous System Investigating Memory Neuronal Networks For Regulating Behaviour In Healthy And Disease States
Steif, Adi University of British Columbia Genomics, Proteomics, And Bioinformatics Clonal evolution and acquired drug resistance in breast cancer patient xenografts profiled at single cell resolution
Tedoff, Pauley McGill University Environmental Influences On Health Patterns and predictors of exposure to household air pollution and its cardiovascular impacts among rural Chinese
Vent-Schmidt, Jens University of British Columbia Immunology-Transplantation Generation of a bacteria-specific chimeric antigen receptor: A novel approach to immunotherapy for Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
Wan, Hoyee University of Toronto Nervous System Microvascular alterations after experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage
Windt, Johann University of British Columbia Health Research The Efficacy of a Comprehensive, Multidisciplinary Lifestyle Intervention on Glucose Control in Type 2 Diabetic Patients
Wurz, Amanda University of Ottawa Psychosocial/Health Behavioural Res. Physical Activity and Health-Related Quality of Life in Adolescent Oncology
Yakobov, Esther (Esphire) McGill University Psychosocial/Health Behavioural Res. Affective pathways by which perceived injustice augments pain and disability following total knee arthroplasty: The role of anger
Yau, Hin Ching Yvonne McGill University Mental Health A Unifying Framework for Decision-Making Based on Neurobiological Research: Moving Beyond Traditional Diagnoses and Towards Transdiagnostic Models
Yegorov, Sergey University of Toronto Immunology-Transplantation The impact of regional factors on HIV susceptibility: comparison of the genital immunology of Canadian and Ugandan women and the effect of malaria on HIV acquisition.
Zaharieva, Dessi York University Metabolism/Diabetes Maintaining blood glucose concentrations using a closed-loop artificial pancreas system and insulin pump therapy during exercise in individuals with type 1 diabetes mellitus.
Zhao, Eric University of British Columbia Cancer Networks, signatures, and personalized medicine: a whole genome approach to cancer therapy
Name University  Discipline Research ProjectFootnote 1
Aksac, Alper University of Calgary Computing Sciences - Information Technology Investigating the Roadmap from Cellular Image Segmentation to Cancer Biomarker Detection
Bayne, Julia University of Toronto Chemistry - Inorganic Chemistry Carbon Dioxide: Friend or Foe? The metal-free conversion of carbon dioxide to liquid fuel
Beaulieu, Samuel Institut national de la recherche scientifique Physics And Astronomy - Optics Spectroscopie d’absorption transitoire attoseconde
Becker, Michael University of Manitoba Plant And Animal Biology - Plant And Tree Biology Identifying genes and regulatory networks activated by infection of fungal pathogen blackleg (Leptosphaeria maculans) on canola (Brassica napus) using a combination of laser microdissection and next generation sequencing
Benincasa, Samantha McMaster University Physics And Astronomy - Astronomy And Astrophysics Investigating the Interplay Between Star Formation and the Galactic Environment
Breitkreutz, Dylan University of Victoria Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Simulation, Design and Verification of a Novel Prototype kV Radiation Treatment System
Briggs, Kyle University of Ottawa Cellular And Molecular Biology - Biophysics Integration of Solid-State Nanopores into Tuneable Nanofluidic Devices Using Controlled Dielectric Breakdown
Challis, Jonathan University of Manitoba Chemistry - Analytical Chemistry Development, calibration, and validation of a novel passive sampler for the measurement of polar organic contaminants in aquatic systems
Claar, Danielle University of Victoria Evolution And Ecology - Aquatic Ecology And Limnology Coral symbioses under stress: Elucidating spatial and temporal dynamics of coral-Symbiodinium interactions
Cross, Shoronia McGill University Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Materials Science And Technology Structure and Functionality Studies on Designer Catechol Ligands to Control the Properties of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
de Carné de Carnavalet, Xavier Concordia University Computing Sciences - Information Technology Protection of memory secrets against low-level attacks
Dies, Hannah Queen's University Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Integrated optical and plasmonic microfluidic sensing devices as portable sensors for biological applications
Duggan, Emily University of Victoria Psychology - Cognitive Science - Fundamental Longitudinal Modeling of Higher-Order Cognitive Functions: Examining Construct Structure and Predicting Latent Growth using a Data Harmonization and Reproducibility Approach
Dutrisac, Helene McGill University Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Structural Engineering The Effects of Soil-Structure Interaction on the Performance-Based Seismic Design of Buildings
Elnakar, Haitham University of Alberta Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Environmental Engineering Ferrate (Fe(VI)) Application for Primary Wastewater Treatment Process: Investigating the Fate and Removal Mechanisms of Buckminsterfullerene, Silver, and Titanium dioxide Based Nanomaterials
Enriquez Victorero, Carlos University of Calgary Chemistry - Physical Chemistry The behaviour of hydroxyl radical in aqueous systems: exploration of reactions and possible control mechanisms.
Gardner Gregory, James Queen's University Plant And Animal Biology - Neurophysiology The Neurophysiology of Feeding: Sex Matters.
Gidi, Yasser McGill University Chemistry - Physical Chemistry Developing novel single-molecule techniques to study the Human Immunodeficiency Virus HIV replication machinery
Hamel, Jean-Denys Université Laval Chemistry - Organic Chemistry Synthèse stéréosélective de monofluoroalcènes catalysée par les métaux de transition.
Hanna, Dalal McGill University Evolution And Ecology - Aquatic Ecology And Limnology Conservation implications of interactions among ecosystem services along riverine gradients
Harris, Jérémie University of Ottawa Physics And Astronomy - Optics Photon Orbital Angular Momentum for Fluorescence Anisotropy-Based Detection of Arbitrarily Massive Biomolecules
Hysi, Eno Ryerson University Cellular And Molecular Biology - Biophysics Development of quantitative photoacoustic imaging and analysis techniques
Kamiya, Tsukushi University of Toronto Evolution And Ecology - Evolution And Ecology Phenotypic plasticity in parasites: what can we learn from malaria?
Khoshkholgh Dashtaki, Mohammad Ghadir University of British Columbia Electrical Engineering - Communications Systems Multi-Cell Multiple-Input multiple-Output (MC-MIMO) Advanced Techniques for Fifth Generation (5G) Wireless Cellular Communication Systems
Lathuilliere, Michael University of British Columbia Earth Sciences - Hydrology Including water resource decision-making in food supply chains: advancing agricultural water footprint methods for Southern Amazonia
Lu, Qiugang University of British Columbia Electrical Engineering - Control Systems Adaptive Control of Cross-Direction Process for Paper Machines
MacLean, Jean-Philippe University of Waterloo Physics And Astronomy - Optics Experimental realization of an all-optical room-temperature diamond interface for storing and manipulating entangled photons
Malard, Julien McGill University Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Environmental Engineering Comparison of agricultural development and management approaches in developing countries: analysing agroecological system functioning, resilience, and food security of smallholder farmers through coupled biophysical and socio-environmental modelling
Malikic, Salem Simon Fraser University Computing Sciences - Software And Development Clonality Inference in Multiple Tumor Samples using Phylogeny
Mayall, Robert University of Calgary Chemistry - Physical Chemistry Development of Ultra-Sensitive Nano-Bio Sensors
Mekarski, Pawel University of Alberta Physics And Astronomy - Particle Physics Determining if the neutrino is its own anti-particle using the SNO+ detector through quantifying liquid scintillator properties in the search of a neutrinoless double-beta decay signal
Mellerup, Soren Queen’s University Inorganic Chemistry A Modular Approach Towards Highly Conjugated Polyazaborines
Miyata, Colin Carleton University Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Development of a General Framework for Safety in Human Robot Interaction employing a Compliant Tactile Sensor and Multi-touch Controller
Mostafa, Ahmed University of Calgary Computing Sciences - Software And Development Ethnographic Characterization and Interactive Visualization for Oil and Gas Exploration
Musayev, Javid University of Toronto Integrated Circuits Power Reduction in Wireless CMOS Image Sensor Networks Using Temporal Difference Acquisition in the Analog to Digital Converter Front End
Omar, Ayat University of Alberta Cellular And Molecular Biology - Biochemistry Molecular insights on the mechanism of gene regulation by the splicing factor U2AF
Omer, Muhammad University of Calgary Electrical Engineering - Electrical And Electronic Engineering Synergistic Combination of Microwaves and Acoustic Signals for Improved Medical Imaging
Park, Kwangjin Simon Fraser University Cellular And Molecular Biology - Biochemistry Molecular mechanism of a novel protein implicated in the function of the cilium, a cellular structure associated with human physiology, development, and disease
Parsch, Fabian University of Toronto Mathematical Sciences - Pure Mathematics Length of Geodesic Loops and Distortion of Knots: Quantitative Aspects of Geometric and Topological Structures
Phaneuf-L'Heureux, Anne-Laurence École Polytechnique de Montréal Physics And Astronomy - Condensed Matter Physics Manipulation cohérente du spin électronique lié à des pièges isoélectroniques dans les semiconducteurs
Prosser, Kathleen Simon Fraser University Chemistry - Inorganic Chemistry A Synergistic Approach to Drug Design: Enhancing Current Anticancer Therapies through the Incorporation of Metal Containing Components
Robbins, Leslie University of Alberta Earth Sciences - Geochemistry And Geochronology Precambrian cherts as a paleoproxy for ancient seawater and implications for microbial evolution on the Early Earth
Roy, Justin Université du Québec à Rimouski Plant And Animal Biology - Animal Biology Patrons de distribution spatio-temporelle des eiders à duvet (Somateria mollissima) de l’Arctique dans un contexte de développement industriel lié aux ressources naturelles
Scheifele, Benjamin University of British Columbia Earth Sciences - Oceanography Arctic Ocean Mixing: Heat and Nutrient Supplies from the Deep
Service, Christina University of Victoria Evolution And Ecology - Evolution And Ecology Causes and consequences of dietary niche partitioning within and among species - genetic, phenotypic and behavioural variation among grizzly, black, and 'Spirit' bears in coastal BC
Sherstan, Craig University of Alberta Computing Sciences - Artificial Intelligence Collaborative Control of a Prosthetic Arm
Skelly, Lauren McMaster University Plant And Animal Biology - Kinesiology Are there sex-based differences in the physiological response to interval training?
St.Pierre, Kyra University of Alberta Evolution And Ecology - Aquatic Ecology And Limnology Quantifying Climate Change Impacts on the Health and Productivity of Lake Hazen, the World’s Largest Lake North of 74°N, Quttirnirpaaq National Park, Nunavut
Stover, Holly University of Western Ontario Evolution And Ecology - Plant Ecology Influence of soil homogenization on plant species diversity and ecosystem properties
Wang, Jun McMaster University Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Civil Engineering Situational Awareness for Construction Safety Management
Wilson, Katie University of Lethbridge Chemistry - Physical Chemistry Translesion Synthesis of Bulky Guanine Adducts: A Computational Investigation
Wilson, Kyle University of Calgary Evolution And Ecology - Biogeography And Landscape Ecology Identifying the spatial processes influencing the risk of overfishing within inland landscapes
Wilson, Samantha Simon Fraser University Plant And Animal Biology - Animal Biology Climate-driven mismatch in migratory salmon — towards predicting climate change vulnerability
Zhang, Tengyuan University of Western Ontario Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Materials Science And Technology Developing Robust, High-resolution, High-performance and Low-cost Printing Technologies for Making Flexible and Stretchable Electronics and Devices
Zhao, Pan University of British Columbia Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Advanced Control of Large-Scale Floating Offshore Wind Turbine on a Semi-Submersible Platform
Zhou, Jianhui University of New Brunswick Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Forest Engineering Simultaneous Measurement of Elastic Constants of Engineered Wood-based Panels by Modal Testing
Zolfaghari Sharak, Ashkan University of Alberta Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Geotechnical Engineering Experimental and Mathematical Modeling of Flowback Water Chemistry for Reservoir Characterization
Name University  Discipline Research ProjectFootnote 1
Akins, Ashley University of British Columbia Interdisciplinary Studies Dismantling Voicelessness: Culturally significant art as a tool to deconstruct embedded racism, inequity, and poverty
Angrisani, Roberto Université Laval Law "L’action de la Cour de justice de l’Union européenne sur la protection des droits de la personne". Perspectives d’harmonisation du système judiciaire pénal européen pour une pleine application de l’accord transatlantique avec le Canada.
Anyaduba, Chigbo University of Manitoba Interdisciplinary Studies Crime and Narrative: Representations of Genocide Atrocity in Africa
Beaudry, Louis-Pierre Université Laval Sociology Immigration et inclusion au Québec: étude de trois communautés culturelles par l'approche des parcours de vie
Beaudry, Myriam University of Ottawa Psychology Le soutien au bénévolat dans les petites et moyennes entreprises canadiennes : une ressource à l’intersection des sphères individuelle, organisationnelle et communautaire
Bell, Gloria University of British Columbia Fine Arts Object Lessons: An Analysis of Indigenous Art at the 1925 Vatican Missionary Exhibition
Bissonnette, Joëlle HEC Montréal Management, Business, Administrative Studies Étude de l’influence de l’utilisation grandissante des technologies numériques sur la diversité culturelle dans les sociétés linguistiquement et culturellement fragiles : recensement et proposition de pratiques et de politiques culturelles favorables à la diversité des enregistrements musicaux créés, produits, mis en marché et consommés dans les sociétés de la francophonie canadienne, dans le cadre d’une analyse comparée avec la Catalogne et la Flandre
Broley, Laura Concordia University Education Computer Programming in Undergraduate Mathematics Education: Aligning Mathematics Teaching and Learning with Professional Mathematics Practice
Byrne, Celia University of Toronto Philosophy Ibn Sina's Requirements for Reliability in Knowledge Acquisition
Challborn, Margot University of Alberta Political Science Understanding Family-Oriented Public Policy in Canada: The Universal Child Care Benefit, Income Splitting, and Maternal and Child Health
Chiblak, Bassam University of Victoria Literature, English The Myth of Respectability: Victorian Sensations and their Influence on the Illustrated Serials of the Cornhill Magazine, 1860-70.
Cochrane, Logan University of British Columbia Interdisciplinary Studies Strengthening Food Security in Rural Ethiopia
Collard, Juliane University of British Columbia Geography Governing Life: A Global Ethnography of Assisted Reproduction
Dobson, Kathy Carleton University Communications and Media Studies The Digital Knowledge Divide: Community Activism in the Digital Era
Duncan, Alexandra University of Alberta Fine Arts Disability Arts and Neurodiverse Artists: A Comparative Analysis of Arts Organizations for the Developmentally Disabled in Canada and Abroad
Duranceau, Sophie University of Regina Psychology Psychological, social, and occupational development of Canadian police officers: The impact of police work
Farooq, Asif University of Toronto Political Science Hard Choices Between Political and Financial Stability : Politics of Regulation in China’s Non-banking Financial Sector
Fraser-Celin, Valli-Laurente University of Guelph Geography Examining the role of captive African wild dogs as conservation actors in Botswana
Gauthier, Andrea University of Toronto Communications and Media Studies Exploring the role of gameplay in reinforcing and assessing undergraduate students’ learning of complex emergent processes and systems in molecular biology
Ghazanjani, Mehri McGill University Sociology Education and Ethnic Violence: Exploring the Political Socialization of Kurds in Iran and Turkey
Golding, Rebecca University of Toronto Fine Arts Rational Knowledge, Pagan Health and Religious Healing: Medical Illustrations in Twelfth-Century Manuscripts
Grenier, Joanie Université de Sherbrooke Literature, French Canadian En marge de l'immatériel: le paratexte du livre numérique comme lieu d'élaboration de nouvelles stratégies éditoriales
Haffar, Merriam Ryerson University Management, Business, Administrative Studies Trade-offs in Corporate Sustainability Reporting in Canada
Jackson, Samantha McMaster University Political Science Reacting to Reform: Refugee Health Policy in Québec and Ontario Since 2012
Joseph, Jolin York University Women's Studies Essential yet Expendable: Asian Migrant Domestic Workers at the Discourse-Policy Nexus
Jurkonyte, Ilona Concordia University Communications and Media Studies Modes of subjectivity in the essay film under and after totalitarian political systems. A case study: the Lithuanian essay film
Koenig, Boris Université du Québec à Montréal Sociology Dynamiques interreligieuses et constructions culturelles du genre : une ethnographie des savoirs ésotériques en Côte d'Ivoire
Kovinthan, Thursica University of Ottawa Education The spoils of war: A gendered analysis of social cohesion and citizenship pedagogy in Sri Lanka
Kwon, JiHyun University of Toronto Criminology From Rhetoric to Reality of Officer Oversight: Learning how Police and Correctional Management and Oversight Policies are Formulated and Implemented
Labrie, Christine University of Ottawa History Le bon moment pour devenir mère : étude de l'incidence des normes sociales en matière de maternité sur deux cohortes de femmes ayant expérimenté une grossesse précoce au Québec (1950-2014)
Lefurgey, Mayme University of Western Ontario Women's Studies From Representation to Collaboration: Reimagining Transnational Women's Advocacy on Issues of Violence Against Women
Luedke, Alicia University of British Columbia Political Science ‘Atrocities on All sides’: A geo-spatial analysis of sexual violence by armed groups in South Sudan
Maclear, Kyo York University Education From Safe Havens to Monstrous Worlds: Children’s Literature and Education in a Dangerous Climate
Matijevic, Danijel University of Toronto History “Ethnic Cleansing” in Croatia, 1940s and 1990s: Regional and Temporal Variations in Violence
McInnes, Ashley University of Guelph Geography Sustainability Transitions: Theory, policy and practice of food systems change in Canada
Millaire, Karine University of Ottawa Law Vers une théorie de la renonciation à l’exercice des droits et libertés de la personne au Canada
Moore, Sandra University of Saskatchewan Urban and Regional Studies, Environmental Studies The next great western Canadian boomtown: An ethnographic analysis of the social and environmental impacts of potential oil and gas developments in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan.
Moreiras Reynaga, Diana University of Western Ontario Archaeology Aztec Diets and Mobility: A Stable Isotope Study (C, N, and O) of Human Sacrificial Offerings from Tenochtitlan
Nahmias, Noa York University History Knowledge on Display: The Development of Museums in China, 1840-1930.
Neilson, Shane McMaster University Literature, English Canadian Damage, Weapons, and Medicine: Pain Re-Presented as Possibility
Nunnelley, Sophie University of Toronto Law Legal Capacity and Personal Decision-Making for Persons with Disabilities: The Promise of Relational Theory
Pingeot, Lou McGill University Political Science The impact of evolving humanitarian, peacebuilding and peacekeeping mandates on the image and security posture of the United Nations: Why the UN flag no longer guarantees protection
Pow, Jessica University of British Columbia Psychology The Role of Resource Depletion in the Propensity to Provide Support to a Romantic Partner
Prior, Tahnee University of Waterloo Interdisciplinary Studies The Arctic at a Crossroads: Legalizing Arctic Environmental Governance
Renaud, Kiev McGill University Literature, French Portraits de la beauté en littérature contemporaine (1980-2014) : objet de mystère, défi de composition
Rivera Amaro, Francisco Université de Montréal Archaeology « Mineros del Alto Cielo » : Espace social et matérialité pendant l’expansion capitaliste dans le Nord du Chili (Ollagüe, s. XIX-XX)
Salazar, Rebecca University of New Brunswick Literature, English “This noble Isle doth want her proper limbs”: Reading Shakespeare’s Violated Bodies through Ecocritical Feminism
Sauter, Molly McGill University Communications and Media Studies Break in the Signal: Disruptive Activism, ICT Failures, and Silent Spaces as Zones of Politics
Shen, Szu University of British Columbia Literature, English Canadian The Routes of Uranium and Its Impact on Indigenous Communities across the Asia-Pacific Region
Sierra Hernandez, Carlos Simon Fraser University Psychology Transactional Analysis of Gendered Parenting in Adolescence
Switzer, Jessica University of Calgary Psychology The Development of Stereotypes in Preschool Children: The Role of Diversity in Social Groups
Tadaki, Marc University of British Columbia Geography Structuring the field of environmental governance: understanding and affecting local mediations of national policy
Tanasescu, Raluca University of Ottawa Interdisciplinary Studies Songs of Globalization: Translating and the Power of Small Nations. The Case of Contemporary US and Canadian Poetry Translated into French and Romanian.
Vanden Berg, Christopher York University Political Science Productions of Indifference: A Critical Approach to Understanding Political Apathy in Canada
Vangelov, Ognen Queen's University Political Science Why Do Some Democracies Regress into Authoritarianism?
Wilson, Nicole University of British Columbia Urban and Regional Studies, Environmental Studies Vulnerability and change in hydrosocial systems: Insights from First Nations’ relations to water in the Yukon River Basin
Zamith, Pablo Université de Montréal Sociology Enseigner l'économie après la crise : recherches sociologiques sur la transmission des savoirs économiques en milieu universitaire francophone
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