Vanier Scholars 2016

Name University Discipline Research ProjectFootnote 1

Abdullahi, Abdikarim
University of Toronto Metabolism/Diabetes Glucose control in severely burned patients: a prospective randomized trial

Abraham, Karan
University of Toronto Aging Suppression of RNA-DNA hybrids – towards a novel and coherent mechanism governing repetitive DNA stability, aging, and neurodegeneration

Alexander, John
University of British Columbia Biochemistry Trouncing the "superbug": the biophysical characterisation of proteins involved in methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) antibiotic resistance

Baronas, Victoria
University of British Columbia Biophysics Molecular mechanism of use-dependent activation of Kv1.2 channel complexes and its impact on regulation of neuronal electrical excitability

Benoit, Britney
Dalhousie University Nursing The influence of breastfeeding on cortical and bio-behavioral indicators of procedural pain in newborns

Bremer, Emily
Photo courtesy of Casey Irvin
McMaster University Population Health Advancing the fitness of children with autism spectrum disorder

Chin, Ashley
McGill University Molecular Biology Defining the Role of mRNA Localization in Regulating Epithelial Cell Polarity and Tumorigenesis

Chitiprolu, Maneka
University of Ottawa Molecular Biology Mechanisms Eliminating Stress Granules by Autophagy in ALS Models

Chrystoja, Caitlin
University of Toronto Health Research Inference From Observational Research Methods (INFORM) project: facilitating interpretation of evidence from nonrandomized studies through a bias-adjusted treatment estimate calculator accounting for typical methodological weaknesses in their study design

Cousineau, Sophie
McGill University Virology Dissecting the role of the poly(C)-binding protein 2 in the hepatitis C virus life cycle

Davenport Huyer, Locke
Photo courtesy of Neil Ta
University of Toronto Biochemistry Design of a biomimetic antimicrobial biomaterial using the body's inherent molecular defense

Fernandez de Cossio Gomez, Lourdes
McGill University Nervous System Prenatal infection and neurodevelopmental disorders: the role of microglia

Glegg, Stephanie
University of British Columbia Health Services Research Using social network analysis to advance knowledge translation in pediatric rehabilitation

Glushko, Anastasia
McGill University Nervous System Neurophysiological correlates of implicit learning in individuals with and without Specific Language Impairment

Godard-Sebillotte, Claire
McGill University Health Services Research Amélioration des soins offerts par les médecins de famille aux personnes atteintes de la maladie d’Alzheimer : quel impact sur leurs trajectoires de soin?

Graydon, Colin
University of Manitoba Immunology-Transplantation Assessment of the LAG-3 Mechanism on the Inhibition of T cell Activation

Greer, Alissa
University of British Columbia Societal & Cultural Dimensions Of Health Peer engagement and health equity in harm reduction: development and implementation of best practice guidelines for British Columbia

Hall, Clayton
University of Ottawa Bacteriology Transcriptional regulation of the antibiotic resistance and persistence gene ndvB in Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms

Hetherington, Erin
University of Calgary Societal & Cultural Dimensions Of Health Understanding how social support protects against postpartum depression: A longitudinal analysis

Hirani, Shela
University of Alberta Nursing Facilitators and Barriers to Breastfeeding Practices of Internally Displaced Mothers Residing in Disaster Relief Camps of Pakistan

Hurtubise, Karen
Université de Sherbrooke Health Services Research Is it worth it? Is a new intensive rehabilitation program making a difference for children living with chronic pain?

Huus, Kelsey
University of British Columbia Bacteriology Metabolites in the mammalian small intestine: understanding host-bacterial interactions during child malnutrition and enteric dysfunction

Ion, Allyson
McMaster University Health Services Research Understanding the perinatal healthcare experiences of women living with HIV in Ontario

Ireland, Ronald
University of Toronto Cell Biology The Development of Biomaterial Matrices For Xeno-Free Culture and Long-Term Maintenance of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

Khazami pour, Nastaran
University of British Columbia Cancer Combination of a unique parasite-derived chondroitin sulfate targeting-approach with state-of-the art cancer immune therapy technology to target cancer.

Klancic, Teja
University of Calgary Nutrition Obesity risk and early life antibiotic/prebiotic exposure

Klinger, Christen
University of Alberta Cell Biology Bioinformatic, transcriptomic, and functional characterization of novel membrane trafficking genes in apicomplexan parasites and elucidation of their potential role in host cell invasion.

Kovalchuk, Anna
University of Lethbridge  Nervous System Chemo brain after cancer treatments: from mechanisms to neurocognitive outcomes

Lamantia, Valérie
Université de Montréal Nutrition Effect of omega-3 fatty acids on NLRP3 inflammasome, dietary fat clearance and insulin sensitivity in humans: in vivo and in vitro models

Lasry, Oliver
McGill University Population Health Exposing a silent epidemic: developing methods that use administrative health data to conduct feasible and accurate traumatic brain injury surveillance across jurisdictions

Lavoie, Monica
Université Laval Aging Efficacité d’une thérapie fonctionnelle auto-administrée via tablette électronique pour l’amélioration de l’anomie dans l’aphasie.

Lawson, Keith
University of Toronto Cancer Genome-scale discovery of renal cell carcinoma vulnerabilities during metabolic stress using a second-generation CRISPR-Cas9 library.

Leal, Jenine
University of Calgary Health Research Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Probiotics for the Primary Prevention of Clostridium difficile Infections

LeBlanc, Veronique
University of British Columbia Cancer Characterizing the Role of Capicua (CIC) Mutations in Oligodendroglioma

Leduc-Gaudet, Jean-Philippe
McGill University Molecular Biology Mechanisms Underlying Sepsis-induced Skeletal Muscle Dysfunction: Role of Autophagy

Manghera, Mamneet
University of Manitoba Cancer The Optineurin Bridge: Co-ordinating autophagic and innate immune responses during human endogenous
retrovirus-K reactivation in ALS

Mathae, Laura
University of British Columbia Immunology – Transplantation Generation and Maintenance of Memory Innate Lymphocytes and their Role in Allergic Lung Inflammation

McGirr, Alexander
University of British Columbia Mental Health Mesoscale in vivo cortical imaging in mouse models of major depression: from circuitry to novel neurostimulation and pharmacology.

McVey, Mark
University of Toronto Blood Investigation of Pathomechanisms, Prevention and Treatment of Non-Antibody Dependent Murine Transfusion Related Acute Lung Injury

Myre, Maxine
University of Alberta Psychosocial/Health Behavioural Res. Informing the design of public health campaigns: Does reducing anti-fat bias by using non-stereotypical images promote physical activity in individuals with obesity?

Nadeau-Vallée, Mathieu
Université de Montréal Reproduction/Pregnancy Inhibiting Interleukin-1 receptor during pregnancy to prevent neonatal mortality and morbidity induced by placental/chorioamniotic inflammation

Ouyang, Ben
University of Toronto Cancer Designing Clearable Gold and DNA-Based Nanosystems for Tumour Targeting

Pizarro, Katherine
McGill University Mental Health Using participatory action research with Cree youth to understand mental health needs, inform local strategies for improving access to mental health services, and evaluate service implementation

Plitman, Eric
University of Toronto Mental Health The relationship between striatal glutamatergic markers and measures of striatal volume in antipsychotic-naïve patients with first-episode psychosis and medicated patients with chronic schizophrenia: a study with implications for glutamate-mediated excitotoxicity

Podolsky, Dale
Photo courtesy of Dodge Baena
University of Toronto Health Research Advancing cleft palate repair worldwide – surgical simulation and robotics

Rahimzadeh, Vasiliki
McGill University Health Services Research Evaluating the gap between research ethics review governance and data sharing for pediatric genomics in Canada: a case of big data and little ethics?

Roy, Trisha
University of Toronto Cardiovascular MRI characterization of peripheral arterial plaques for planning percutaneous vascular interventions

Siemieniuk, Reed
McMaster University Health Research WikiRECS: Rapid creation and dissemination of trustworthy systematic reviews and clinical recommendations

Stephenson, Erin
University of Calgary Nervous System Chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans in multiple sclerosis

Tutelman, Perri
Dalhousie University  Psychosocial/Health Behavioural Res. Pediatric Chronic Pain and its Impact on Mothers and Fathers

Valencia Sama, Ivette
University of Toronto Cancer Identification of Novel Therapies for High Risk Metastatic Neuroblastoma

Vecchiarelli, Haley
University of Calgary Mental Health Colitis-Induced Alterations in Anxiety and Stress Regulation: Role of Endocannabinoid and Neuroimmune Signaling.

Voon, Pauline
University of British Columbia Population Health Pain among people who inject drugs: Implications for health, risk behaviours and clinical care

Zhang, Allen
University of British Columbia Cancer Deciphering the mechanisms of platinum resistance in high-grade serous ovarian cancer

Zhao, Xiao
University of Toronto Molecular Biology Epigenetic Reprogramming of Radiation Fibrosis using Adipose Derived Stromal Cells
Name University Discipline Research ProjectFootnote 1

Abdi, Amir
University of British Columbia Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Developing a Workflow for Patient-Specific Mastication Modeling

Abram, Sabrina
Simon Fraser University Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Control of High Speed Locomotion

Acheson, Emily
University of British Columbia Evolution And Ecology - Biogeography And Landscape Ecology Climate change, land use change, or both? How spatio-temporal modelling of Cryptococcus gattii fungus in the Pacific Northwest may reveal determinants of emerging infectious diseases

Alizadehgiashi, Moien
University of Toronto Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Flowable approach for nano to macro organization of functional materials

Alkurd, Rawan
Carleton University Electrical Engineering - Communications Systems Millimeter Wave Communications for Future 5G Cellular Networks

B. Tremblay, Marie-Pier
Université Laval Psychology - Behavioural Neuroscience Distinguer l’habileté et la propension à l’empathie par des mesures comportementales et cérébrales

Bamford, Natalie
University of Toronto Cellular And Molecular Biology - Biochemistry Mechanism of galactosaminogalactan biosynthesis by Aspergillus fumigatus

Barclay, Kristina
University of Alberta Evolution And Ecology - Evolution And Ecology Modern and fossil perspectives of the physiological and ecological effects of ocean acidification on gastropods, bivalves, and their predation by crabs

Bonsma, Madeleine
University of Toronto Physics And Astronomy - Physics Using bacteria-phage interaction networks as a metric for stability in the human microbiome

Bouchard, Frédéric
University of Ottawa Physics And Astronomy - Optics Ultra secure quantum communication with high-dimensional "twisted" photons

Buck, Emily
McGill University Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Materials Science And Technology Nondestructive surface functionalization for improved cellular integration in scaffolds for bone and skin tissue engineering

Cahill, Christopher
University of Calgary Evolution And Ecology - Wildlife Management Arctic Char Population Dynamics and Management in North America

Chang, Andrew
McMaster University Psychology - Sensory Systems And Perception Neural Oscillatory Mechanisms for Communication: Auditory prediction, motor coordination and social interaction

Chen, Paul
University of Waterloo Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Chemical Engineering Ubiquitous Nanodiagnosis of Infectious Disease at the Point-of-Care

Cui, Anja-Xiaoxing
Queen's University Psychology - Cognitive Science - Other How do we learn about music? An investigation of the cognitive and neurological mechanisms underlying acquisition of musical knowledge

Desmarais, Jacques
University of Saskatchewan Earth Sciences - Earth Science Development, Implementation and Application of Coupled-Perturbed-Hartree-Fock/Kohn-Sham (CPHF/KS) Techniques for the Study of Linear and Non-linear Optical Properties of Solids and Minerals

Di Labbio, Giuseppe
Concordia University Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Fluid Mechanics Flow dynamics in the left ventricle: The road to optimal patient evaluation

Drouin, Myriam
Université Laval Chemistry - Organic Chemistry Synthèse et applications potentielles de monofluoroalcènes comme isostères de liaisons peptidiques

D'Souza, Kenneth
Dalhousie University Cellular And Molecular Biology - Biochemistry The Role of the Autotaxin-Lysophosphatidic Acid Signaling Pathway in Regulating Energy Metabolism in Skeletal Muscle

El-Maklizi, Mahmoud
University of Toronto Cellular And Molecular Biology - Immunology Interactions between the immune system and the microbiome: the mechanisms and effects on T1D disease outcome

Ferguson, Denis Simon
University of Alberta Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Simulation, production and characterization of cyclotron-produced scandium from natural calcium targets

Funston, Gregory
University of Alberta Evolution And Ecology - Taxonomy, Systematics And Phylogenetics Understanding the evolution of the bird-like Oviraptorosauria: a synthetic anatomical, biological, ontogenetic, and systematic approach.

Gallaugher, Michael
McMaster University Mathematical Sciences - Statistics And Probability Clustering and Classification Methodology for Big Data

Gilbert, Peter
Queen's University Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Chemical Engineering Molecular Orientation in Large-Amplitude Oscillatory Shear (LAOS) of Polymeric Liquids

Hajar, Yasmine
Photo courtesy of Dr. David Taylor
University of Ottawa Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Chemical Engineering Development of efficient nanostructured catalysts for greenhouse gas (GHG) emission abatement from automotive exhausts

Hall, Michael
Dalhousie University Evolution And Ecology - Microbial Ecology Techniques for the analysis of microbial time-series data

Haxho, Fiona
Queen's University Cellular And Molecular Biology - Molecular Biology Role of glycosylation in cancer cell signalling and the development of multicellular tumour spheroids

Klass, Keren
University of Toronto Evolution And Ecology - Animal Ecology "Should I stay or should I go now?" The effects of habitat fragmentation on dispersal behaviour and subsequent gene flow in the Endangered Mexican black howler monkey (Alouatta pigra), Palenque National Park, Mexico

Lamb, Clayton
University of Alberta Evolution And Ecology - Animal Ecology Limits to population growth of an apex omnivore: Untangling the influences of human predation, competing species and high nutritional requirements.

Lemay, Marc-André
Université Laval Cellular And Molecular Biology - Genetics Développement d'outils bio-informatiques pour la détection de polymorphismes génétiques par genotyping by sequencing (GBS) et la sélection génomique chez le soya

L'Orsa, Rachael
University of Calgary Electrical Engineering - Control Systems Adaptive control systems for multi-point teleoperated human-in-the-loop applications with haptic feedback

MacKay, Kimberly
University of Saskatchewan Computing Sciences - Information Technology Unravelling the mechanisms driving the organization of the three-dimensional human genome

Marrugo-Hernandez, Juan
University of Calgary Chemistry - Physical Chemistry Aqueous Thermal Sulfate Reduction and the Degradation of Chemical Additives Under Shale Gas Reservoir Conditions.

Mayer, Boris
McGill University Cellular And Molecular Biology - Molecular Biology Understanding the establishment and function of cold-associated epigenetic memories in the cereal model Brachypodium distachyon

McKie, Michael
University of Toronto Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Civil And Mechanical Engineering Operational Optimization of Drinking Water Biofilters

Michaud-Belleau, Vincent
Université Laval Electrical Engineering - Photon Devices Dual frequency comb on a chip for practical mid-infrared spectroscopy.

Mohammadalizadeh Shabestary, Masoud
University of Alberta Electrical Engineering - Power Systems Advanced Control Schemes for Interlinking Power Converters for Future Canadian Hybrid AC/DC Smart-Grid

Monteiro, Beatriz
Université de Montréal Plant And Animal Biology - Animal Biology Canine Cancer Pain: Characterization and evaluation of a palliative analgesic therapy based on quantitative sensory testing and quality of life assessment.

Moore, Kayla
University of Manitoba Civil And Mechanical Engineering – Geotechnical Engineering Geochemical assessment of Canadian geothermal resource potential in saline sedimentary formations

Nguyen, Duong
University of British Columbia Electrical Engineering - Communications Systems Energy and QoS Aware Cooperative Caching Design for 5G Wireless Systems

Ousmane Ahmat, Hisseine
Université de Sherbrooke Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Civil Engineering Nano-cellulose filaments for sustainable high performance concrete matrix

Patel, Kramay
University of Toronto Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Development of Robust, Multi-Dimensional Brain Machine Interfaces Using Operant Conditioning of Single Neuron Activities in the Neocortex of Rats and Monkeys

Quintin, Jerome
McGill University Physics And Astronomy - Physics Holographic cosmology as a theory of the very early universe: a full analysis

Rettie, Sebastien
University of British Columbia Physics And Astronomy - Particle Physics Searching for High Mass Resonances at the Large Hadron Collider

Rochette, Étienne
Université Laval Chemistry - Inorganic Chemistry Design et synthèse de catalyseurs amphiphiles pour l'activation et la fonctionnalisation de liens C-H

Royer, Baptiste
Université de Sherbrooke Physics And Astronomy - Physics Métamatériaux quantiques basés sur les circuits supraconducteurs

Roztocki, Piotr
Institut national de la recherche scientifique Physics And Astronomy - Optics Generation of high-dimensional qudit cluster states for on-chip optical quantum computation

Somers, Lauren
McGill University Earth Sciences - Hydrology Combining groundwater and surface water modelling techniques to improve hydrologic forecasting under climate change in the Shullcas River Basin, a proglacial watershed of the Peruvian Andes.

Sridhar, Deepak
McGill University Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Chemical Engineering Functionalized Graphene Nano Flakes Composite Electrodes for Energy Storage in Supercapacitors

Taghavi, Mona
Concordia University Computing Sciences - Artificial Intelligence Developing a Multi-criteria Recommender System for Cloud Computing Services

Talebian, Hoda
University of British Columbia Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Fluid Mechanics A Novel Methodology to Characterize Liquid Water Interaction with Fibrous PEMFC Gas Diffusion Layer: from Experiment to Modeling

Tassone, Joseph
Dalhousie University Chemistry - Inorganic Chemistry Tailored Nickel Complexes for More Sustainable Amination Catalysis

Wanie, Vincent
Institut national de la recherche scientifique Physics And Astronomy - Optics Études de dynamiques attosecondes dans des molécules biologiques

Webber, Quinn
Memorial University of Newfoundland Evolution And Ecology - Sociobiology And Behavioural Ecology Affects of changing density on animal social behaviour and habitat selection.

Wong, Michael
McMaster University Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering The development of a novel placenta-on-a-chip microfluidic device to investigate human placental barrier function and maternal-fetal transport

Xu, Charles (Cong)
McGill University Evolution And Ecology - Evolution And Ecology Directly estimating the genome-wide consequences of natural selection using a field experiment with deer mice
Name University Discipline Research ProjectFootnote 1

Abdulkadir, Abubakar
University of Alberta History  Versification of the World, The Case of Mauritania: The Land of Million Poets

April, Daniel
Université Laval Education  Supervision pédagogique en contexte de gestion axée sur les résultats : pratiques de directions d’établissement scolaire accompagnées en communauté d’apprentissage

Banta, Vanessa
University of British Columbia Geography  Vacationing at Home: Making and Selling Home-lands to Returning Overseas Filipino Workers through Tourism in the Philippines

Beauchesne, Julie-Maude
Université de Montréal Political Science  Changement de la politique étrangère canadienne envers Israël après le 11 septembre 2001 : entre sourdine libérale et clairon conservateur

Berardi, Alessia
University of Toronto Mediaeval Studies The Making of the Glossa Ordinaria: Anselm of Laon and the Study of the Song of Songs.

Bernard, Valerie
University of Toronto Philosophy Freedom, History and Ethics: Jean-Paul Sartre’s Response to Hegel

Boyd, Julia
University of Toronto Literature, Modern Languages and “Flares at Injustice”: Comparative Approaches to Literary Analysis and Curriculum Application for Nonviolent Social Justice in the Works of Contemporary Writer-Activists, 1962-2011

Cenerini, Chantale
University of Manitoba Linguistics  The Michif language continuum: Supporting language vitality in Métis communities of Manitoba and Saskatchewan through language documentation and sociolinguistic study

Chen, Sibo
Simon Fraser University Communications and Media Studies The Language of Energy: Public Discourses and Energy Politics in China and Canada

Chitti, Marco
Université de Montréal Urban and Regional Studies, Environmental Studies Entre expertes locaux et internationaux : les agents de la diffusion des modèles d’urbanisme dans les pays en développement. Le cas des projets de coopération technique en Palestine.

Clare, Carolyne
Simon Fraser University Interdisciplinary Studies Dance Reconstruction and the Politics of Multiculturalism, Nationality and Ethnicity in Vancouver

Clermont-Dion, Léa
Université Laval Political Science  Le sexisme sur le web, un espace de reconduction des inégalités de genre

Cronin, Holly
McGill University Geography  Institutional Innovation and the Emergence of Sustainable Industries: Dynamics of Social and Organizational Change in the Burgeoning Seaweed Aquaculture Sector

Cullis-Suzuki, Severn
University of British Columbia Anthropology Multigenerational Language Acquisition of Xaayda kil, a critically endangered Indigenous Canadian language: Charting a course to fluency for self, family, and community.

De Musso, Federico
McGill University Anthropology Rebranding Common Land: Conflicts over Land and Labels in the Catalan High Pyrenees

Ellis, Adam
University of Toronto Criminology  Reconceptualizing Urban Warfare in Canada: Exploring the Relationship between Trauma, PTSD and Gang Violence

Espaillat Lizardo, Monica
University of Toronto History  Transversive Movements: A Trans History of Hispaniola, 1970-2000

Farrall, Joanne
Carleton University Communications and Media Studies Ever-Bending Story: State violence, social activism and the battle for truth in a networked society

Filkobski, Ina
McGill University Sociology “Talk the talk but can you walk the walk?”
The role of inter-group dialogue programs in mobilizing young adults for peace

Fines-Neuschild, Mirjam
Université de Montréal Communications and Media Studies La dualité ethnographe-physicienne: une zone d'échange entre cultures épistémiques, la construction de théories scientifiques et le féminisme en sciences

Futerman, Elizaveta
University of Toronto Interdisciplinary Studies Shifting Paradigms: Reframing the Discourse of Alzheimer’s Disease through Cultural Representations and Auto-Ethnographic Research

Gaddi, Valentina
Université de Montréal Sociology La nation l’épreuve de l’altérité : l'italianité entre Milan et Montréal.

Gelbard, Sarah
McGill University Urban and Regional Studies, Environmental Studies In the margins: Alternative place-making tactics and traditions

Giffen, Sheila
University of British Columbia Literature, Modern Languages and Community Mobilization and the Biopolitics of Race in AIDS Writing and Activism

Gonzalez, Antonya
University of British Columbia Psychology Breaking the Barrier: Interventions to Reduce Math-Gender Stereotypes in Childhood

Hepburn, Michelle
University of British Columbia Anthropology Thinking with trees to see the forest: Huayruro and the lived experience of deforestation in San Martin, Peru

Huberman, Jackie
Queen's University Psychology Towards Gendered Models of Sexuality: A Multi-method Examination of Responsive Sexual Desire in Women

Humphrey, Alison
York University Fine Arts  Participatory Culture, Political Chorus: Empowering youth civic engagement and public health problem-solving by reinventing an ancient Greek dramatic art for the internet age

Hupé, Pierre-Élie
Université Laval Sociology À temps plein! Vivre son engagement politique dans des communautés fortement intégrées au sein d'une société individualisée

Katri, Ido
University of Toronto Law  Troubling Gender Self-Determination: A Legal Ethnography of Trans* Legal Struggles

Krol, Sonia
McGill University Psychology Knowing who you are and how others feel: investigating a causal relationship between self-concept clarity and empathy

Lambe, Laura
Queen's University Psychology Defending Defined: An Exploration of Peer Defending Behavior in School Bullying

Liao, Edgar
University of British Columbia History  “For Empire and Nation” – Youth as Subjects and Citizens in Singapore, 1930s- 1990s

Lomo, Zachary
York University Law  Refugee Camps and Environmental Degradation: In Search of the Locus of the Accountability of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in International Law

Mandizadza, Shingirai
University of Alberta Sociology Land, Power and Gender in Development

McCubbin, Sandra
Queen's University Geography  Problem Lions in Botswana: Conservation, Conflict, and Power

McDowell, Graham
University of British Columbia Interdisciplinary Studies Navigating Environmental Change in High Mountains: A framework based on insights from the Nepal Himalaya and Peruvian Andes

Neufeld, Scott
Photo courtesy of Greg Ehler
Simon Fraser University Psychology The Possibility of Resistance: Psychological Effects of Protests on Group Members Who Do Not Protest

Notwell, Jessica
University of Guelph Sociology Women's Intergenerational Action to Embrace Difference, Respect, Dignity and Build Peace: A Case Study

Oakes, Harrison
University of Waterloo Psychology "But I'm Not One of Them": Categorization Threat and Defensive Prejudice in Ageism and Homophobia

Oman-Reagan, Michael
Memorial University of Newfoundland Anthropology Imagining Futures Beyond the Earth: An Ethnography of Visionary Space Science in North America

Panchakunathorn, Prach
University of Toronto Philosophy Expressivism and the Logic of Moral Discourse

Parsons, Carly
University of British Columbia Psychology Affective Consequences of Social Media Use as a Function of Social Anxiety Level

Pennaforte, Thomas
Université de Montréal Education  La Simulation avec Discussions Itératives : développement et validation d’une nouvelle approche d’évaluation intégrée du raisonnement clinique en immersion pour les étudiants en médecine.

Rodrigo, Achala
University of Toronto Psychology Understanding Extraversion from a Control Perspective: Integrating Neural Evidence Across Trait Measures and In Vivo Social Functioning.

Saint-Pierre, Marie-Josée
Université du Québec à Montréal Fine Arts  Image par image de projections d’animatrices: regard sur la femme derrière l’écran en cinéma d’animation.

Sarid, Eden
University of Toronto Law  A Theory of Informal Creativity

Stone, Melanie
University of Western Ontario Women's Studies Making her life work: re-presenting motherhood, disability and work engagement using photovoice

Sutherland, Siobhan
University of Waterloo Psychology Why is sexual communication challenging for couples? Understanding the consequences of sexual versus nonsexual communication

Thistle, Jesse
York University History  Indigence, Invisibility, and Indifference:
Metis Life in Road Allowance Communities on the Canadian Prairies

Thompsett, Fern
McGill University Anthropology 'The End of the World as We Know it?': Environmental activism against and beyond civilization

Thomson, Jane
Queen's University Law  Bridging the Implementation Gap: Understanding and Eliminating Impediments to Meaningful Family Law Reform in Canada

Touchant, Lauren
University of Ottawa Political Science  Les dynamiques de transferts d’instruments d’action publique et la cohérence des politiques publiques dans la gouvernance énergétique et environnementale au Canada et aux États-Unis

Waldispuehl, Elena
Université de Montréal Political Science  Processus de socialisation politique et trajectoires biographiques des activistes du mouvement social Occupy : l'engagement militant entre mouvement et rupture au Québec entre 2011 et 2018

Ware, Syrus
York University Urban and Regional Studies, Environmental Studies Disability Arts and Contemporary Practice: Experiences of Racialized Disabled Artists
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