Vanier Scholars 2017

Name University Area of Research Title of Research ProposalFootnote 1

Abusarah, Jamilah
McGill University Immunology-Transplantation Validation The Antigen Presentation Capacity of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Overexpressing The Immuno-proteasome Complex

Adhikari Dahal, Kamala
Photo courtesy of London Drug Store
University of Calgary Reproduction/Pregnancy Examining Neighbourhood Socioeconomic Status, Anxiety during Pregnancy, and Preterm Birth

Agudelo, Daniel
Université Laval Molecular Biology Therapy development for pediatric diseases by gene correction in vivo

Almeida, Daniel
McGill University Nervous System The neuroepigenetic link between childhood abuse and suicide: a single-cell type sequencing approach

Amitzi, Leanne
University of British Columbia Cancer DDX11 as a potential synthetic lethal target for cancer therapeutics in cells with cohesion mutations

Bar, Rachel
Ryerson University Health Research Arts-Based Knowledge Translation of Health Research

Barry, Rebecca
University of Toronto Population Health Help Seeking Behaviours, Access to Care and Suicide among Rural and Urban Populations in Ontario, Canada

Baxter, Jo-Anna
University of Toronto Nutrition Identifying social determinants of nutrition and evaluating the effectiveness of preconception multiple micronutrient supplementation on growth among adolescent girls in rural Pakistan

Bedard, Marc
University of Ottawa Aging Prospective memory functioning following traumatic brain injury: Vulnerability to mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease

Berger, Daniel
University of Calgary Nervous System DNA damage responses in cells of the developing brain

Boldt, Kevin
University of Calgary Cardiovascular Investigating and optimizing cardiac cellular contractile properties following chronic exercise training

Boudreault, Simon
Université de Sherbrooke Cancer Modifications de l'épissage alternatif par le virus du papillome humain : fondements moléculaires et implications dans les cancers oropharyngés

Boutin, Rozlyn
University of British Columbia Health Research Mechanistic elucidation of the asthma-protective and -predictive effects conferred by specific members of the gut microbiota in early life

Brubacher, Laura
University of Guelph Population Health Place-Attachment and the Maternal and Neonatal Health of Inuit in Nunavut: "What was, what is, and what could be"

Conte, Karla
Photo Courtesy of Heaven’s Edge Photography
University of Calgary Child Psychology Understanding children with autism spectrum disorder and anxiety: Determining the relationship between cognitive functioning, risk factors and outcomes.

Cook, Elina
Queen's University  Cancer Game of Clones: Investigating genetic & immune drivers of myeloid leukemogenesis

Culp, Elizabeth
McMaster University Biochemistry Finding Antibiotics Targeting Bacterial Proteases

Disher, Timothy
Dalhousie University  Health Services Research Cost-effectiveness of single family room care in a Canadian NICU: A randomized controlled trial

Embleton, Lonnie
Photo courtesy of Jacob Boopalan
University of Toronto Population Health Adapting, piloting, and evaluating an innovative HIV prevention intervention integrated with group-led matched-savings for street-connected young people in western Kenya

Ennour-Idrissi, Kaoutar
Université Laval Cancer Impact of epigenetic markers of breast adipose tissue on the efficacy of aromatase inhibitors treatments.

Gillis, Chelsia
Photo courtesy of University of Prince Edward Island
University of Calgary Health Research Prehabilitation intervention to improve patient-centered outcomes post-colorectal surgery for cancer: A multicenter randomized controlled trial

Hategeka, Celestin
University of British Columbia Population Health Improving access and quality of emergency care for newborns and children in Rwanda

Hay, Jacqueline
Photo courtesy of Garrick Kozier
University of Manitoba Population Health Associations between fitness, activity intensity, and time: the influence of novel risk for chronic disease in Manitoba

Houlahan, Kathleen
Photo Courtesy of Stuart Lawler
University of Toronto Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics Predicting Impact of DNA and RNA Variants in Cancer on Three Dimensional Protein Structure

Jackowich, Robyn
Photo courtesy of Eric Brousseau
Queen's University  Psychosocial/Health Behavioural Res. A biopsychosocial conceptualization of persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD): Investigating the impact of PGAD on genital sensitivity, physiological arousal, psychosocial, sexual, and relationship functioning in women.

Jaffe, Kaitlyn
University of British Columbia Societal & Cultural Dimensions of Health Social Impacts of Biomedical HIV Prevention: PrEP Implementation among People who Inject Drugs

Jamal, Alainna
Photo Courtesy of Justin Lam
University of Toronto Health Research The relationship between hospital water environments and human infection by antibiotic-resistant gram-negative bacteria in intensive care units

Jung, Richard
Photo courtesy of Usman Khan
University of Ottawa Cardiovascular Function of PAI-1 and regulation of its gene expression in human diabetic platelets

Karamouzian, Mohammad
University of British Columbia Population Health Early injecting careers: Implications for health, HIV risk behaviours and clinical care

Killackey, Samuel
University of Toronto Nervous System The Mechanistic Function of SARM1 and NLRX1 in Apoptosis and Cell Death in the Nervous System

Laffin, Michael
University of Alberta Gastrointestinal (Liver)  The Genetics, Microbiology, and Immunology of Post-Operative Crohn's Disease

Lamanna, Julian
University of Toronto Reproduction/Pregnancy Development of a digital microfluidic platform to identify and target single cells from a heterogeneous cell population for lyses in an ultra-low volume

Lavallée, Vincent-Philippe
Université de Montréal Cancer Aberrant expression of the platelet aggregating cell surface protein podoplanin by acute promyelocytic leukemia blasts may explain the bleeding complications associated with this disease.

Liang, Steven
McMaster University Immunology-Transplantation Preclinical assessment of a novel Chlamydia vaccine

Lou, Jenny
Photo courtesy of Cheng Jin
University of Toronto Cancer Porphysome Mediated Drug Delivery and PET Imaging to Enhance Adoptive Double Negative T-cell Therapy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Treatment
Louie, (Dennis) Riley
Photo courtesy of Alaina Michelle Photography
University of British Columbia Nervous System Exoskeleton for post-Stroke Recovery of Ambulation (ExStRA)

Matan-Lithwick, Stuart
University of Toronto Cancer Defining the Pathways of Metastasis in Group 3 and Group 4 Medulloblastoma

MohammadiAzad, MohammadTaha
Queen's University  Cancer Identification of Novel Receptors Tyrosine Kinases (RTKs) Regulating the Hippo Signaling Pathway in Tumorigenesis

McGill University Nervous System Combining mathematical models and machine learning for the identification of novel neuroimaging biomarkers for disorders of neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration

Piesik, Paulina
Photo courtesy of University of British Columbia
University of British Columbia Immunology-Transplantation Using the Skin Immune System to Induce Systemic Tolerance

Pincus, Daniel
University of Toronto Health Services Research Understanding and improving wait times for hip fracture surgery in Ontario

Rappon, Tim
University of Toronto Health Services Research Acute Care for Elders Strategy - Sustainability and Sustainment Study (ACES-SSS)

Rice, Danielle
McGill University Psychosocial/Health Behavioural Res. Making accurate depression screening and assessment a reality for Canadians: using individual patient data meta-analysis to personalize risk estimates

Ross, Ashley
Photo courtesy of Newschool Photography
University of Guelph Virology Enhancing immunogenic cancer cell death through the novel combination of oncolytic viruses and photodynamic therapy

Skinnider, Michael
University of British Columbia Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics Understanding human biology and disease through tissue-specific protein-protein interaction networks

Slessarev, Marat
University of Western Ontario Biophysics Improving cognitive outcomes in critical illness survivors: mechanistic multimodal imaging approach.

Sourial, Nadia
McGill University Health Services Research Impact of provincial primary care reforms on the management of persons with Alzheimer's disease and on associated health care use and cost

Stiver, Mikaela
University of Toronto Muscle, Bone, or Joint Pathophysiology and diagnosis of trigger points associated with myofascial pain syndrome: development of an evidence-based approach for clinician education

Sun, Christopher
University of Toronto Health Services Research Predicting Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Risk to Improve Automated External Defibrillator Use via Optimization and Simulation

Tatham, Erica
York University Aging Normalizing Memory and Cognitive Changes in Rehabilitation

Tremblay, Elsa
Université de Montréal Nervous System The neuromuscular function as a diagnostic tool and a therapeutic target in an ALS mouse model

van der Veldt, Suzanne
McGill University Nervous System The role of lateral spetum in context-reward association learning

Vogel, Jacob
McGill University Imaging Network modeling of Alzheimer's disease progression: Using multimodal neuroimaging to test whether Alzheimer's pathology spreads through existing brain networks

Wadsworth, Elle
Photo courtesy of Jamie Drew
University of Waterloo Population Health A quasi-experimental study comparing prevalence and patterns of cannabis use among youth and young adults in Canada, with US states where cannabis use is illegal and in US states where cannabis use is decriminalized, before and after cannabis legalization in Canada.

Yin, Charles
Photo courtesy of Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry
University of Western Ontario Cardiovascular Characterization of defective macrophage efferocytosis within atherosclerotic lesions

Zelt, Jason
Photo Courtesy of Usman Khan
University of Ottawa Cardiovascular Neurohormonal Modulation in Right Heart Failure: Mechanisms and Therapeutics
Name University Area of Research Title of Research ProposalFootnote 1

Abdelazez, Mohamed
Photo courtesy of Marco Law
Carleton University Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Monitoring Vital Signs Using Contactless Sensing

Awolayo, Adedapo
Photo Courtesy of Clickxfotos/Prince Afrim
University of Calgary Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Chemical Engineering Mechanistic Modeling of the Combined Influence of Smart Water and Gas Injection on Oil Recovery

Awoonor-Williams, Ernest
Memorial University of Newfoundland Chemistry - Physical Chemistry Developing New Computer Modelling Tools to Better Predict the Reactivity of Active Site Cysteines in Protein Kinases for Optimizing Anti-cancer Drugs

Bauer, Kylynda
University of British Columbia Cellular and Molecular Biology - Microbiology Diet and the Gut Microbiota Modulate the Host Nervous System

Beggs, Megan
University of Alberta Plant and Animal Biology - Animal Physiology and Metabolism Molecular mechanisms mediating a positive calcium balance during development

Bonafiglia, Jacob
Photo courtesy of Carrie Salmonen
Queen's University Plant and Animal Biology - Animal Physiology and Metabolism Examining the role of PGC-1alpha deacetylation in determining the induction of mitochondrial biogenesis following exercise in human skeletal muscle

Boos, Jens
University of Alberta Physics and Astronomy - Theoretical Physics and Chemistry Black holes as the probes for quantum gravity: geometrical methods and effective field theory

Bouchard, Jonathan
Photo courtesy of Michel Carron
Université de Sherbrooke Electrical Engineering - Electrical and Electronic Engineering Conception d'un scanner de tomographie d'émission par positrons pour l'imagerie cérébrale clinique

Callaghan, Neal
University of Toronto Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Development of a chemically-defined synthetic culture substrate for the maturation of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes

Carrier, Alexandre
Photo courtesy of Daniel Guay (Université Laval)
Université Laval Mathematical Sciences - Applied Mathematics Développement et intégration de méthodes de contrôle de l'erreur en mécanique des fluides numérique par adaptation de maillage et calcul adjoint

Caudill, Christy
Photo courtesy of The University of Western Ontario
University of Western Ontario Earth Sciences - Earth Science Comparative Planetology: Formation and Evolution of Impact Melt Deposits with Insights into Martian Soil Production and Past Environments

Chanona, Melanie
University of British Columbia Earth Sciences - Oceanography Spatial and Temporal Variability of Internal Waves and Mixing in the Canadian Arctic Ocean

Choi, Hyomin
Simon Fraser University Electrical Engineering - Electrical and Electronic Engineering Video Coding for Man and Machine

Chua, Allison
Dalhousie University Earth Sciences - Oceanography Optimization and Use of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles within a Modular Ocean Science Observatory Infrastructure

Cole, Ryan
Photo courtesy of Trent University
Trent University Physics and Astronomy - Optics Polarization Dependent Detection in Spectral-Focusing-Based Nonlinear Microscopy

Cresswell, Jesse
Photo Courtesy of Hudson Pimenta
University of Toronto Physics and Astronomy - Theoretical Physics and Chemistry Quantifying quantum correlations in quantum field theory and quantum gravity

Daehlin, Torstein
Photo Courtesy of SUB Photo
University of Alberta Plant and Animal Biology - Kinesiology Examining the distinct roles of the gastrocnemius and soleus during functional tasks using an experimental approach.

David, Santiago
University of British Columbia Evolution and Ecology - Evolution and Ecology Paramo bird communities: Understanding a poorly known Andean ecosystem under increasing risk of extinction

Ernotte, Guilmot
University of Ottawa Physics and Astronomy - Optics Exciton's orbitals tomography

Fox, Thomas
University of Calgary Earth Sciences - Remote Sensing UAV-based sensing of fugitive methane emissions: source localization and flux estimation

Gallant, Caitlyn
Brock University Psychology - Behavioural Neuroscience Investigating physiological arousal as a mechanism for affective theory of mind

Gamlen-Greene, Roseanna
University of British Columbia Evolution and Ecology - Wildlife Management Conserving species in a dynamic world: prioritizing conservation land for an amphibian (Rana aurora) using a life stage, multi-species occupancy distribution modeling approach

Gaudet, Guillaume
Photo courtesy of Stephanie Mignacca
École Polytechnique de Montréal Civil and Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Développement d'un exosquelette actif des membres supérieurs pour les enfants atteints de troubles musculosquelettiques

Gosselin, Jeremy
Photo courtesy of University of Victoria Photo Services
University of Ottawa Earth sciences - Geophysics Structure and evolution of oceanic lithosphere from analysis of teleseismic data: Implications for Cascadia megathrust earthquakes

Grieves, Leanne
Photo courtesy of The University of Western Ontario/Mitch Zimmer
University of Western Ontario Evolution and Ecology - Evolution and Ecology Parasitism, major histocompatibility complex diversity, and olfactory mate choice in a songbird

Grimmer, Daniel
Photo courtesy of IQC/Alex Rollinson
University of Waterloo Physics and Astronomy - Physics Open Dynamics Under Rapid Repeated Interaction

Gruson, Matthieu
HEC Montréal Mathematical sciences - Applied Mathematics Modélisation et résolution des problèmes de planification de production et distribution à trois niveaux.

Hani, Maan
University of Victoria Physics and Astronomy - Astronomy and Astrophysics Studying the Effect of Major Mergers on the Circum-Galactic Medium Using State-of-the-art Hydrodynamical Cosmological Zoom-in Simulations of Galaxy Mergers

Hasan, Mehedi
University of Ottawa Electrical Engineering - Photon Devices Towards 'bare glass': a software defined elastic optical network capable Tbit/s transceiver

Heim, Amy
Photo courtesy of Saint Mary's University
Saint Mary's University Evolution and Ecology - Plant Ecology Using traits to enhance plant co-existence and maximize ecosystem services in the green roof environment

Hooshiar Ahmedi, Seyed Amir
Photo courtesy of Concordia University
Concordia University Civil and Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Modeling and control of a surgical robot considering the contact forces between the catheter and vasculature for robotic-assisted cardiovascular interventions

Hussein, Ramy
University of British Columbia Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Epileptic Seizure Prediction using Intracranial EEG Signals

Jean, Marie-Ève
Institut national de la recherche scientifique Civil and Mechanical Engineering - Civil Engineering Intégration du contrôle à la source et du contrôle en temps réel comme mesures de réduction des débordements de réseaux d'égout unitaires

Johnson, Hansen
Photo courtesy of Rod Higgins
Dalhousie University Earth sciences - Oceanography Quantifying associations between baleen whales and their oceanographic habitat in the Northwest Atlantic using passive acoustic monitoring and autonomous vehicles to improve conservation goals

Kassis, Marco
Photo Courtesy of McGill University
McGill University Electrical Engineering - Electrical and Electronic Engineering Parallel Time-Domain Analysis of Reduced Order Power Delivery Networks

Khan, Deirdre
Photo courtesy of Kira Koop
University of Manitoba Plant and Animal Biology - Plant and Tree Biology Spatiotemporal transcriptomic and methylomic profiling of Brassica napus seed development: a targeted approach to canola seed improvement

Lecours, Michael
University of Waterloo Chemistry - Physical Chemistry G-quadruplex drug discovery; a bottom-up approach

Loffredo, Sergio
Université Laval Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Materials Science and Technology Degradable high-strength iron-based alloys for pediatric medical devices: development, characterization and validation.

Lowe, Ryan
McGill University Computing Sciences - Artificial Intelligence Building Dialogue Systems with Artificial Neural Networks

Miranda-Delgado, Williams
Photo Courtesy of University of Calgary/David Bininda
University of Calgary Cellular and Molecular Biology - Biophysics Understanding the molecular basis for the modulation of cardiac Ryanodine Receptor (RyR2) activity by calcium, mutations, drugs, and membrane lipids.

Nurdin, Lucie
University of Calgary Chemistry - Inorganic Chemistry Catalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide: Making Solar Fuels a Reality

Overchuk, Marta
Photo courtesy of Jenny Lou
University of Toronto Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Targeted Photodynamic Pre-Treatment for Enhanced Nanoparticle Delivery

Prokopenko, Christina
Memorial University of Newfoundland Evolution and Ecology - Animal Ecology Examining the hierarchy of behavioural organization in predator-prey games: individual, group, and population-level effects of strategies used by wolves and elk

Pushak, Yasha
University of British Columbia Computing Sciences - Artificial Intelligence Algorithm configuration for improved empirical run-time scaling to solve huge computational problems

Rafie Borujeny, Elham
University of Alberta Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Chemical Engineering Low temperature single crystal GaN films for energy efficient power transistors

Rafie Borujeny, Reza
University of Toronto Electrical Engineering - Communications Systems Optical Communications Using Nonlinear Fourier Transform

Rechsteiner, Erin
University of Victoria Evolution and Ecology - Evolution and Ecology Can trophic cascades transcend nearshore habitats and link marine and terrestrial ecosystems?

Richardson, Elisabeth
University of Alberta Cellular and Molecular Biology - Cell Biology Assessing eukaryotic microbial diversity and ciliate membrane trafficking adaptations in a tailings pond undergoing reclamation in northern Alberta, Canada.

Rosana, Albert Remus
University of Alberta Cellular and Molecular Biology - Microbiology Bacteriocin and bioactives discovery and function using genomics-assisted mining and receptor-ligand structure eludication for novel hybrid antimicrobial peptide drug design

Singh, Tejinder
University of Waterloo Electrical Engineering - Integrated Circuits Miniature Phase-Change Materials-based RF Switch Matrices for Wireless and Satellite Communication Systems

Stepanov, Anton
École Polytechnique de Montréal Electrical Engineering - Power Systems Modeling of Direct Current Grid Equipment for the Simulation and Analysis of Electromagnetic Transients

Tiamiyu, Ahmed
University of Saskatchewan Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Materials Science and Technology Effect of Grain Refinement and Strain Rate On the Mechanical Properties, Texture Evolution and Corrosion Resistance of AISI 321 Austenitic Stainless Steel Used in Nuclear/Chemical Plants

Trowell, Keena
Photo courtesy of Rodolfo Moraga
McGill University Civil and Mechanical Engineering - Civil and Mechanical Engineering High-Temperature and High-Pressure Prototype Metal-Water Reactor for Hydrogen Production

van der Klein, Sasha
University of Alberta Plant and Animal Biology - Animal Physiology and Metabolism The effects of day length during rearing and body weight on nesting behaviour of broiler breeder hens in group housed settings.

Zabolotnii, Elena
University of Alberta Civil and Mechanical Engineering - Geotechnical Engineering Three-dimensional aspects of the Mount Polley Tailings Storage Facility failure and their application in dam safety practice
Name University Area of Research Title of Research ProposalFootnote 1

Alvarez-Lizotte, Pamela
Photo courtesy of Marius Bio
Université Laval Social Work Le point de vue des enfants exposés à la violence conjugale postséparation : mieux comprendre leur vécu et leurs besoins en terme de soutien

Anctil Avoine, Priscyll
Université du Québec à Montréal Political Science  La vulnérabilité et la précarité comme mécanismes pour l'action politique: la résistance corporelle des femmes en processus de réintégration à la vie civile dans le Département de Santander en Colombie

Bandosz, Benjamin
Photo courtesy of Vladimir Mikadze
University of Toronto Literature, Modern Languages and Surveillance and Schizophrenia: Towards a Critical Theory of Madness through a Guattarian Recoding of Joseph Conrad's Trilogy of Surveillance

Barron, Sandy
Carleton University History  'Evidently of the Kind Who Have Very Little of the Milk of Human Kindness': Disability, Education, and State Formation in Western Canada, 1880-1930.

Bianchi, Michele
University of Calgary Anthropology Old Memories, New Stories: Political Extremism and Identity in Post-War Bosnian Youth

Blanchard, Kaitlin
McMaster University Literature, Modern Languages and Wasteful Thinking: The Formalism of Social and Ecological Decay

Bramwell, Daniela
Photo courtesy of Foto Silva Junior
University of Toronto Education  Democratic citizenship education: A qualitative study of the differences in the hidden curriculum for high and low income high school students in Ecuador

Brisson, Pierre-Luc
Université du Québec à Montréal Classics, Classical & Dead Languages Rome, Paul-Émile et la troisième Guerre de Macédoine: évolution des rapports interétatiques en Méditerranée ancienne.

Dalrymple-Fraser, Charles
University of Toronto Philosophy A Listening Ethics: Silence and Oppression in Narrative Ethics

De France, Kalee
Queen's University Psychology Emotion regulation across adolescence: Individual differences and mechanisms of change

Descheneaux, Julie
Université du Québec à Montréal Interdisciplinary Studies Soutenir la prise de décision pour optimiser l'efficacité des stratégies de transfert et d'utilisation des connaissances dans les apprentissages sociosexuels

Deslauriers, Félix
Photo Courtesy of Pierre-Olivier Cadieux
University of Ottawa Sociology Vers un matérialisme intersectionnel? Analyse des discours sur l'intersectionnalité dans le renouvellement de la pensée marxiste (2000-2016)

Dreyer, Bianca
Wilfrid Laurier University Psychology An evaluation of a comprehensive engagement strategy for closing the performance gap of high-performance sustainable buildings

Ellington, Lisa
Photo Courtesy of CSSSPNQL
Université Laval Social Work Le processus de guérison des hommes autochtones ayant séjourné dans un pavillon de ressourcement au Canada

Eschel, Haim
University of Toronto Law  The Tortious Liability of States for Combatant Activities

Felt, Mylynn
University of Calgary Communications and Media Studies Preventing Violence Against Women: Emerging Practices of Canadian Activism through Social Media

Gagnon Chainey, Benjamin
Photo Courtesy of Alborz Arzpeyma
Université de Montréal Literature, Modern Languages and Le soignant et le mourant : analyse comparative entre la littérature du sida et la littérature de la fin du XIXe siècle

Gaona, Jose Mauricio
McGill University Law  The Unwelcome Refugee - An Introspective Analysis on National Security Interest, Modern Forced Migration, Refugee and Asylum Protection

Gasoi, Lowell
Carleton University Communications and Media Studies Singing for our supper: political style in Canadian arts advocacy

Giroux, Megan
Photo Courtesy of Randy Hefelfinger
Simon Fraser University Psychology Guilty or not guilty? Identifying how and when cognitive biases lead to erroneous interpretations of auditory evidence in a forensic setting

Gupa, Dennis
University of Victoria Fine Arts  Sea Rituals, Climate Change and Applied Theatre: Indigenous Elders' Perspectives on Traditional and Sustainable Ecology

Hall, Tyrone
York University Communications and Media Studies Global Narratives and the Vulnerable Frontiers: Advancing the Global Climate Change Communication Research Agenda

Hird-Younger, Miriam
Photo courtesy of Engineers Without Borders/ Jenn Stark/Dave Stark
University of Toronto Anthropology Reimaging Participation: Situating "trust" within participatory agricultural development in Ghana

Joe-Strack, Jocelyn
Photo courtesy of Alistair Maitland Photography
University of Saskatchewan Urban and Regional Studies, Environmental Studies Dän k'e, 'Our Way' from Self-Government to Self-Determination: Insight and Impact of Developing the Champagne and Aishihik First Nation's Settlement Land Use Plan.

Johnston, Genevieve
Carleton University Sociology Broke but not Broken: Examining Agency and Resistance Among Homeless Canadian Youth

Kerr-Lapsley, Sarah Jane
McGill University Education  Canadian Social Studies Curriculum and Nonformal Holocaust Education: A Preliminary Case Study

Kosmenko, Nickolas
University of Manitoba Sociology Northern Indigenous athletes and competitive sport: An exploration of factors influencing participation in Manitoba

Marchinko, Elan
York University Interdisciplinary Studies Performing "Truth and Reconciliation" in the Royal Winnipeg Ballet's Going Home Star and The Ecstasy of Rita Joe: A Critical Analysis of Staging Indigenous Experience and Canadian Colonial Violence through Dance

Marciano, Reut
Photo courtesy of Milan Ilnyckyj
University of Toronto Political Science  The Emergence of New Street Level Bureaucrats: How Formal Policy is Re-Shaped and Implemented by Non-State Contracted Agencies

Martin, Lisa
University of Alberta Literature, Modern Languages and The Loss of Ecology and the Ecology of Loss: Death, Nature, and Childhood in Classic 20th Century Children's Novels

Mazumder, Robin
University of Waterloo Psychology The Downside of Building Up: An Exploration Into the Stress Impact of Exposure to Skyscrapers in Urban Centres

Montange, Leah
University of Toronto Geography  Spaces of Unfreedom and Resistance: Inland Immigration Detention and Migrant Labor in the US and Spain

Moore, Emily
McGill University Psychology Perfectionism and Goal Progress: An Investigation into the Mediating Factors

Murray, Joanne
McGill University Law  The Irreducible Core of Administrative Law: A Model for Understanding the Nature of Judicial Review of Administrative Action.

Paquette, Mélodie
Photo courtesy of David Rivest photographe
Université du Québec à Montréal Education  Constituants-clés de la pause active dans la classe primaire: effets sur les interactions dans le groupe

Pelletier, Simon
Université Laval Literature, Modern Languages and Pour une histoire littéraire des discours sur la liberté de la presse (1789-1836)

Pelletier, Terrance
Photo courtesy of University of Saskatchewan, College of Education
University of Saskatchewan History  Exploring leadership development in an Indigenous context: A historical case study of Cowessess First Nation.

Phung, Kam
York University Management, Business, Administrative Studies  The business of modern slavery: Abolition and institutional resistance

Qiu, Tianyou
University of British Columbia Psychology The progression from suicidal ideation to attempts: understanding its temporal course, predictors, and pathways

Robichaud, Jean-Michel
Université de Montréal Psychology Quand et comment exercer l'autorité parentale : Impacts du lien transgression-discipline et du domaine social sur l'obéissance et l'intériorisation des adolescents.

Rolland, Jean-Noël
Université de Montréal History  Penser l'évêque au haut Moyen Âge : Construction de la figure épiscopale et mise en mémoire dans l'espace austrasien entre l'époque mérovingienne et carolingienne.

Sabzalieva, Emma
University of Toronto Education  How does higher education respond to major institutional change? The fall of the Soviet Union and universities in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan

Sicondolfo, Claudia
York University Fine Arts  Shifts in the Cinematic: Strategies of 21st Century Youth Engagement in Canadian Screen Communities

Slovin, LJ
Photo courtesy of Daniella Barreto
University of British Columbia Education  Non-binary youth navigating their relationship to schooling

Spillett, Tasha
Photo courtesy of RedWorks Photography
University of Saskatchewan Education  Supporting the Wellbeing of Indigenous Girls in Urban Areas Through Land-Based Education

Stahl, Darian
Concordia University Fine Arts  Lived Scans: Aesthetic Phenomenological Encounter with MRI Scans and the Patient Experience

Staples, Kiri
University of Waterloo Urban and Regional Studies, Environmental Studies Options for Integrating Land Use Planning and Environmental Assessment: A Case Study of the Yukon, northern Canada

TeBokkel, Nathan
University of British Columbia Literature, Modern Languages and Poet-Farmers and Problems of (Agri)culture and Aesthetics

Theurillat-Cloutier, Arnaud
Photo courtesy of Alexandre Claude
Université du Québec à Montréal Sociology Philosophie sociale de la financiarisation du capitalisme : la finance est-elle une nouvelle médiation sociale ?

Thomas, Fiona
Ryerson University Psychology A mixed-methods analysis of the experience of post-war displacement and psychological resilience in Sri Lanka

Thorpe, Amelia
University of New Brunswick Education Gender Minorities' Experiences of Representation and Erasure in Educational Contexts Across New Brunswick

Tonkin, Ryan
University of Victoria Philosophy Democratizing Distributive Justice: Public Reason and the Law of Taxation

Turcotte, Anne-Marie
Photo courtesy of Concordia University/Marc Bourcier
Concordia University Anthropology The sound of breaking glass: Reconstructing shattered identities through an investigation of the hidden narrative behind acts of property destruction committed by young.

Wald, Jonathan
Photo courtesy of Mitali Das
McGill University Anthropology Cultivating Virtuous Futures: Brazil's Regulation of Agricultural Biotechnology

Weldrick, Rachel
McMaster University Sociology Alone in a Crowd: Social isolation among urban-dwelling older women
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