Acknowledging your scholarship

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS) program encourages you to promote your accomplishment in becoming a Vanier Scholar.

Acknowledgement to the agencies support for your research or other science-related activities lets Canadians know where the government spends their money and fosters an appreciation of the important role funding plays in making good science happen.

As a recipient of funding, you must acknowledge, verbally and/or in writing (depending on the context), the support you receive from the tri-agency and the role it has played in your research.

This applies in the following cases:

When possible, make acknowledgements in English and French. For more information, consult Canada’s Official Languages Policy.

Acknowledgement statement

You can acknowledge our support in many different ways. Here is some suggested wording:

(Program logo) The (name of program, project or event) is/was supported by the (agency name) (Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Social Science and Humanities (SSHRC) or Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)).

The logo and/or organizational name can also be placed in an acknowledgement list with other partners/funders.

Remember to mention that you are a Vanier Scholar in any documentation related to your scholarly activities (e.g., in the promotion of speaking engagements, at conferences or workshops, in biographical notes, in materials for the media).

You may use the title "Vanier Scholar" in any scholarly activities and publications produced during the term of your award.

Sharing your work on social media

Make sure to tag us on your social media posts so we are notified and can help spread the word.

#VanierCanada @CIHR_IRSC; #VanierCanada @NSERC_CRSNG; #VanierCanada @SSHRC_CRSH

You may also use the Vanier CGS logo to visually acknowledge the Vanier CGS program's contribution to your projects.

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