Vanier Scholars 2021

Name Institution Area of Research Title of Research ProposalFootnote 1

Arora, Anish
McGill University Health Services Research Co-Developing & Piloting a New Model of Care Delivery for Migrant People Living with HIV in Montréal.

Brassard, Jonathan
Photo courtesy of Gopesa Paquette Photo & McGill University
McGill University Metabolism/Diabetes Fabrication of a vascularized bioartificial pancreas using macroencapsulation of stem cell-derived pancreatic islet cells for the treatment of type 1 Diabetes.

Buajitti, Emmalin
Photo courtesy of Rae L. Jewett
McGill University Population Health Neighbourhood environmental exposures and their associated health risks: evidence and policy implications for urban health and health equity from Accra, Ghana.

Castle, Elizabeth
University of British Columbia Immunology-Transplantation Engineering an in vitro arterial niche for the development of lymphoid-competent hematopoietic stem cells.

Chadwick, Leah
Photo courtesy of Riley Brandt, University of Calgary
University of Calgary Health Research Parental and family functioning as predictors of longitudinal trajectories of post-concussive symptoms following pediatric concussion.

Chauvette, Vincent
Université de Montréal Cardiovascular Clinical, echocardiographic and magnetic resonance evaluation of the pulmonary autograft.

Chougui, Khadidja
Photo courtesy of Zoheir Chebchoubi
Université de Montréal Health Research Mieux-être physique et psychologique d’adolescents suite à une pathologie du genou: Une étude longitudinale sur le soutien à l'autodétermination et le rôle de la motivation et de l’observance de la rééducation.

de Snoo, Mitchell
Photo courtesy of Ben Ouyang
University of Toronto Nervous System Interrogating the Differences in Memory Engram Function in Young and Aged Mice.

Dobranowski, Peter
Photo courtesy of Moises Schini
University of Ottawa Health Research Personalized Resistant Starch as an Adjuvant Therapy for Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Elmrayed, Seham
University of Calgary Population Health Childhood obesity: Improving the assessment and communication.

Felfeli, Tina
University of Toronto Vision Characterizing Cytokine Biomarker Profiles as a Novel Means of Predicting Sight-Threatening Complications of Retinal Detachment.

Florescu, Alexandra
Photo courtesy of Salma Sheikh-Mohamed
University of Toronto Immunology-Transplantation The dura mater as a reservoir and entry point for IgA+ plasma cells into the brain during inflammation.

Frie, Jude
University of Guelph Mental Health Short- and long-term effects of adolescent e-cigarette vapour exposure: reward, withdrawal, and neural correlates.

Galavi, Hamidreza
Photo courtesy of Matin Galavi
University of British Columbia Cancer Regulation of gene expression by phosphorylation of transcription factors.

Ghosh-Swaby, Olivia
Photo courtesy of Mark Wolfe, Western University
University of Western Ontario Metabolism/Diabetes Exercise and anti-diabetic drugs to restore brain function in obesity.

Greenwell, Amanda
Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Paul Kelly, SUB Photo
University of Alberta Metabolism/Diabetes Evaluation of the Cardiovascular Actions of Succinyl CoA:3-Ketoacid CoA Transferase Inhibition in Type 2 Diabetes.

Hachem, Laureen
Photo courtesy of Beth Kelly Photography
University of Toronto Nervous System Characterizing the mechanisms of glutamate-mediated activation of spinal cord neural stem/progenitor cells to reveal therapeutic targets for spinal cord injury.

Herrero Babiloni, Alberto
Photo courtesy of Natalia Cordero
McGill University Health Research Acute effects of non-invasive repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) in the management of chronic orofacial pain and problematic opioid use.

Hoit, Graeme
University of Toronto Muscle, Bone, Or Joint Establishing predictive factors of success for non-operative management of femoroacetabular impingement syndrome in a prospective cohort.

Khosraviani, Negin
University of Toronto Molecular Biology Exploiting a novel role for BRCA1 in the regulation of Pol II-dependent ribosome biogenesis.

Kirkpatrick, Ryan
Photo courtesy of Faculty of Health Sciences, Queen’s University
Queen's University Mental Health Detecting eating disorder biomarkers in youth via video-based eye tracking.

LeBlanc, Emmanuelle
Queen's University Virology Developing Glycan-Based Antiviral Prophylactics to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 and Other Respiratory Infections.

Lu, Tianyuan
Photo courtesy of Wenmin Zhang
McGill University Population Health Multi-ethnic polygenic risk scores to improve risk screening of complex diseases for populations of non-European ancestries.

Marcotte, Justine
Université Laval Population Health Création d’environnements résidentiels favorables à l’optimisation de l’autonomie à la maison des adolescents et des adultes présentant un trouble du spectre de l’autisme: Utilisation d’une approche de recherche-action participative pour codévelopper un programme innovant en partenariat avec les personnes concernées.

McConkey, Stephanie
Photo courtesy of Dana Nosella (Dana Nosella Studio)
University of Toronto Population Health Using an Indigenous theoretical framework to measure Indigenous Homelessness and its’ impacts on Indigeneity and Substance Use among Indigenous Peoples living in Urban and Related Homelands.

Morris, Patricia
University of New Brunswick  Aging Understanding the impacts of non-consensual nursing care on clients with cognitive impairments living in long-term care facilities in New Brunswick.

Mozaffari, Hadis
University of British Columbia Nutrition Examining the impact of dietary diversity/food variety on type 2 Diabetes.

Nersesian, Sarah
Photo courtesy of Dr. Cory Jubenville
Dalhousie University Cancer The prognostic value of NK cell infiltration, localization and phenotype in high grade serous ovarian carcinoma.

Ngana, Germain Sophie
McMaster University Biochemistry Investigating the Influence of the Human Gut Microbiota in Parkinson's Disease.

Orser, Lauren
University of Ottawa Nursing Sexualized drug use among HIV sero-positive gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men using crystal methamphetamine: Exploring the intersection between sero-status, substance use, addictions, and mental health issues.

Owino, Maureen
York University Population Health When HIV and COVID-19 Pandemics Collide in Black Communities in Canada.

Peltier, Shanna
Photo courtesy of Red Works Photography
University of Toronto Societal & Cultural Dimensions Of Health Dismantling Dominant Discourse surrounding Complex Death with Urban Indigenous Youth Experience.

Reszel, Jessica
University of Ottawa Health Services Research Facilitating the use of evidence-informed maternal-newborn care: Development and field-testing of an implementation guide to support action planning.

Robichaud, Sabrina
University of Ottawa Cardiovascular Uncovering the role of lipophagy during atherosclerosis regression.

Rowe, Elyn
Photo courtesy of Graham Perry
University of British Columbia Aging Investigating the Role of Circulating High Density Lipoproteins Containing Apolipoprotein E in Alzheimer Disease.

Saint-Georges, Zacharie
Photo courtesy of Chrystal Bureau
University of Ottawa Mental Health The Cholinergic System and Cognitive Impairments in Schizophrenia.

Schwade Araujo, Daniel
Photo courtesy of Amber Vandenberg
University of Manitoba Cardiovascular The metabolomics of frailty and cardiovascular health in older females.

Sinno, Jad
Photo courtesy of Nick Pearce
University of Toronto Societal & Cultural Dimensions Of Health Online dating app use among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men in Canada: A mixed methods study exploring the association between the use of online dating apps and symptoms of psychological distress.

Sirotich, Emily
McMaster University Health Research Developing a Guideline Methodology for Rare Diseases: Bleeding Emergencies in Patients with Immune Thrombocytopenia.

Smith, Tyler
University of Ottawa Cardiovascular Nutrient sensing pathways direct hematopoietic inflammatory rewiring in atherosclerosis.

Swann, Shayda
Photo courtesy of Olivia Tsai
University of British Columbia Health Research Investigating the role of reproductive hormones in healthy aging for women living with HIV: A community-collaborative cohort study.

Sweatman, Hilary
McGill University Nervous System Episodic memory and theory-of-mind in children with autism.

Thai, Elaine
University of Toronto Biochemistry Rational Design and Characterization of a Conformationally Stabilized Next-Generation Immunogen Against Malaria.

Vameghestahbanati, Motahareh
McGill University Respiration Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Dysanapsis.

Vaseghi-Shanjani, Maryam
Photo courtesy of Mohammad Mashayekhi
University of British Columbia Molecular Biology Discovery and characterization of novel monogenic causes of allergic diseases in humans.

Wang, Justin
University of Toronto Cancer Targeted therapy of meningiomas: establishing the therapeutic role and molecular mechanisms of epigenetic modification in clinically aggressive meningiomas in vivo and in vitro.

Warsi, Nebras
University of Toronto Nervous System Developing an Adaptive Intracranial Neurostimulation Procedure to Rescue Attention Deficits in Children with Epilepsy.

Watson, Tristan
Photo courtesy of Esther Lee Hollywood
University of Toronto Population Health Understanding the Impact of Osteoarthritis on Depression in the Canadian Population.

Whittaker, Heather
Photo courtesy of Khalid Hossain
McGill University Health Research Neuromodulation with cognitive training to enhance working memory.

Wisener, Melanie
McGill University Mental Health Mindfulness and Self-Compassion as Alternate Coping Strategies for Undergraduate Students Using Alcohol and/or Marijuana to Cope.

Woolridge, Stephanie
Queen's University Mental Health Improving diagnostic accuracy in early psychosis: Differentiating the neuropsychological profiles of cannabis-induced and primary psychotic disorders in a 12-month follow-up study.

Yan, Han
University of Toronto Nervous System Pilot Trial of Deep Brain Stimulation for Children with Autism and Refractory Self-Injurious Behaviour.

Yarnell, Christopher
Photo courtesy of SHS/UHN Critical Care Medicine
University of Toronto Respiration Predicting invasive ventilation and its effect on mortality for patients with pneumonia: an observational study using machine learning and a target trial approach.

Young, Samantha
University of Toronto Health Research Opioid Agonist Therapy Amidst the Overdose Crisis and the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Attitudes and Access.

Zeng, Yu Fan (Peter)
University of Western Ontario Cancer Grabbing head and neck cancer by the throat: understanding recurrence to improve treatments.

Zusman, Enav
Photo courtesy of Shelly Lifeng Xiang
University of British Columbia Health Research Associations between prenatal serotonin reuptake inhibitor antidepressant exposure-related longitudinal changes in key stress regulatory functions and mood (anxiety and depression) across childhood: a cohort and population level study.
Name Institution Area of Research Title of Research ProposalFootnote 1

Abioye, Samson
Ryerson University Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Chemical Engineering Emerging technology in water treatment: The use of self-assembled nanomaterial.

Adnan, Muflih Arisa
Photo courtesy of Tiffany Lestari
University of Calgary Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Chemical Engineering Artificial Leaf for the Production of Synthetic Fuels from Carbon Dioxide using Sunlight.

Assi, Maram
Queen's University Computing Sciences - Software And Development Developing an Intelligent Bug Fix Recommender System.

Atkinson, Emma
University of Alberta Evolution And Ecology - Evolution And Ecology Connecting life history, space, and fisheries in marine invertebrate populations.

Baak, Julia
McGill University Plant And Animal Biology - Animal Biology Using movement ecology to quantify biotransport of plastics and plastic-related contaminants into the Arctic by gulls.

Badr, Ahmed
McMaster University Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Civil Engineering Canada's Hydropower Infrastructure Resilience Under Climate Change.

Balogun, Emmanuel
Photo courtesy of Department of Chemistry, Simon Fraser University
Simon Fraser University Chemistry - Polymer Chemistry Novel non-fluorous, hydrocarbon membranes as a substitute for perfluorinated membranes in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell applications.

Black, Tyler
University of Guelph Evolution And Ecology - Ecotoxicology Developing a framework for assessing the long-term ecological effects of pollutants through characterizing the sub-chronic barriers to recovery in intertidal bivalves.

Bogue, Robert
Photo courtesy of Regina Gonzalez Moguel
McGill University Earth Sciences - Earth Science Volcanic ecosystems: recorders of the past, glimpses of the future.

Campos, Alberto
University of British Columbia Evolution And Ecology - Wildlife Management Rewilding Tropical Dry Forests: Defaunation, Seed dispersal and Restoring Ecological Interactions in the Brazilian Caatinga Biome.

DeMont, Isobel
Dalhousie University Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Environmental Engineering Evaluating advanced oxidation by ultraviolet light-emitting diodes and chlorine as a novel climate-adapted drinking water treatment process.

Dudgeon, Thomas
Photo courtesy of Don Hickey
University of Toronto Evolution And Ecology - Evolution And Ecology Trade-offs between display structures and feeding ability in crested duck-billed dinosaurs (Hadrosauridae: Ornithischia).

Elliott, Leanne
University of Ontario Institute of Technology Psychology - Motor Systems And Performance Optimizing perceptual and motor skill acquisition in shoulder reduction simulations for male and female medical students.

Fecteau, Charles-Émile
Université Laval Chemistry - Physical Chemistry Résolution de l’équation de Schrödinger pour les systèmes moléculaires fortement corrélés avec des fonctions d’onde de Richardson-Gaudin.

Fenwick, Kate
Photo courtesy of Andrey Boguslaviskiy
University of Ottawa Physics And Astronomy - Optics Overcoming photosensitivity limits and unlocking unprecedented quantum control using entangled two-photon absorption spectroscopy.

Gardner-Frolick, Rivkah
University of British Columbia Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Environmental Engineering A novel methodological framework for air pollution and environmental justice in Canada.

Ghosh, Arna
Photo courtesy of Zahraa Chorghay
McGill University Computing Sciences - Artificial Intelligence A Biologically-plausible Deep Learning framework to model self-supervised learning in the visual cortex.

Glynn, Victoria
Photo courtesy of Ninoska Adam
McGill University Evolution And Ecology - Evolution And Ecology Host-microbe co-evolution in Tropical Eastern Pacific corals as a potential source of resilience to environmental stress.

Gonzalez Sellan, Silvia
Photo courtesy of Gabriel San Martín Fernández
University of Toronto Computing Sciences - Software And Development Virtual 3D Geometry and the Real World.

Grenier-Pleau, Isabelle
Queen's University Cellular And Molecular Biology - Molecular Biology Investigating the role of extracellular vesicles in hematopoietic stem cell maintenance.

Habibi, Yeganeh
McGill University Cellular And Molecular Biology - Biochemistry Shedding Light on Novel Antibiotic Discovery: Investigating the Relationship of Structural Dynamics and Catalytic Function in Lanthipeptide Synthetases, Enzymes Involved in Antibiotic Synthesis.

Haché, Michel
University of Toronto Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Materials Science And Technology Synthesis and characterization of electrodeposited nanocrystalline high-entropy alloys.

Halepaska, Anna
McGill University Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Design And Manufacturing Integrated biomaterials for net carbon storage in buildings.

Hamadache, Samir
University of Western Ontario Cellular And Molecular Biology - Molecular Biology Directed endosymbiosis: automating the creation of synthetic organelles.

Iyengar, Seshu
Photo courtesy of Shahrzad Rahmanian
University of Toronto Cellular And Molecular Biology - Biophysics Finding the Molecular Basis of a Cellular Process: from Statistical Intuition to Physical Models.

Jacob-Tomas, Suleima
Photo courtesy of Lokha Ranjani Alagar Boopathy
McGill University Cellular And Molecular Biology - Molecular Biology Uncovering mechanisms to tune local translation during neurodevelopment.

Jamshed, Laiba
McMaster University Plant And Animal Biology - Animal Physiology And Metabolism Impact of petroleum-derived polycyclic aromatic compounds on glucose and lipid homeostasis: role of peripheral serotonin signaling and tryptophan metabolism.

Khan, Shadman
McMaster University Plant And Animal Biology - Food Science And Technology Printable sensors for real-time monitoring of food contamination.

Kritharis, Athanasios
Photo courtesy of Michaela Samanta
University of British Columbia Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Chemical Engineering A new technological paradigm for low-cost, decentralized vaccine manufacture.

Kusch, Jillian
Photo courtesy of Katherine Federoff
Memorial University of Newfoundland Evolution And Ecology - Sociobiology And Behavioural Ecology Determining the demographic consequences of the social-causation hypothesis in populations of caribou (Rangifer tarandus) undergoing anthropogenic ecological change.

Lajoie, Pierre-Yves
Polytechnique de Montréal Computing Sciences - Robotics Diagnostic des phénomènes engendrant des mesures erronées dans les systèmes de perception utilisés en robotique collaborative et conception de systèmes résilients face à la présence de ces erreurs.

Lebeuf-Taylor, Eleonore
Photo courtesy of Jonathan Huyer
University of Guelph Evolution And Ecology - Sociobiology And Behavioural Ecology The interplay between cooperation and gut microbiota in a social bird: an experimental field study.

Lertzman-Lepofsky, Gavia
Photo courtesy of Ken Lertzman
University of Toronto Evolution And Ecology - Evolution And Ecology Ecological versus evolutionary drivers of local community structure.

Liu, Chenghao
Photo courtesy of Zhechang He
McGill University Chemistry - Organic Chemistry Exploring the Third Dimension in Two-dimensional Polymers.

Lizaire, Maude
Université de Montréal Computing Sciences - Artificial Intelligence Connexion entre réseaux de neurones, automates pondérés et réseaux de tenseurs pour l'apprentissage avec données structurées.

Majidy, Shayan-Shawn
University of Waterloo Physics And Astronomy - Physics The power and efficiency of non-equilibrium quantum heat engines.

Manson, Anne
Photo courtesy of Tiffany Marie Photography (Winnipeg, MB)
University of Manitoba Plant And Animal Biology - Animal Physiology And Metabolism Diet by Sex Interactions on Oxylipins and Phospholipase A2 Activity in Rat Hearts.

Marshall, Caleb
University of British Columbia Mathematical Sciences - Pure Mathematics Precise operator norm estimates for diverse collections of maximal directional Hilbert transforms.

Martin, Meghan
Photo courtesy of Devon McCarron
Dalhousie University Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Physiological Mechanisms Underlying Structural Development of the Fetal Mitral Valve.

McComb, Sofie
University of British Columbia Evolution And Ecology - Terrestrial Ecology Evaluating cumulative impacts to inform conservation decisions in a biodiversity hotspot.

Messager, Mathis
Photo courtesy of Olivia del Giorgio
McGill University Evolution And Ecology - Aquatic Ecology And Limnology Advancing environmental flow science for intermittent river management.

Orji, Fidelia
University of Saskatchewan Computing Sciences - Information Technology Machine Learning Approach for Adapting and Personalizing eLearning Systems.

Piaulet, Caroline
Université de Montréal Physics And Astronomy - Astronomy And Astrophysics Caractérisation des processus chimiques, dynamiques et de formation des nuages dans l’atmosphère de petites exoplanètes dans le contexte de la formation planétaire et de l’évolution atmosphérique.

Power, Lindsey
Dalhousie University Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Imaging and modelling transient patterns of human brain activity in normal ageing and pathological states.

Rafique, Muhammad Ghufran
Photo courtesy of Fangzhou Zhao
McGill University Chemistry - Polymer Chemistry Sequence-defined DNA-based pi-conjugated polymers as cellular transmembrane nano-bioelectronic sensors.

Rouleau, Francois
Université Laval Cellular And Molecular Biology - Molecular Biology Exploration of protein fitness landscapes and epistasis through the scope of protein-protein interactions.

Schaub, Jessica
Photo courtesy of Ty Holtan Photography
University of British Columbia Evolution And Ecology - Aquatic Ecology And Limnology Evaluating jellyfish as keystone species in marine food webs.

Sebastian, Joseph
University of Toronto Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Micro-shear wave elastography imaging for biomechanical assessment of 3D cardiac microtissue models.

Shim, Hanjoo
University of Calgary Cellular And Molecular Biology - Immunology Live Imaging Neutrophils in the Beating Heart to Identify Novel Mechanisms of Cardiac Recruitment.

Surjanovic, Nikola
Photo courtesy of Simon Fraser University
University of British Columbia Mathematical Sciences - Statistics And Probability Scalable Bayesian Methods for Sampling From Complex Probability Distributions.

Torres Perez, Miguel Salvador
University of Toronto Cellular And Molecular Biology - Cell Biology Engineering 3-D human neuroglial cultures to determine the fundamental contribution of interferon signaling to the maintenance of neural progenitors.

Tran, Manh Kien
University of Waterloo Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Chemical Engineering Constructing a cloud-based battery management system to optimize lithium-ion battery system performance and lifespan using machine learning and data mining techniques.

Trottier, Cassandra
Photo courtesy of Nusrat Zubaida
University of Ottawa Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Civil Engineering The use of artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the Damage Rating Index (DRI) for the diagnosis of critical concrete infrastructure.

Turner, Catherine
Université du Québec à Montréal Evolution And Ecology - Terrestrial Ecology Exploring the role of nature-based solutions as a tool for resilient global change adaptation.

Wong, Lydia
University of Ottawa Evolution And Ecology - Animal Ecology Impacts of urban warming on cavity-nesting pollinators across spatial scales.
Name Institution Area of Research Title of Research ProposalFootnote 1

Agnello, Kristin
Royal Roads University Urban Planning In her place: Understanding the potential of developmental evaluation as a predictive urban design tool through an ethnographic analysis of the gendered impacts of urban policy.

Anderson, Jody-Ann
University of Ottawa Police Policing and Complexity: An exploration of the conditions that foster sustainable change in violent police practices.

Arriagada, Evelyn
University of British Columbia Women's Studies Performing gender through contested waters: Becoming female water activists in Chile.

Awashish, Karine
Université Laval Other Sociology Modes d’expressions culturelles et pratiques socioéconomiques d’autodétermination en coopération autochtone : L’étude de cas par la recherche-action de Coop Nitaskinan.

Bandauko, Elmond
Photo courtesy of Mark Wolfe
University of Western Ontario Urban Geography Urban governance and the politics of everyday survival for street traders in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Belkadi, Meryem
University of British Columbia Urban Planning How are employment outcomes for women impacted by displacement from the slums? A case study of the gendered impact of a nationwide slum clearance program in Morocco.

Brouillard, Melanie
Photo courtesy of M. Bourcier, Concordia University
Concordia University Psychology Tomorrow’s bilinguals: Exploring the family factors shaping infants’ language learning.

Bullock, David
University of Toronto Environmental Law Tort law as a response to collective action problems.

Castaneda Quintana, Luisa
Photo courtesy of Juliàn Hernàndez
McGill University Other Law Extracting culture: the reshaping of Wiwa people’s identity in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Clarke, Shannon
Queen's University Urban Geography New Spaces, New Subjectivities: Caribbean women in Canada and Black diasporic productions of space.

Cooke, Jessica
University of Calgary Child And Adolescent Psychology Infant disorganized attachment: A multi-method investigation of developmental antecedents and intervention efforts.

Corridon, Linzey
Photo courtesy of Kevin Z. Williams
McMaster University Literature, English - Criticism By the Books: Queer Caribbean Literature as Counterpolicy and Archival Practice in Anglophone Caribbean and Diaspora Communities.

Daurio, Maya
Photo courtesy of Paul H. Joseph
University of British Columbia Cultural Anthropology Mapping Against the Grain: An Ethnographic Approach to Language Mapping.

de Wildt, Saskia
Photo courtesy of Vera Pavlova photography
Queen's University Other Sociology Tracing processes space-making: Knowledge Relations in polar bear monitoring as a tool for Decolonization and as a Practice of Empowerment.

Deng, Jacky
University of Ottawa Science, Mathematics A multilingual investigation of students' abilities to make evidence-based decisions about climate change issues.

Desjardins, Elise
Photo courtesy of Mike Lalich
McMaster University Urban Planning The impact of built environment interventions on children's independent mobility and wellbeing during and after-COVID19: A case study of Hamilton, Ontario.

Desjarlais, Jeremy
McGill University Literature, English Canadian - Criticism Being and Longing: The Ontology of Linguistics and Reconciliation in Indigenous and Canadian Long Poetry.

Desmeules, Anne-Marie
Photo courtesy of Justine Latour, © Le Quartanier
Université Laval Literature, French Canadian Québécoise Trajectoires du regard : une poïétique de la perception de soi dans la poésie québécoise contemporaine au féminin.

Doreen, Gabrielle
University of Saskatchewan Educational Administration, Planning And Governance Wampum Theories: An Appropriate Philosophical Foundation for Kanienke’hà:ka Land-based Immersion Schools.

Ducasse, Delphine
Photo courtesy of Christian Diotte, House of Commons Photo Services © HOC-CDC, 2018
Université de Sherbrooke International Law La portée juridique systémique de l'inclusion des normes du travail et des normes environnementales dans les accords de libre-échange - Étude de cas du Partenariat transpacifique global et progressiste.

Ebanks Schlums, Debbie
Photo courtesy of Kai Bakari
York University Cinema, Film Studies And Video Caribbean Diasporic Counter-Archives: Performative Archival Imaginings and Memory Making in the Jamaican Diaspora.

Ferguson, Lorna
University of Western Ontario Social Processes Exploring Police Responses to Missing Persons in Canada.

Foote, Amanda
Photo courtesy of Soloman Chiniquay
University of Calgary Material Culture New Songs and Old Ones; Exploring the ways Indigenous Treaty 7 People have Gained Access to and Control of their Material Culture in Museums and Government Collections.

Gagnon, Frédérik
Photo courtesy of Nick Gagnon
Université de Montréal Other Social Work Approches partenariales et réussite éducative au Québec : entre innovation et devoir de collaborer.

Giesbrecht, Crystal
University of Regina Other Criminology Classification of Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence: Implications for Risk Assessment and Risk Management.

Gonzalez Moctezuma, Pablo
Photo courtesy of Mariana Velez
University of British Columbia Rural Geography Smallholder farmers (SHFs) population and spatial distribution in Mexico, their contributions to landscape restoration circumscribed to the national revegetation hotspots, their perspectives and epistemology on the concepts of land restoration and degradation and the factors that enable them to engage in restoration practices.

Harris, Dorothea
Photo courtesy of Helena Lines Babcok c/o Ay Lelum
University of Victoria Teaching Methods, Pedagogy Skwool Sxwi'em' (School Stories): Centring Coast Salish Students in the Academy.

Hunter, Hannah
Queen's University Historical Geography Listening to birds at the end of the world: A historical geography of bird sound recording and a sound art project for human-avian futures.

Hutchinson, Joy
University of Waterloo Health Systems And Society Advancing novel methods for characterizing dietary patterns and their relationships with markers of inequity in Canada.

Keller, Amanda
McGill University Social Policy, Planning And Social Prevention Life after residential care: a retrospective narrative analysis project examining the life stories of those who aged out of youth protection-based residential care in later adulthood.

King-Campbell, Sharon
Photo courtesy of Ashley Harding Photography
Memorial University of Newfoundland Theatre, Drama Plays in a Pandemic: Examining the impact of COVID-19-related safety protocol on the performer-to-spectator connection of theatre performance, where performance is a text read by artists and audience.

Rozanski, Chelsea
Photo courtesy of Camilo Gonzalez of Capture Media Calgary
University of Calgary Social Anthropology Regenerating Roots: Community-driven Food Networks in Moh’kinstsis.

Kolt, Noam
University of Toronto Other Law The Promise of Transparency? Legal Solutions to Bias and Discrimination in Artificial Intelligence.

Kotesovska, Lucie
Photo courtesy of Tom Kasal
University of Victoria Literature, English  "Drawing in such ecstasy as I cannot describe": Revealing the intratextual and the extrapersonal in modernist epiphany.

Lamontagne, Marjolaine
Photo courtesy of Guillaume Lamy
McGill University International Relations State Sovereignty in Practice: the Paradiplomatic Practices of Non-Sovereign Representatives in Multilateral Fields.

Long, Zoe
Photo courtesy of Laurence Lee
Simon Fraser University Environmental Management Is the future shared, automated, or electric? A reflexive, mixed-method approach to anticipating consumer demand for new mobility technologies.

Mahikwa, Robert
University of British Columbia Education And Welfare Seven Fires: A Revitalization of Internationally Co-Created, Culturally-Informed Approaches to Indigenous Mentorship Philosophies and Traditional Practices.

Masenu, Felicia
University of Manitoba Human Rights Gender (In)equality and Women's Movements: The Social Life of Women's Movements in Ghana”.

Mathias, Holly
Photo courtesy of Jake Porteous
University of Alberta Women's Studies Through Their Eyes: The Experiences of Women Providing Unpaid Support for People Who Use Substances in Rural Canada.

Morton, Samantha
Memorial University of Newfoundland Other Sociology Encountering 'the animal' in International Development: exploring the work and relations of humans and animals in development projects in Lao PDR and Cameroon.

Osazuwa, Sandra
Photo courtesy of Margot Daley
University of Toronto Psychotherapy Divine Intervention: Examining the Influence of Faith-based Healing on the Professional Mental Health Help-Seeking Attitudes, Behaviours & Experiences of Canada’s African Descendants.

Peltier-Huntley, Jocelyn
University of Saskatchewan Communication Transforming Experiences into Solutions: A Multiphase Interdisciplinary Study on Recruitment and Retention of Women in Engineering and Mining in Saskatchewan.

Proulx, Jason
Photo courtesy of Emily Co
Simon Fraser University Social Psychology Beyond the curriculum: A mixed-methods examination of classroom prosociality interventions on long-term generosity and happiness among youth.

Rapinda, Karli
University of Manitoba Social Psychology Examining the Effects of Language and Substance Type on Substance-Related Stigma and Blame.

Sawhney, Mehak
McGill University Other Communication And Media Studies Mapping the Rise of Surveillance Technologies, the Far Right, and State Violence in India.

Sebastian, Troy
University of Victoria Literature, Other Canadian - Genres Residential School to World War Two: Sacrifice of a Ktunaxa Veteran.

Silveira Pamplona, Roberta
University of Toronto Other Sociology Struggle, Hope, and Disappointment: The Criminalization Process of Feminicídio in Brazil.

Smith, Chelsie
Carleton University Management Empowering safe voice in low-income and precarious work: an evidence-based intervention.

Smith, Michelle
McGill University Sociology Of Education To be confirmed.

Trudel, Geneviève
University of Ottawa Child And Adolescent Psychology Exploring how parents spatial anxiety influences children's use of spatial language and their overall spatial development.

Veillette, Andreanne
Carleton University Political Philosophy Understanding the formation of beliefs in conspiracy theories within polarized political groups and their impact on public policy in Canada.

Wentzell, Tyler
University of Toronto Legal History The Evolution of the Canadian Approach to the Domestic Use of Military Force and Intelligence Gathering, from 1919 to the Present Day.

Wilkinson, Eric
Photo courtesy of Kate Fellerath
McGill University Ethics Intuition and the Acquisition of Moral Knowledge.

Wilson, Leyco
University of Toronto Children, Family Differential Nature of Intimate Partner Violence in Child Welfare.

Yates, Caitlyn
University of British Columbia Anthropology Of Modern Societies The Invisibilization of Extra-Continental Migration in Latin America: Social Silencing and Agency-Driven Mobility Resistances.
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