Vanier Scholars 2022

Name Institution Area of Research Title of Research ProposalFootnote 1

Amin, Atia
McGill University Genomics, Proteomics, And Bioinformatics Identification of novel biomarkers for the development of proactive surveillance tools for emerging tick-borne diseases.

Arneja, Jasleen
Photo courtesy of Francoise Mbenoun Makanda
McGill University Population Health Estimating the causal effect of paid sick leave on health status and healthcare utilization: Implications for the design of equity-focused policy interventions.

Babaha, Fateme
Queen's University Molecular Biology Evaluation of a novel native enhancer element from the factor 8 locus to improve adeno-associated virus (AAV) delivered FVIII transgene expression.

Bandara, Shashika
McGill University International Health Understanding the political economy of tobacco control and production to facilitate comprehensive tobacco control policies in Zimbabwe.

Bhopa, Shania
McMaster University Population Health A Community Based Research Project: Analyzing The Barriers And Facilitators To Healthy Active Living Amongst Newly Immigrated Families With Children.

Cernat, Alexandra
McMaster University Health Services Research Stakeholder perspectives and preferences on the implementation of pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing in primary care in Ontario, Canada.

Daza Vargas, Julian
University of Toronto Geriatrics Toward improving the diagnosis and management of frailty in the older patient undergoing major non-cardiac surgery.

Dharma, Christoffer
Photo courtesy of Amina Khan
University of Toronto Population Health A Bayesian Approach to Understanding Mental Health Burden and Service Utilization among Sexual Minority Men in Canada.

Dion, Karianne
University of Ottawa Health Research Thérapie cognitivo-comportementale pour l'insomnie avec comorbidité dépressive et intégration de mesures ambulatoires : impact thérapeutique, profil cardiaque et activité corticale.

Elbatarny, Malak
University of Toronto Cardiovascular Multiomic & Biomechanical Characterization of Aortopathy using Machine Learning Approach: Towards Personalized Prognostication & Surgical Thresholds.

Gao, Chloe
Photo courtesy of Tiomi Gao
University of British Columbia Health Services Research Understanding the mental health and recovery needs of first- and second-generation Canadian East Asian immigrant youth aged 12–24: A Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) collaboration study.

Ghasemian Moghaddam, Mohammadamir
Photo courtesy of Marissa Magneson
University of Toronto Metabolism/Diabetes Elucidating alpha cell defects in human type 1 diabetes using precision cut pancreas slice-on-a-chip coupled with high spatio-temporal microscopy.

Groh, Adam
McGill University Nervous System Unveiling the Unique Transcriptomic Landscape of Ependymal Cells in Multiple Sclerosis and Neurodegeneration: A Multimodal Study of Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamics and Periventricular Inflammation.

Hamidzada, Homaira
University of Toronto Immunology-Transplantation Cardioprotective mechanisms of monocyte-derived macrophages in viral myocarditis.

Hintermayer, Matthew
Photo courtesy of Andrew Meng
McGill University Nervous System Identifying and modulating pro-regenerative micro-RNA signalling networks to promote neuronal recovery following axonal injury.

Jackson, Kyle
McMaster University Drug Research Investigating the use of Phage Therapy for the Treatment of Colitis in a Pathobiont-Driven Gnotobiotic Mouse Model.

Jafarpour, Dana
Photo courtesy of Azin Zare
McGill University Health Research 3D Printed Dental Prostheses for the Elderly as a Public Health Strategy: A Parallel-Arm Randomized Controlled Trial.

Jamalkhah Choshali, Monire
University of Ottawa Cancer Oncolytic immunotherapy-driven synthetic lethality for Breast Cancer.

Kao, Jennifer
University of Toronto Nervous System Developing an in vitro model of memory for the study of Alzheimer's disease.

Karakas, Danielle
University of Toronto Blood Novel mechanisms of thrombopoietin generation: the essential role of Kupffer cells.

Kim, Yun-Kyo
University of Toronto Genetics Developmental Control of Chromatin Topology by Nuclear Mechanotransduction.

Larocque, Catherine
Photo courtesy of Todd Langille
University of Ottawa Nursing Decolonizing knowledge: Why indigenous knowledge cannot be integrated into the logic of settler science.

Lauener, Madeline
Photo courtesy of BC Children's Hospital Research Institute
University of British Columbia Immunology-Transplantation Optimization and characterization of expanded CD56bright regulatory natural killer cells for the therapy of chronic graft-versus-host disease.

Lawani, Osaheni
University of Toronto Reproduction/Pregnancy Detection and Treatment of Iron Deficiency in Pregnancy with Respect to Feto-Maternal Outcomes and Cost-Effectiveness: A Population-Based Study.

Lee, Janelle Bo Ram
Photo courtesy of University of Calgary
University of Calgary Population Health Intergenerational Transmission of Parental Exposure to Traumatic Experiences to Child Developmental Health: A Longitudinal Cohort Study.

Mannar, Dhiraj
University of British Columbia Virology Structure, Function, and Broad Neutralization of Emerging SARS-CoV-2 Variant Spikes.

Morton, Darrien
University of Manitoba Population Health A critical policy analysis of Manitoba's Child Welfare System: How do care pathways impact the mental health trajectories of First Nations and Metis children and youth?

Nagaraj, Sujay
Photo courtesy of Abhishek Moturu
University of Toronto Health Research A novel digital health approach to stress detection in kids with cancer predisposition.

Nakamura, Julia
University of British Columbia Population Health Prosocial behavior and longevity in older adults: Identifying underlying mediators and key moderators.

Nastase, Andrei
Photo courtesy of George Dinu
University of Calgary Nervous System Amygdala modulation of state-dependent dynamic threat appraisal and food approach behaviour.

Ndumbe-Eyoh, Sume
Université de Montréal Societal & Cultural Dimensions Of Health Constructing knowledge on anti-Black racism and racial inequities in health: a critical policy analysis.

Ouellet, Béatrice
Université Laval Health Research Co-développement et évaluation d'un programme d'entraînement aux habiletés en fauteuil roulant pour les enfants basé sur le Wheelchair Skills Training Program : Devis multi-méthodes.

Ouellette, Carley
McMaster University Health Research EnVISION No Pain After Surgery: A Pilot Study of Automated Pain Assessments Following Surgery to Help Prevent Chronic Post-Surgical Pain.

Passos Gibson, Victor
Photo courtesy of Stéphane Dedelis
Université de Montréal Drug Research Engineering of hyaluronan-decorated hybrid lipid/polymer nanoparticles for the dual delivery of miR-181a and temozolomide for the treatment of glioblastoma.

Patton, Michaela
University of Calgary Psychosocial/Health Behavioural Res Internet-delivered cognitive-behavioral treatment for adolescent survivors of childhood cancer with chronic pain: A feasibility and pilot trial.

Peringod, Govind
Photo courtesy of Jodi O Phtography
University of Calgary Mental Health Aberrant glia-mediated synapse pruning in the pathophysiology of chronic stress.

Recinto, Sherilyn Junelle
McGill University Health Research Investigating a dysregulated gut-immune-brain axis underlying neurodegeneration in Parkinson's disease.

Reppas-Rindlisbacher, Christina
University of Toronto Geriatrics Unmet needs of immigrant older adults after discharge from hospital with delirium: Using administrative data to explore practice patterns and long-term adverse health outcomes.

Romero, Joan Miguel
Photo courtesy of Geoffrey Vendeville
McGill University Cancer Evaluating a chemokine signature as a predictive biomarker for T cell-inflamed cancer subtypes.

Rovetti, Joseph
Photo courtesy of Rob Rombouts
University of Western Ontario Hearing Understanding listening effort to improve the assessment and treatment of hearing loss.

Salarpour, Fatemeh
Université Laval Immunology-Transplantation Regulation of Inflammatory Cell Migration by Extracellular Nucleotides in Animal Models.

Sanchez Pimienta, Carlos Ernesto
University of Toronto Population Health Informing eco-social approaches to public health education on climate change with the knowledge and practice contributions of urban Indigenous and environmental organizations in Canada and Mexico.

Sebring, Jennifer
University of Manitoba Societal & Cultural Dimensions Of Health Investigating the role of art and creativity in supporting chronic illness self-management.

Shill, Isla
University of Calgary Health Research The evaluation of a rugby-specific neuromuscular training warm-up in reducing injury and concussion rates in Canadian youth female rugby players.

Skromne Carrasco, Sofia
McGill University Nervous System The role of the retrosplenial cortex in learning spatial orientation.

Smith, Jackson
Photo courtesy of Curtis Grimba
University of Waterloo Psychosocial/Health Behavioural Res The Ripple Effect of Complex Developmental Trauma: A longitudinal Exploration of Individual, Family, and Economic Consequences in an International Sample.

Sorin, Mark
Photo courtesy of Andrew Meng
McGill University Cancer Identifying mechanisms that improve immune checkpoint inhibitor efficacy in non-small cell lung cancer.

Thompson, Alexa
Photo courtesy of SUB Photo
University of Alberta Health Services Research Improving the diagnosis and cascade of care for marginalized cohorts and prenatal patients infected with Hepatitis C virus (HCV) in Alberta.

Verret, Michael
University of Ottawa Health Research Perioperative pharmacologic opioid minimization strategies and patient-centred outcomes after surgery.

Vervoort, Dominique
University of Toronto Cardiovascular Mitigating Demographic, Geographical, and Socioeconomic Disparities in Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm Care in Ontario: Modelling the Cost-Effectiveness of Population-Based Screening for Thoracic Aortic Disease.

Voisin, Mathew
University of Toronto Cancer Using plasma DNA methylation as a non-invasive biomarker of glioma progression.

Wilson, Alyssia
York University Mental Health Examining the Relationship and Neural Underpinnings of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Substance Use, and Mental Health Among Under-Represented Female Populations.

Winters, Emily
Photo courtesy of Ashley Balsom
University of Regina Health Services Research A Comprehensive Examination of Cannabis Use in Long-Term Care.

Wong, Helen
Dalhousie University Nutrition Groceries Online – Eating, Acquisitions, & Technology (GO-EAT): Identifying opportunities to support healthy food and beverage purchasing decisions.

Wu, Jianhan
McMaster University Metabolism/Diabetes Elucidating the relationship between molecular biomarkers of aging and metabolic multimorbidity.
Name Institution Area of Research Title of Research ProposalFootnote 1

Abioye, Raliat
University of Ottawa Plant And Animal Biology - Food Science And Technology Functional significance of phase-specific inhibition of islet amyloid polypeptide fibril formation by food-derived peptide motifs.

Allgayer, Raphaela
Photo courtesy of Henri Schwalm
McGill University Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Materials Science And Technology Understanding and modeling the differences in heart valve calcifications between women and men.

Balluffi-Fry, Juliana
Photo courtesy of SUB Photo
University of Alberta Evolution And Ecology - Animal Ecology Nutritional limitations of a cyclical boreal herbivore (Lepus americanus).

Bayasi, Nourhan
University of British Columbia Computing Sciences - Artificial Intelligence Towards Generalizable Continual Learning for Medical Image Analysis.

Bergbusch, Nathanael
University of Waterloo Evolution And Ecology - Aquatic Ecology And Limnology Moving Towards Sustainable Watershed Management: Integrating Environmental Flows into Environmental Assessment through Co-creation with Indigenous Nations.

Bergmann, Katrina
University of British Columbia Chemistry - Physical Chemistry Quantum simulations for accelerating the in silico design of optoelectronic materials.

Black, David
University of British Columbia Computing Sciences - Robotics Human Teleoperation - A Haptically-Enabled Mixed Reality System for Tele-ultrasound.

Boudreault, Jérémie
Institut national de la recherche scientifique Mathematical Sciences - Statistics And Probability Estimation des coûts de la chaleur extrême dans un contexte de changements climatiques avec des approches de la science des données.

Bouthat, Ludovick
Université Laval Mathematical Sciences - Pure Mathematics Géométrie des valeurs propres des matrices doublement stochastiques.

Castro, Alex
University of Ottawa Psychology - Behavioural Neuroscience A dynamic examination of the role of age, biological sex, and acetylcholine (Ach) at different stages of memory using short latency afferent inhibition (SAI), a transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) protocol.

Cheng, Herng Yi
University of Toronto Mathematical Sciences - Pure Mathematics Finding Efficient Paths: Estimating the Lengths of Geodesics in Higher-Dimensional Spheres.

Collins, Mackenzie
Photo courtesy of Reem G Photography
Queen's University Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Developing a prototype of an eye-gaze based system for emotion identification in children with cerebral palsy.

Côté-Cyr, Mélanie
Photo courtesy of Margaryta Babych
Université du Québec à Montréal Cellular And Molecular Biology - Biochemistry Étude des assemblages inspirés du pilus de type I pour le développement de nanovaccins.

Curtin, Alice
McGill University Physics And Astronomy - Astronomy And Astrophysics Calibrating the CHIME/Outriggers Instrument for Fast Radio Burst Localizations.

DePasquale, Allegra
University of Calgary Evolution And Ecology - Plant-Animal Interaction Coevolution in context: Investigating eco-evolutionary relationships between vertebrate frugivores and fruit-bearing plants in a tropical dry forest.

Dozois, Jessica
Institut national de la recherche scientifique Evolution And Ecology - Microbial Ecology Les miARNs des plantes interfèrent avec l'utilisation d'azote des microorganismes du sol.

Ecclestone, Benjamin
University of Waterloo Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Label-free histological imaging for immediate cancer diagnosis.

Edwards, Keeley
University of Manitoba Electrical Engineering - Electromagnetics A Complete Data-to-Image Machine Learning Workflow for Experimental Electromagnetic Imaging with Quantification of Image Uncertainty: Leveraging Computational Models to Combat Practical Challenges.

Fafard-Couture, Étienne
Université de Sherbrooke Cellular And Molecular Biology - Biochemistry Identification des déterminants d'abondance des petits ARN nucléolaires chez l'humain par approche transcriptomique et apprentissage automatisé.

Flores-Anderson, Africa Ixmucane
Photo courtesy of JPIXX
McGill University Earth Sciences - Remote Sensing Enhancing Land Cover Change Analysis in the Tropics.

Fontaine, Gabrielle
University of Manitoba Physics And Astronomy - Physics Smaller, Smarter, and Safer Early Breast Cancer Detection in Remote Locations: The Design and Evaluation of an AI-enabled Microwave-based Portable Breast Cancer Screening Device.

Fowai, Issa
University of Ottawa Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Civil Engineering Field performance of fiber-reinforced polymer retrofits on the Champlain Bridge.

Gratton, Cloé
Université du Québec à Montréal Psychology - Cognitive Science - Fundamental Fausses nouvelles, fausses croyances et biais cognitifs : l'impact de la stratégie de raisonnement.

Guilbert, Jeremie
Université Laval Physics And Astronomy - Physics Caractérisation multimodale et multi-échelle des interactions neurovasculaires à l'origine de la connectivité fonctionnelle cérébrale.

Gumus, Melisa
University of Toronto Psychology - Cognitive Science - Fundamental Relating Structural and Functional Connectivity between the Hippocampus and Cortex to Individual Differences in Learning.

Hamstra, Sophie
Photo courtesy of Cathy Majtenyi
Brock University Cellular And Molecular Biology - Cell Biology Preserving and Enhancing Cardiac SERCA2a Function Under Cellular Stress.

Humeniuk, Braedon
University of Manitoba Evolution And Ecology - Ecotoxicology Assessing the ecological risk associated with salinity and salinization in Canadian freshwaters using the Lake Winnipeg watershed as a case study.

Jbara, Layal
University of British Columbia Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Chemical Engineering Numerical Modelling of Blood Flow and Drug Transport in the Human Blood.

Kofsky, Joshua
Queen's University Chemistry - Organic Chemistry Synthesis of Complex O-Glycans for Probing Glycan-Protein Binding Interactions.

Koloski, Cody
University of Saskatchewan Evolution And Ecology - Microbial Ecology The Role of Borrelia burgdorferi Spirochete Abundance Within Co-infected Hosts.

Labrecque-Foy, Julie-Pascale
Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue Evolution And Ecology - Plant Ecology Reconstitution de la dynamique forestière des 500 dernières années en Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

Legarth, Elise
University of British Columbia Earth Sciences - Atmospheric Science Development of an improved methodology for estimating probable maximum precipitation: Tested and validated in British Columbia watersheds.

Liu, Michelle
Photo courtesy of Bonnie Findley - University of Ottawa Creator & Photographer
University of Ottawa Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Civil Engineering Evaluating Canadian Building Standards through an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Model to Develop User-Based Design Provisions.

MacLellan, Benjamin
Photo courtesy of One For The Wall Photography
University of Waterloo Physics And Astronomy - Physics Quantum photonic sensors: enabling measurements with unprecedented precision using entangled photons.

Melanson, Jenna
University of British Columbia Evolution And Ecology - Animal Ecology Foraging and dispersal behavior of a ground-dwelling social pollinator (B. mixtus) across an agricultural landscape-diversity gradient.

Monthony, Adrian
Université Laval Plant And Animal Biology - Plant And Tree Biology Understanding the genetic and epigenetic factors controlling sex determination in cannabis.

Monticelli, Davi
Photo courtesy of Mrinmoy Chakraborty
University of British Columbia Earth Sciences - Atmospheric Science Cannabis Cultivation Facilities: Linking emissions and air quality to inform regulation.

Moussa, Ahmed
McMaster University Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Civil Engineering Hyper Resilience for Hyper Risks: A Solution for Canada's Critical Infrastructure Networks Joint Restoration Problem under Climate Change.

Papillon Laroche, Hélène
Polytechnique Montréal Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Chemical Engineering Thermal-fluid Model to Predict Melt Pool Shape for Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process.

Rick Perche, Tales
University of Waterloo Mathematical Sciences - Applied Mathematics The geometry of spacetime in terms of quantum measurements.

Robidas, Raphaël
Université de Sherbrooke Chemistry - Physical Chemistry Automated in silico development of new synthetic methodologies.

Rothenbroker, Meghan
University of Toronto Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Investigating design rules for effective therapeutic cancer nano-vaccines.

Saieed, Ahmed
Photo courtesy of Amna Atiqi
University of Waterloo Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Dispersed Nanothermite Combustion for In-Space Thrusters.

Salas-Navarro, Jessica
Photo courtesy of Esteban Salas Navarro
McGill University Earth Sciences - Geochemistry And Geochronology A New Scientific Approach to Forecast Phreatic Eruptions by Continuously Monitoring CO2/CH4 Ratios in the Hot Springs of Active Volcanoes.

Schieppati, Dalma
Polytechnique Montréal Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Chemical Engineering Selective deconstruction of pulp and paper industrial waste to value-added green chemicals via ultrasound and microwave radiation.

Shin, Jaemyung
University of Calgary Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering A Novel 3D Bioprinting Optimized by Deep Neural Networks for Vascularized Liver Tissue.

Smeltzer, Sandra
Queen's University Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Chemical Engineering Polymeric Materials as a Replacement for Toxic Surfactants in Waterborne Coating Production.

Sokolov, Oleksandr
University of Toronto Mathematical Sciences - Applied Mathematics On Learning Deep Representations of Financial Markets, and Applications of Deep and Representation Learning for Portfolio Optimization and Socially Responsible Investing.

Sugden, Scott
McGill University Evolution And Ecology - Microbial Ecology Biogeochemical activity in pioneer soils at biologically relevant scales.

Thornbury, Mackenzie
Photo courtesy of Catherine LaRivière
Concordia University Cellular And Molecular Biology - Molecular Biology Development of an Acid Tolerant Platform for Biomanufacturing through the Genetic Engineering of yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus.

Tocora, María
Photo courtesy of Gianpiero Fiorentino
University of Toronto Evolution And Ecology - Evolution And Ecology Coevolution of host-symbiont interactions in the Galápagos Archipelago.

Tohuvavohu, Aaron
University of Toronto Physics And Astronomy - Astronomy And Astrophysics Exploring the Time-Domain Ultraviolet (UV) Sky: The Little UV Space (LUVS) Telescope.

Xu, Minghan
Photo courtesy of Dorsa Zare
McGill University Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Civil Engineering Multiphysics modeling of permafrost adaptation due to climate change in Northern Canada using renewable energy-based artificial ground freezing.

Zargar Ershadi, Shiva
University of British Columbia Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Environmental Engineering Developing an integrated analytical platform for evaluating the role of forest biorefineries in achieving a sustainable circular bio-based economy.

Zolfaghari Didani, Pezhman
Photo courtesy of Roya Dehghan
University of Saskatchewan Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Chemical Engineering Design of a high-performance air disinfection unit based on catalytic ozonation approach for the inactivation of pathogens (e.g., SARS-CoV-2) as an add-on to the current indoor air conditioning systems.

Zurakowski, Joseph
University of Windsor Chemistry - Inorganic Chemistry Ammonia: Exploiting a Carbon Zero Energy Source.
Name Institution Area of Research Title of Research ProposalFootnote 1

Achar, Jerry
The University of British Columbia Other Environmental Studies Making sense of human health risks of chemicals of emerging concerns for policy under conditions of uncertainty: A study of PFOS and PFOA in drinking water in Canada.

Adum, Gilbert
University of Saskatchewan Environmental Management Effective and Equitable Biodiversity Conservation through Other Effective Area-based Conservation Measures (OECMs): Lessons from the Canadian Prairies.

Allaverdian, Celine
Université de Montréal Rural Geography Quels enjeux pour la sécurité alimentaire sur les fronts agricoles de Birmanie.

Alphonse, Danielle
Photo courtesy of Linka Vanas
University of Victoria Early Childhood Education Strengthening Assessment of Spiritual Development in Indigenous Early Childhood Programs.

Baron, Shmuel
University of Toronto Legal Theory And Philosophy Of Law Consent in Moral and Legal Philosophy.

Barron, Katherine
York University Education And Welfare Who Benefits from Curriculum Modifications?: Investigating the Use of Curriculum Modifications in Relation to Equity, Achievement, and Wellbeing.

Bemister, Krischanda
Toronto Metropolitan University Child And Adolescent Psychology The Role of Credibility in Children's Social Learning from Own- and Other-Race Informants.

Boechler, Lindsey
Photo courtesy of Saskatchewan Polytechnic
University of Saskatchewan Health Promotion And Disease Prevention Assessing the mental health support needs for Indigenous adolescents residing in northern Saskatchewan: A community based participatory action research study exploring the potential use of virtual reality technology to promote mental health and wellbeing.

Bourgeois, Rebecca
Photo courtesy of SUB Photo
University of Alberta Material Culture (Incl. Burials) Amplifying Indigenous Voices to Re-center, Re-animate, and Repatriate Archives and Collections.

Brockbank, Madison
McMaster University Violence Disrupting Carceral Logics: Developing an Anti-Carceral Violence Prevention Program for Men.

Campbell, Tylar
Simon Fraser University Anthropology Of Modern Societies Fugitive Geographies Beyond the Archive: Multimodal Engagements with Historic Black Communities and Settlements in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and Vancouver, B.C.

Cash, Tiara
Simon Fraser University Social Psychology Does Prosocial Action Promote Well-Being during Life Transitions?

Champagne, Marie-Pier
Photo courtesy of Jean Rodier
Université Laval Urban, Rural And Regional Economics Les impacts des infrastructures de transport en commun sur la performance économique des entreprises : Une analyse du développement régional local au Québec et en France.

Chatterjee, Sohini
Photo courtesy of Lauren Lee
The University of Western Ontario Women's Studies Interrogating Queer and Trans In/Security in India.

Chen, Crystal
University of Toronto Semantics A Competition-Based Analysis of Definite Articles and Demonstratives.

Coelho, Madelaine
Photo courtesy of Global Undergraduate Awards 2019
University of Toronto Other Sociology The Potential for Technologically Enhanced Gender-Based Violence Prevention Interventions: A Exploratory Study of the Efficacy of Digital Prevention Efforts within different environments across Canada and India.

de Breyne-Gagnon, Geneviève
Université du Québec à Montréal Other Political Science La co-optation de l'intersectionnalité dans l'espace public : une étude de cas de coalitions féministes ontariennes et québécoises.

del Giorgio, Olivia
McGill University Rural Geography Beyond deforestation: Characterizing land control dynamics along agricultural commodity frontiers.

Ennab, Fadi
Photo courtesy of Ash Raichura
University of Manitoba Social Relations Decolonizing refugee solidarity with Indigeneity and Blackness.

Finlay, Toby
York University Health, Medical Sociology Gender in the Clinic: A Socio-Historical Analysis of Transgender Discursive Practices at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).

Fontecha, Maria
Photo courtesy of Karen Whylie - University of Guelph
University of Guelph Rural Planning Looking for a dream: understanding the transition to illegal to legal agri-food systems and promoting alternatives for rural youth in Colombia to prevent their participation in illegal crop production.

Ganesh, Nadia
Brock University Social Psychology Settling the Debate Between Double Jeopardy and Gendered Prejudice Theories: Sex Differences in The Extent to Which Black Women (vs. Black men) are Discriminated Against.

Gibadullina, Albina
Photo courtesy of Aaron Woods
The University of British Columbia Political Economy At the Dusk of the American Empire: The Limits to Finance Capital.

Grothaus, Sarah
York University Visual Arts Habitats: Air Pollution Monitoring and Reporting at the Intersection of Citizen Sensing and Wearable Computing.

Halpenny, Chloe
Queen's University Welfare State She works hard for the money: A critical feminist analysis of social assistance in Ontario.

Huson, Kelsey
McGill University Psychological Aspects Of Medicine And Health Care Traditional healing and culture-related substance use disorder treatment transformations due to the COVID-19 pandemic: Impact on Indigenous patients and communities.

Javadi, Reyhaneh
University of Alberta Other Sociology Encroachment in the Juridical Field: Analyzing Iranian Women's Struggle for Rights as a Social Non-Movement.

John, Jodi-Mae
Queen's University Medical/Health Geography Exploring Kanyen'keha:ka (Mohawk) values and relationship building with healthcare providers in Kenhte:ke (Tyendinaga).

Joyce, Kayla
Photo courtesy of Adam Dolman
University of Manitoba Other Psychology Self-Identified Program Needs for Addressing Co-Occurring Depression and At-Risk Substance Use among Postpartum Mothers: The Development of a Conceptual Framework to Improve Maternal Mental Health.

Knight, Sommer
Photo courtesy of Lifetouch Photography
University of Ottawa Child And Adolescent Psychology Black fatigue: The intergenerational impact of systemic racism on the well-being of Black families.

Lam, Justin
University of Toronto Health Sciences Education Actions Louder Than Words: Using Critical Theories to Explore Systemic Discrimination in Routine Educational Processes in Resident Physician Education.

Leite, Stephanie
McGill University Teaching Methods, Pedagogy Integrate and Transform: Secondary Education in Times of Climate Change.

Lema Mohamed, Abdou Rahim
Photo courtesy of Yenching Academy
Université de Montréal International Relations Development for Peace and Security? Exploring China's Evolving Approach on Development and Security in Africa.

Mack, Emily
Photo courtesy of Selah Reflections
University of Alberta Other Psychology Fictional stories with real consequences: A study of adolescents, parents, and suicide.

Matovic, Sara
Concordia University Social Processes Cumulative effects of adverse childhood experiences and current chronic stress on emotional wellbeing: the moderating roles of interpersonal and physiological processes.

Mazur, Lindsey
University of Manitoba Health Promotion And Disease Prevention Weight stigma and prenatal weight gain guidelines: History and future directions.

McGuire, Michaela
Simon Fraser University Other Criminology Decolonizing Haida Belonging.

McVarnock, Alicia
Photo courtesy of Jeff Cooke - Cooked Photography
Carleton University Social Processes Associations between shyness and academic adjustment in young adulthood: The roles of academic communication with professors and peers and temperament-environment goodness-of-fit.

Meléndez Guerrero, Luis
The University of Western Ontario Cultural Anthropology Governing alongside the Mine: The Impact of Artisanal and Canadian Corporate Mining on Local Government in the Peruvian Andes.

Mitchell, Fallon
University of Windsor Aging, Social Gerontology Enabling older adults: Understanding perceptions of environmental accessibility and usability.

Mousseau, Vincent
Photo courtesy of Daniel Abriel, Dalhousie University
Dalhousie University Social Structure The Impacts of Anti-Black Homophobia on Gay, Bisexual, and Queer Men and Masculine of Center Non-Binary People's Access to Health and Social Services in Canada.

Nwoke, Chikezirim
Carleton University Anthropology Of Modern Societies Towards the Decolonization of Youth Empowerment in Onitsha Market Area, Nigeria.

Oyinlola, Oluwagbemiga
Photo courtesy of Bitmap Studios
McGill University Aging, Social Gerontology Meaning-Making from Caregiver’s Experiences Supporting older persons with Dementia in Nigeria.

Pertigkiozoglou, Elissavet
McGill University Architecture Programmed Collaboration: Work Relationships in Software for Building Design, 1970 - 2010.

Racine, Emilie
Université du Québec à Montréal Multidisciplinary And Interdisciplinary Arts Les pratiques de la créatrice scénique au prisme de l'intermédialité : la matière animée comme moteur d'une écriture performative.

Romana-Rivas, Yuri Alexander
McGill University Human Rights Racialized communities and transitional justice: towards an effective reparation system with an ethnically and racially differentiated approach in Colombia.

Smith, Caighlan
Photo courtesy of Lacy Custance
Memorial University of Newfoundland Popular Culture, Ideology A Hero in Isolation: Individualization and Self-Idealization in the Video Game Hero Narrative.

Sowter, Deanne
York University Family Law Towards a Modified Conception of the Family Lawyer.

Star, Jared
University of Manitoba Health Promotion And Disease Prevention The networked effects of social and sexualized media, Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid use, and Two-Spirit, gay, bisexual, queer men's liberation in Canada: An in-depth examination of the new forms of emancipation for queer men.

Tenning, Jilleun
University of Victoria Other Education Educational experiences of Coast Salish students with a disability before and after the 2015 TRC Calls to Action: A qualitative analysis.

Thomas, Kwesi
Photo courtesy of Charles Graham
University of Toronto History Of Philosophy Cross-Pollination: Critiques of the Relation Between Western Philosophy and Society by 20th Century German-Jewish and Black Philosophers.

Visotzky-Charlebois, Maxine
Photo courtesy of Valérie Paquette
University of Ottawa Labour Law Réflexions autour de l'acteur syndical au Québec: une analyse de son rôle dans le cadre du processus de retour au travail à la suite d'une lésion professionnelle au Québec.

Walker, Nacole
Photo courtesy of Desiree Condon Photography
University of Victoria Language Acquisition Investigating phonetic, phonological, and prosodic differences between first-language and second-language (or additional-language) speakers of Lakhota and Dakhota.

Watson, Brian
Photo courtesy of Paul H. Joseph for Public Scholar Initiative, University of British Columbia
The University of British Columbia Other Library And Information Science Advancing Equitable Cataloging: Marginalized Community-Based Participatory Cataloging in Galleries, Archives, Libraries, Museums, and Special Collections.

Yesno, Riley
Photo courtesy of Dewey Chang
University of Toronto Other Political Science The 'Reconciliation' Generation: Indigenous youth in Canada, the politics of reconciliation, and Land Back.
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