Vanier Scholars 2020

Name Institution Area of Research Title of Research ProposalFootnote 1

Ahmed, Sara
Photo courtesy of: Ben Ouyang
University of Toronto Nervous System Identifying Specific Receptor Mediated Mechanisms Underlying the Delivery of Nanoparticle Vehicles across the Blood Brain Barrier for the Treatment of Glioblastoma.

Alford, Morgan
University of British Columbia Bacteriology Identification of novel Pseudomonas aeruginosa metabolic regulators and characterization of their role in adaptive resistance and virulence.

Alizadeh, Javad
University of Manitoba Cancer The role of mitophagy and extracellular matrix (ECM) stiffness in the regulation of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT), and subsequent metastasis in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) model.

Angriman, Federico
Photo courtesy of: M. Magaz
University of Toronto Health Research Long-term outcomes after sepsis related critical illness in adult patients: time-trends, identification of high-risk subgroups and potential prevention strategies.

Aumont, Étienne
Université du Québec à Montréal Aging Caractérisation in vivo des altérations cholinergiques dans le trouble cognitif léger de type amnésique à l’aide du [18F] fluoroethoxybenzovesamicol ([18F]-FEOBV).

Besler, Katrina
Photo courtesy of: Lori Besler
University of British Columbia Cardiovascular Smooth Muscle Cell Lysosomal Acid Lipase in Atherosclerosis.

Bessey, Meredith
University of Guelph Health Services Research Weighing the Risks: Policies, Perceptions and Practices Influencing Healthcare Provider and Bariatric Surgery Recipient Decision Making, Experiences and Outcomes in Canada.

Bourne, Kate
Photo courtesy of: University of Victoria
University of Calgary Cardiovascular The Impact and Treatment of Postural Tachycardia Syndrome.

Carleton, Gillian
Photo courtesy of: Eunice Kwok
University of Victoria (British Columbia) Cancer Metabolic engineering of chimeric antigen receptor T cells for cancer immunotherapy.

Carrier, Leah
Photo courtesy of: Joe Nguyen
Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia) Nursing The Impact of Cultural Connectedness on Mental Wellness in Indigenous Children and Youth.

Chehade, Loucia
University of Ottawa Immunology-Transplantation Immune system impairment and neuroinflammation in the pathogenesis of spinal muscular atrophy.

Cheung, Amanda
Photo courtesy of: Martin Dee
University of British Columbia Nervous System Using a novel optical sensor to monitor spinal cord oxygenation and hemodynamics in acute spinal cord injury.

Chung Tun Wong, Karen
Photo courtesy of: Dodge Baena
University of Toronto Health Services Research The Health and Economic burden of Cleft Lip/and or Palate (CLP) and the Cost-Effectiveness of Speech Care in Ethiopia.

Coronado-Montoya, Stephanie
Université de Montréal Mental Health Development of a harm reduction intervention for people with psychosis who use cannabis.

Davidson, Benjamin
University of Toronto Nervous System Predicting psychiatric surgery outcomes using a machine learning approach to neuroimaging analysis.

Drake, Sienna
Photo courtesy of: Kim Gruver
McGill University Cell Biology Understanding the neuro-immune: characterization of the epigenetic regulation by chromatin of the neuronal transcriptome underlying the expression of neuro-protective gene networks in response to chronic inflammatory insult in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis.

Easson, Kaitlyn
McGill University Nervous System Quantification of Long-Term White Matter Maturation in Survivors of Neonatal Critical Illness.

Falavinha, Bruna Cristina
University of Ottawa Biochemistry Lipogenetics of Dementia.

Fatehi Hassanabad, Ali
University of Calgary Cardiovascular Investigating the Translational Potential of Lubricin in Preventing Pericardial Adhesion Formation Post-Cardiac Surgery.

Gomez, Juliana
University of Toronto Cardiovascular Molecular and functional maturation of engrafted pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes.

Hayward, Ashley
Photo courtesy of: University of Winnipeg
University of Manitoba Societal & Cultural Dimensions Of Health Incarcerated Mother’s Experience with Pregnancy and Childbirth: A Narrative Inquiry.

Hui, Sze Shing Christian
Ryerson University (Toronto) Population Health Creating a Positive Health Equity Action Plan: Exploring the impact of privilege on the clinical health outcomes of Canadians living with HIV and the creation of a community-informed positive health equity action plan.

Kaiser, Anita
University of Toronto Health Research Activity-based Therapy after Spinal Cord Injury or Disease: Development and Validation of a Tracking Tool Using the Delphi Method.

Kelly, Dion
University of Calgary Nervous System Personalizing Pediatric Brain-Computer Interfaces: Establishing and Optimizing Performance for Children with Severe Neurological Disabilities.

Khan, Jasmine
Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario) Nervous System The Effects of Low Cerebral Perfusion on Delirium and Long-Term Outcomes in Critically Ill Patients: A Multi-Centre Study.

Kinshella, Mai-Lei
Photo courtesy of: BBCHR
University of British Columbia Reproduction/Pregnancy Investigating the relationship between maternal diet and pregnancy hypertension in sub-Saharan Africa.

Lamer, Tess
Photo courtesy of: Ryan Dupas
University of Alberta Biochemistry Biochemical studies of the apelin-APJ hormone system for development of heart disease therapeutics.

Leblanc, Caroline
Photo courtesy of: Love Free Studio
Université de Sherbrooke Health Services Research Recours aux ressources d'hébergement d'urgence en période hivernale : une recherche qualitative et participative pour mieux répondre aux besoins de santé des personnes itinérantes.

Leclair, Marichelle
Université de Montréal Mental Health Trajectoires d’utilisation de services de santé mentale et physique dans la communauté par les personnes déclarées non criminellement responsables pour cause de troubles mentaux.

Lee, Juyeon
Photo courtesy of: Ella White
University of Toronto Societal & Cultural Dimensions Of Health Deregulation of Workplace Health and Safety: The Case of Occupational Health and Safety Law Reform in South Korea.

Lessard-Wajcer, Justin
McGill University Mental Health Electrophysiological alarm signals of neurodevelopmental disorders.

Liao, Calwing
McGill University Genetics Identifying the differences in single-cell transcriptomes between schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and healthy individuals in the anterior cingulate cortex.

London-Nadeau, Kira
Université de Montréal Psychosocial/Health Behavioural Res. Examining the role of cannabis in the mental health of sexual minority youth: A community-based approach.

Macklin, Jillian
University of Toronto Health Services Research Patient Engagement in the Ethical Design of an Artificial-Intelligence-Based Heart Failure Remote Telemonitoring System.

Medeiros, Sarah
Photo courtesy of: Kristina Rajacic
McMaster University Blood Studies of the therapeutic benefits of targeting neutrophil extracellular trap (NET) components in a mouse model of sepsis.

Michell-Robinson, Mackenzie
Photo courtesy of: Nadia Zheng
McGill University Nervous System Investigating the role of POLR3 in oligodendrocyte-lineage development and myelination in vivo: Translational disease models and proof-of-concept for using in vivo gene therapy to treat POLR3-related Hypomyelinating Leukodystrophy.

Mocanu, Valentin
Photo courtesy of: Naomi Hotte
University of Alberta Metabolism/Diabetes Fecal microbial transplantation and fiber supplementation in subjects with obesity and metabolic syndrome: a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blinded trial.

Mollison, Ashley
Photo courtesy of: University of Victoria
University of Victoria (British Columbia) Societal & Cultural Dimensions Of Health Who Cares for the Dying Poor? Exploring the Experiences & Needs of Street Family in End-of-Life Care.

Moran, Chelsea
Photo courtesy of: Trevor Lalonde Photography
University of Calgary Psychosocial/Health Behavioural Res. Medication adherence for the secondary prevention of acute coronary syndrome: A randomized controlled trial of a motivational communication intervention in cardiac rehabilitation.

Morgan, Jeffrey
Photo courtesy of: Max Adilman
University of British Columbia Health Services Research Characterizing Patterns of Hospital Healthcare Utilization Among Sexual Minority Populations with Substance Use Disorder: An Intersectional Population-Based Approach.

Mouchbahani Constance, Stephanie
McGill University Nervous System Identification of the algogenic toxin in lionfish venom and its mechanism of action.

Muaddi, Hala
University of Toronto Health Services Research Robotic Surgery in Ontario: A Population-Based Retrospective Study of Outcomes and Costs.

Ollivier, Rachel
Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia) Societal & Cultural Dimensions Of Health Exploring Postpartum Sexual Health in Nova Scotia Using Feminist Poststructuralism.

Onabola, Christiana
University of Northern British Columbia Population Health On the Cusp of Planetary Health Equity: Adopting Watersheds as a Conceptual Framework for the study of SDGs Interactions and Health Outcomes.

Palozzi, Jonathan
Photo courtesy of: Andrew Mazzanti
University of Toronto Cell Biology Determining the Role of Mitophagy in mtDNA Selection in Drosophila.

Raju, Sneha
University of Toronto Cardiovascular Determining the role of endothelial activation on microRNA communication in atherosclerotic plaque: towards identifying of a novel therapeutic target in carotid disease.

Rajwani, Jahanara
University of Calgary Cancer Characterizing the mechanisms by which oncolytic viruses induce antitumour immunity.

Shoman, Haitham
McGill University Health Services Research Guidance development in strategies for the introduction of innovative technologies in orthopaedic surgery into the Canadian healthcare system: the impact of catalytic innovation on the Canadian healthcare system, patient’s outcomes and society productivity.

Simard, Andréanne
Photo courtesy of: Université Laval - Faculté des sciences sociales
Université Laval Aging Intervention basée sur la pleine conscience chez des aînés présentant un déclin de la cognition : l’expérience individuelle investiguée à l’aide de méthodes mixtes.

Skerritt, Lashanda
Photo courtesy of: Yonatan Morocz
McGill University Health Services Research Assessing the Reproductive Healthcare Needs and Priorities of Women Living with HIV in Canada.

Stubbs, Jacob
University of British Columbia Mental Health Longitudinally evaluating the impact of traumatic brain injury on the brain structure and health of individuals who are homeless and precariously housed.

Sutton, Reed
University of Alberta Imaging Application of Machine Intelligence to Medical Image Interpretation and High-Risk Patient Identification in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.

Turner, Sarah
Photo courtesy of: Min Kim
University of Manitoba Population Health Breastfeeding and child behaviour: Understanding the link through five different pathways in the Canadian CHILD birth cohort study.

Udechukwu, Chinonye
University of Ottawa Mental Health Impact of dietary interventions on the developing microbiota-gut-brain axis: implications for susceptibility to later life depression and anxiety.

Van Ommeren, Randy
University of Toronto Cancer Identification of molecular drivers and protein mediators of leptomeningeal metastasis in pediatric medulloblastoma for development of novel targeted therapeutics.

Wahl, Kate
University of British Columbia Health Services Research Narrative as a tool for knowledge translation with health policy makers.

Wang, Yundi
University of British Columbia Biophysics Role of IKs Ion Channel Activators and Calmodulin in KCNQ1-KCNE1 Channel Gating.
Name Institution Area of Research Title of Research ProposalFootnote 1

Abdel-Mooty, Moustafa Naiem
McMaster University Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Civil Engineering A Resilient Canada in the Face of Climate Change-Induced Systemic Risks.

Abed, Jehad
Photo courtesy of: Go Viral Production
University of Toronto Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Materials Science And Technology Developing earth-abundant and highly efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution at high current densities.

Assran, Mahmoud
McGill University Computing Sciences - Artificial Intelligence Co-Supervised Learning Algorithms.

Baxter, Joshua
Photo courtesy of: Maria Ramirez
University of Ottawa Physics And Astronomy - Optics Linear and Nonlinear Nanophotonics: Simulation, Deep Learning and Inverse Design.

Brisson-Curadeau, Émile
McGill University Evolution And Ecology - Animal Ecology Impact of Extreme Climatic Events on the Foraging Behaviour and Breeding Success of the King Penguin.

Castillo Pazos, Durbis
Photo courtesy of: Rodrigo Mendoza/Eva Macaluso (edition)
McGill University Chemistry - Organic Chemistry Metal-free photoinduced late-stage functionalization of arenes and heteroarenes assisted by visible light.

Chiaranunt, Pailin
University of Toronto Cellular And Molecular Biology - Immunology How commensal microbial metabolic fitness directs the macrophage-type 3 innate lymphoid cell axis to defend against enteric bacterial infections.

Chu Kwan, William
University of Toronto Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Magnetic Resonance-guided Ultrasound for Incisionless Musculotendinous Contracture Release.

Cloutier, Maude
Photo courtesy of: Pascal Chhay
Institut national de la recherche scientifique Chemistry - Organic Chemistry Développement de potentiels vaccins glycoconjugués semi-synthétiques contre la campylobactériose composés d’unités ido-heptosides mimant le CPS de Campylobacter jejuni HS4c.

Cossey, Heidi
Photo courtesy of: SUB Photo
University of Alberta Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Environmental Engineering Evaluating the long-term behavior and viability of end pit lakes as a tailings management practice and reclamation strategy.

Dimmick, Hannah
University of Calgary Plant And Animal Biology - Kinesiology Using wearable technology to identify and analyze changes in individual gait pattern prior to sustaining a running-related injury: a prospective tool for preventing running-related injuries in recreational and competitive runners.

Eldesoky, Ahmed
Dalhousie University Chemistry - Inorganic Chemistry High-Energy Density Lithium Metal Cells Enabled by Liquid Electrolyte for Next-Generation Energy Storage Devices.

Frei, Rebecca
University of Alberta Earth Sciences - Hydrology Tracing downstream impacts of peatland disturbance in headwater streams.

Gauvin-Ndiaye, Chloé-Aminata
Photo courtesy of: IQ
Université de Sherbrooke Physics And Astronomy - Condensed Matter Physics Effet du désordre sur les propriétés magnétiques des matériaux à l'aide de la théorie auto-cohérente à deux particules et inclusion de cette méthode dans les calculs réalistes pour la structure électronique des matériaux.

Gibbons, Erin
McGill University Physics And Astronomy - Space Science Spectral Properties of Clay Minerals to Enhance in-situ Planetary Exploration.

Gray, Finnian
University of Waterloo Physics And Astronomy - Astronomy And Astrophysics Hints at a Quantum Spacetime: Holography vs. Entanglement Harvesting, and Holographic Black Hole Thermodynamics.

Guay, Philippe
Université Laval Electrical Engineering - Photon Devices Au-delà des frontières de la spectroscopie à deux peignes de fréquences optiques : élargissement de la plage spectrale d’opération jusqu’à l’infrarouge moyen et augmentation de la sensibilité de la technique par la correction de non-linéarité.

Danijar, Hafner
Photo courtesy of: Vector Institute
University of Toronto Computing Sciences - Artificial Intelligence Evaluating Objective Functions for Intelligent Behavior through Simulated Artificial Learning Agents.

Hamel Ascanio, Clovis
Photo courtesy of: Bolaji Olanrewaju
University of Toronto Mathematical Sciences - Pure Mathematics Connecting Model Theory and Function Spaces: New Applications in Analysis and Machine Learning.

Ho, Margaret
University of Toronto Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Improving photoreceptor survival through local delivery of neuroprotective factors and cells to the retina.

Hosseinirad, Sara
University of British Columbia Electrical Engineering - Control Systems Developing an Automated Welding Robot Using Machine Learning and Advanced Control Techniques.

Ieritano, Christian
University of Waterloo Chemistry - Physical Chemistry Development of Differential Mobility Spectrometry (DMS) as a Tool for Drug Design.

Jessen, Tyler
University of Victoria Evolution And Ecology - Animal Ecology Examining climate-induced asynchrony among trophic levels.

Kakar, Farokh laqa
Ryerson University Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Environmental Engineering Intensification of fermentation and anaerobic digestion processes for resource recovery from municipal solid waste.

Kanso, Mona
Queen's University Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Chemical Engineering Molecular Architecture and Polymer Flow.

Keane, Laura
York University Mathematical Sciences - Applied Mathematics Hybrid mathematical modelling, analysis, and simulation to improve design and operation of lithium-ion batteries.

Khan, Asif Abdullah
University of Waterloo Electrical Engineering - Electrical And Electronic Engineering A Universal Energy Harvesting Platform Based on Hybrid organic-inorganic Composite Nanomaterial to Realize Self-powered Wireless Sensing Systems.

Khattak, Hamza
McMaster University Physics And Astronomy - Condensed Matter Physics Interactions between micoscale mobile droplets and soft materials.

La Vigne, Hughes
Université de Sherbrooke Computing Sciences - Robotics Récolte assistée d'échantillon végétal sur une paroi verticale à l'aide d'un véhicule aérien sans pilote.

Lee, Erin
Queen's University Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Mapping the relationships between morphology and function in the human shoulder: an interdisciplinary approach for understanding human evolution and injury.

Lee, Sandy Che-Eun
Photo courtesy of: Austin Jeffrey Werner
University of Toronto Cellular And Molecular Biology - Cell Biology Protein Secretion in Normoxia and Hypoxia – Global Characterization and Mechanistic Insights.

Lonati, Gina
University of New Brunswick Evolution And Ecology - Animal Ecology The relative impacts of food availability and fishing gear entanglement on the health of endangered North Atlantic right whales (Eubalaena glacialis).

Ludwig, Latasha
Photo courtesy of: Josh Antunes
University of Guelph Cellular And Molecular Biology - Cell Biology Profiling of erythrocyte and plasma microRNA and in situ hybridization of microRNA production in canine tumours.

Luong, David
Carleton University Electrical Engineering - Electrical And Electronic Engineering Quantum Radar Signal Processing.

Maurais, Josée
Photo courtesy of: Michel Caron
Université de Sherbrooke Chemistry - Physical Chemistry Élaboration du mécanisme et quantification des vitesses d’hydrolyse du dioxyde d’azote et de photolyse des nitrates à la surface de la glace par des méthodes spectroscopiques et microscopiques en conditions cryogéniques et environnementales.

Murfitt, Justin
University of Waterloo Earth Sciences - Remote Sensing Development of Remote Sensing Approaches for Large-Scale Monitoring of Lake Ice Phenology and Properties.

Nickel, Rachel
University of Manitoba Physics And Astronomy - Condensed Matter Physics Understanding and using the new physics of shape-selective magnetic nanoparticles: New ammunition for attacking biofilms.

Osin, Oluwatomiwa
University of Calgary Chemistry - Inorganic Chemistry Functionalized Nano-Porous Solids for Sustainable Treatment of Pollutants in Wastewater.

Pandey, Prashant
University of British Columbia Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Ultrasound-based Surgical Navigation For Iliosacral Screw Insertions In Pelvic Fractures.

Randhawa, Sikander
University of British Columbia Computing Sciences - Artificial Intelligence Optimal Online Machine Learning Algorithms.

Robertson, Matthew
Memorial University of Newfoundland Evolution And Ecology - Animal Ecology Evaluating the effects of competition on population dynamics for multiple species of groundfish on the Grand Bank off Newfoundland.

Rowlands, Amanda
Simon Fraser University Evolution And Ecology - Evolutionary Theory A longitudinal evaluation of the interactions between sleep patterns and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, and their role in the pace, timing, and quality of women’s reproductive transitions.

Sears, Thomas
Queen's University Electrical Engineering - Control Systems Distributed Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Collaborative Guidance, Navigation, and Control of Multiple Mobile Robots on Mars.

Serles, Peter
University of Toronto Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Mechanics of Nano-Architected Materials and Micro-Robotics Produced by Nano-Additive Manufacturing.

Simon, Jérome
Photo courtesy of: Lorenzo Perozzi
Institut national de la recherche scientifique Earth Sciences - Geophysics Inversion sismique en onde complète par intelligence artificielle.

Singla, Rohit
Photo courtesy of: Liz Burden
University of British Columbia Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Intelligent Renal Ultrasound: Development of Ultrasound-based Measures Using Machine Learning to Prevent Renal Disease Progression.

Tam, Vivienne
McGill University Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Materials Science And Technology Toward a more personalized treatment of aggressive brain cancer: light-controlled delivery of chemotherapy drugs.

Tereshchenko, Maria
Photo courtesy of: Ayurika Tsyrenova
University of Toronto Cellular And Molecular Biology - Biochemistry Investigating the role of PARP1-dependent phase separation at DNA repair foci.

To, Truc
University of Ottawa Cellular And Molecular Biology - Molecular Biology Molecular characterization of stress-specific autophagy regulatory pathways.

Vermandele, Fanny
Photo courtesy of: Louis Allen-Martin
Université du Québec à Rimouski Plant And Animal Biology - Animal Physiology And Metabolism Intégration des niveaux de complexité cellulaire et physiologique impliqués dans les réponses intra et transgénérationnelles des espèces occupant différentes régions climatiques exposées aux effets combinés des changements globaux.

Watts, Sophie
Photo courtesy of: Nick Pearce
Dalhousie University Plant And Animal Biology - Plant And Tree Biology Genome-wide association study of fruit quality in a diverse apple collection.

Weinstein, Spencer
Photo courtesy of: Isabel Hilgendag
University of Waterloo Evolution And Ecology - Evolution And Ecology Community-partnered research on subsistence char fisheries in the Arctic: combining traditional knowledge with novel molecular tools.

Wesolek, Alexandra
Photo courtesy of: Simon Fraser University
Simon Fraser University Mathematical Sciences - Pure Mathematics Picking Points: Studying Graph Drawings on the Sphere.

Zhu, Xia
Photo courtesy of: Dewey Chang Photography
University of Toronto Earth Sciences - Oceanography The Fate of Plastic Pollution in the Marine Environment.

Zimmermann, Karl
Photo courtesy of: Massif Creative
University of British Columbia Civil And Mechanical Engineering - Environmental Engineering Clean drinking water for the future: The power of biological water filters.

Zoroufchi Benis, Khaled
University of Saskatchewan Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Chemical Engineering Removal of arsenic from water by a novel microalgae-biochar biofilter.
Name Institution Area of Research Title of Research ProposalFootnote 1

Ambtman-Smith, Vanessa
Photo courtesy of: Red Works Photography
The University of Western Ontario Geography & History Education Engaging Indigenous community to improve healthcare environments: Is reconciliation within hospital spaces possible?.

Anderson, Heather
Photo courtesy of: Simon Kessler
McGill University Anthropology Of Modern Societies Space for Listening: An Ethnography of Western Australia’s Radio Quiet Zone.

Anfaara, Florence Wullo
The University of Western Ontario Women's Studies Promoting Community Health and Wellbeing in Liberia: The role of Peace Huts.

Anjum, Khadija
The University of British Columbia Urban, Rural And Regional Economics An Evidence-Based Study on the Impact of Food Price Increases on Intra-Household Food Allocation and the Mediating Role of Social Networks in Building Resilience in Rural and Urban Communities of South Asia.

Avila, Fernando
University of Toronto Penology, Corrections Exploring Exceptions: Punishment, Order and Freedom in a Latin American Prison.

Belolyubsaya, Galina
Photo courtesy of: Zuzanna Kotecka
University of Calgary Social Anthropology Disappearing Lands: Resource Development and Indigenous Activism in the Russian Arctic.

Benaway, Gwendolywn
University of Toronto Women's Studies “Excuse My Beauty”: Indigenous Trans Women and Decolonial Aesthetics of Sovereign Gender(ed) Story.

Boulanger-Bonnelly, Jérémy
University of Toronto Other Law Whose Justice? A Comparative Approach to Disempowerment, Participation and Access to Justice.

Boulebsol, Carole
Université de Montréal Women's Studies Trajectoire de vie, de victimisation et de soutien en lien avec la coercition reproductive : l’expérience de femmes immigrantes au Québec.

Brittain, Heather
University of Ottawa Educational Psychology Does bullying derail educational potential? A longitudinal examination of four academic periods.

Brophy, Kyla
Photo courtesy of: Tanner Zekonic
McGill University Other Psychology Self-Compassion and Emotion Regulation: Deciphering the Pathways to Well-Being.

Butler, Cameron
York University Cultural Anthropology Fertilizing Settler Bodies: Tracing Global Phosphorus Transfers through the Fraser Valley, BC.

Ceballos-Bedoya, Maria
McGill University Public Law Women’s Place(s): A Socio-Legal Analysis of Gender Inequalities in the Colombian Judiciary.

Charles, Carlo
Photo courtesy of: @Ali Zaidi Arts
McMaster University Migration, Mobility Black Refuge: The Interplay between 'Race', Class, Nationality and the Sociopolitical Integration of Haitian Asylum Seekers in Canada and France.

Croll-Baehre, Emma
Photo courtesy of: Marta Croll-Baehre
McMaster University Literature, English - Criticism 'Spectacle or Gift?': How Twins Unsettle Individualism, Embodiment, and Autonomy.

Deschenes-Theriault, Guillaume
University of Ottawa Other Political Science L’élaboration et la mise en œuvre de politiques publiques en matière d’intégration des immigrants au sein des communautés francophones en situation minoritaire au Canada : une étude d’un modèle de gouvernance collaborative et des enjeux qui s’y rattachent dans un contexte fédéral.

Dionne, Jasmine
University of Victoria Other Political Science Indigenous diplomacy in Northeastern Alberta: Indigenous legal solutions to the the missing and murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two-Spirit crisis.

du Toit, Jessica
Photo courtesy of: Deborah Fox
The University of Western Ontario Other Philosophy Human Vulnerability and Medical Ethics: Towards Proper Protections For All Vulnerable Research Participants.

Duncan, Emily
Photo courtesy of: Andrew Peach
University of Guelph Rural Geography Social Dimensions of Digital Agricultural Technologies and the Governance of Global Agri-food Data.

Fernandez-Sanchez, Higinio
University of Alberta Migration, Mobility Reunification Experiences of Left-Behind Women and Returning Migrants.

Fobert, Sophie
University of Ottawa Child And Adolescent Psychology The Role of Parental Playfulness in Preschoolers' Selective Social Learning.

Gaviria-Serna, Dora
Photo courtesy of: Alex Zapico
The University of British Columbia Human Rights Social appropriation of the Colombian Truth Commission's Findings: Shared knowledge and social reconstruction in the aftermaths of mass violence through grassroots artistic initiatives.

Gendron, Mathew
The University of British Columbia Psychology - Counselling Positions: Critical investigations in gbMSM sex, pleasure, and agency.

Genest-Gregoire, Antoine
Photo courtesy of: École de gestion de l’Université de Sherbrooke
Carleton University Taxation Family or Individual Taxation: How do Income Splitting and Transfers to Families affect Gender Equality in Canada?.

Gutierrez Cornelius, Eduardo
University of Toronto Other Sociology The Fight Against Corruption Translated: Brazilian Lawyers and the Struggle Over Global Anticorruption Ideas.

Horne, Greg
University of Toronto Other Philosophy At the Confluence: The Philosophy of Consciousness from Scientific and Cross-Cultural Perspectives.

Jones, Janet
University of Waterloo Philosophy Of Health "It Probably Won't Help Anyway": How Stigma Hurts Health Care Access for Persons with an Addiction.

Jopling, Ellen
The University of British Columbia Child And Adolescent Psychology Understanding Socioemotional Well-Being Across the Adolescent Transition.

Ketterling, Emily Jean
Carleton University Cinema, Film Studies And Video Playing for Pleasure: The Affective Experience of Sexual and Erotic Video Games.

Kina, Hilal
The University of British Columbia Anthropology Of Modern Societies Engaging with the Traces of a Shared Past: Memory and Subjectivity in Northeastern Turkey.

Kramers, Sara
University of Ottawa Sports Psychology A year-long mentoring intervention supporting coaches’ intentional teaching of life skills.

Lessard, Isabelle
Université de Sherbrooke Other Psychology Attachement, gestion des conflits et satisfaction conjugale lors de la transition à la parentalité des couples: rôle modérateur de l'intimité.

Majekolagbe, Adebayo
Photo courtesy of: Seyi Sanni
Dalhousie University Environmental Law Impact Assessment, Climate Change, and the Sustainability Transition of Fossil Fuel Dependent Economies: Towards a Just Transition Impact Assessment Framework.

Maldonado Castaneda, Daniela
University of Toronto Literature, Romance - Literary Theory Uncovering Promises in Medieval Spain and Beyond: Why do words matter?.

McDiarmid, Serena
Photo courtesy of: Tomasz Adamski
University of Waterloo Bilingualism And Second Language Learning Supporting additional language acquisition among Canada’s child refugees: a longitudinal study of risk and protective factors for language learning success.

McGuire, Cailie
Photo courtesy of: Madison Robertson Photography
Queen's University Sports Psychology Sport as Vehicle for Enhancing Mental Health Literacy in Youth.

Miraya Oscco, Yojana
Photo courtesy of: Arthur Consulin
University of Toronto Community Development Customary Quechua Indigenous political organization in the face of modern resource extraction: A comparative case study of rural Indigenous communities' experiences with the Las Bambas mining project in the Apurimac region of the Andes of Peru.

Mousseau, Vincent
Université de Montréal Other Criminology L'élaboration et l'affinement des stratégies de recherche d'indices matériels en contexte d'investigation de scène de crime : Vers une meilleure compréhension des processus interprétatifs et décisionnels des techniciens en identité judiciaire du Québec.

Nadler, Roland
Photo courtesy of: Valeria Sturza
The University of British Columbia Legal Theory And Philosophy Of Law Reconciling Democracy and Technocracy in the Age of Courtroom Neuroscience.

Nagai, Fumiya
The University of British Columbia Cultural Anthropology Recognising and Implementing Aboriginal Title Towards Decolonisation: An Anthropological Analysis on Possibilities and Challenges of Legal Pluralism in Canada.

Napolitano, Ermanno
Photo courtesy of: Lily-Cannelle Mathieu
McGill University International Law Geoengineering: Establishing the Legal Conditions for its Legitimate Deployment.

Nault, Geneviève
Université Laval Other Social Work Valorisation des savoirs marginalisés : Étude des pratiques et retombées des tribunaux de santé mentale au Québec à partir de la perspective des personnes qui y sont soumises.

Nayyar, Rajat
Photo courtesy of: Dr. Rana El Kadi
York University Theatre, Drama Gendered Vocal Resistance: Power and Women’s Songs in North India.

Noreiga, Alicia
University of New Brunswick Education And Welfare Unheard Voices: Exploring Perceptions toward the Function of Secondary Schools in the Economic Development of Rural Coastal Communities in Trinidad and Tobago.

Ofosu, Eugene
Photo courtesy of: Darren Agboh:
McGill University Social Psychology Causes and consequences of the biases of millions in a similar geographic area.

Osman, Balikisu
York University Environment Analyzing climate risks and management responses for food security in northern Ghana.

Pelletier, Laurence
Photo courtesy of: Fieldtrip Production
Université de Montréal Higher Education Influence de l’égalité sociale et de l’accessibilité à l’enseignement supérieur sur l’excellence de la production de recherche : étude comparative de cinq provinces canadiennes.

Phurisamban, Rapichan
Photo courtesy of: Zoltán Sziládi
The University of British Columbia Environmental Management Conserving Biodiversity and Securing Livelihoods: Approaches to Enhance Transboundary Conservation of the Mekong River.

Piedra Arencibia, Rogney
Queen's University Epistemology The Peculiar Objectivity of Ideal Objects in Science. The Epistemological Potential of Activity Theory.

Roters, Jennifer
Photo courtesy of: Brock University
Brock University Personality The song remains the same? Responses to adversity in childhood.

Smith, Lauren
Photo courtesy of: Cristina Jones
University of Waterloo Environment High tech, low diversity: Examining the influence of mortality salience in drinking water messaging on gender biased innovation outcomes.

Thomas, Carieta
University of Calgary Migration, Mobility Technologies of Surveillance: An Intersectional Analysis of Illegalized Caribbean Women Careworkers in the Labour Markets in Canada and the U.S.

Vernon, Thomas
Photo courtesy of: Matthew Wiley
University of New Brunswick Creative Writing Writing Failure: a new critical theory of failure for creative and scholarly writers.

Whitebean, Wahéhshon Shiann
McGill University Other Education Multi-generational stories of Indian Day Schooling in Kahnawà:ke: Assessing impacts on Indigenous language and cultural identity transmission.

Zia, Belal
Photo courtesy of: Qurrat A’yun Studios
University of Manitoba Cross-Cultural Psychology Promoting Treatment Seeking Among Canadian Muslims: The Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Psychoeducational Intervention Utilizing the Theory of Planned Behaviour and Internalized Stigma Model.
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