Vanier Scholars 2018

Name University Area of Research Title of Research ProposalFootnote 1

Adams, Scott
University of Saskatchewan Health Research Development and evaluation of a remote robotic ultrasound clinic model to improve access to medical imaging in northern and Indigenous communities

Andrade Rivas, Federico
Photo courtesy of: Maria Angélica-Guerrero
University of British Columbia Population Health Characterizing chemical pollution to support the establishment of healthier alternatives: Addressing pesticide contamination among the Cayambe Indigenous community, Ecuador

Baglot, Samantha
University of Calgary Nervous System Genetic variance in the endocannabinoid system and vulnerability towards the impact of early life adversity on emotional behavior and sensitivity to stress: An examination of gene-environment interactions relevant for psychiatric illness.

Barnett-Burns, Sarah
McGill University Mental Health Depression as a gut feeling: The gut microbiome as a mediating factor in the dysregulation of the gut-vagus-brain epigenome in the context of depression.

Binesh Marvasti, Tina
Photo courtesy of: Benjamin Ouyang
University of Toronto Cardiovascular Identifying and rejuvenating the bone marrow stem cells responsible for preventing heart failure in elderly cardiac patients

Cirstea, Mihai
University of British Columbia Nervous System Connecting the Microbiome and Neurodegenerative Dieseases

Closson, Kalysha
Photo courtesy of: Fernando Prado, British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
University of British Columbia International Health Examining the role of sexual relationship power inequity on multi-levelled drivers of HIV vulnerability for young women in an HIV hyper-endemic setting of South Africa

Collins, Alexandra
Simon Fraser University Societal & Cultural Dimensions of Health Drug use geographies: a qualitative GIS study of the impacts of overlapping housing and overdose crises on women who use drugs in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

Constantin, Kaytlin
Photo courtesy of: Matt Clarke
University of Guelph Psychosocial/Health Behavioural Res. Who to Help? Identifying Parent and Child Needs for Intervention Prior to Pediatric Needle Procedures: A Mixed-Methods Approach

Ferdinands, Alexa
Photo courtesy of: Virginia Quist, University of Alberta
University of Alberta Population Health Time to Stop 'Weighting' and Start Doing: Exploring the Impact of a School-based Weight Bias Intervention

Fontaine, Guillaume
Université de Montréal Health Services research La réduction du risque cardiométabolique chez les Canadiens : Développement, optimisation et évaluation d'un environnement numérique d'apprentissage intelligent en counseling sur le changement de comportement de santé auprès d'infirmiers.

Foroutan, Farid
Photo courtesy of : Anthony Olsen
McMaster University Immunology-Transplantation A Generic Rating of Allograft Function after Transplantation (GRAFT)

Gillespie, Zoe
University of Saskatchewan Aging The Impact of Altered Nutrient Intake or Metformin Treatment on Genome Structure and Function in Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS) Fibroblasts

Guberman, Guido
McGill University Imaging Investigating the link between mild traumatic brain injuries and aggressive behaviour: an advanced structural neuroimaging study of brain injured children

Gupta, Sahil
University of Toronto Cell Biology Tyrosine phosphorylation of caspase-8 regulates Toll Like Receptor 4 dependent signalling during clinical sepsis.

Harmsen, Irene
Photo courtesy of: Ben Ouyang
University of Toronto Nervous System Improving the Quality of Life of Patients with Parkinson’s Disease using Deep Brain Stimulation and Magnetoencephalography

Isaacs, Albert
University of Calgary Nervous System The Structural and Metabolic Changes Associated with Ependymal Layer Disruption in the Age Continuum of Hydrocephalus - A Human and Animal Model Study

Ji, Jennifer (Xiao Ye)
Photo courtesy of: Willy, Photography & Videography Services
University of British Columbia Cancer The proteomic and metabolomic characterization of clear cell ovarian carcinoma: towards better management strategies

Juraschka, Kyle
University of Toronto Cancer Characterization of mechanisms of medulloblastoma metastasis and identification of targeted therapies to prevent and treat metastasis

Kamaleddin Ezabadi, Seyed Mohammad Amin
Photo courtesy of: Arash Afavi
University of Toronto Nervous System Differential Effects of KCC2 Downregulation on Spinal Dorsal Horn Interneurons Result in Neuropathic Pain

Kandasamy, Sujane
Photo courtesy of: B. Samtani
McMaster University Reproduction/Pregnancy The development and testing of a novel knowledge translation intervention for the prevention of pregnancy-related type 2 diabetes risk factors in Indigenous and South Asian women living in Canada

Kelly, Jacalyn
Photo courtesy of: David West
University of Toronto Cancer Developing functional and genomic tools and identifying driver mutations of mismatch repair deficient cancers to improve diagnostic efficiency for Biallelic Mismatch Repair Deficiency Syndrome

Kozlowski, Hannah
Photo courtesy of: Ben Ouyang
University of Toronto Virology Designing a Diagnostic Tablet for Point-of-Care Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Detection using Quantum Dot Barcodes.

Krzeczkowski, John
McMaster University Mental Health Early Neurodevelopment in the Offspring of Women Enrolled in a Randomized Controlled Trial Assessing the Effectiveness of a Nutrition+Exercise Intervention for Healthy Gestational Weight Gain.

Lee, Jason
Photo courtesy of: Christopher Circelli, Western University
University of Western Ontario Cardiovascular Sirtuin 6 and Inflammatory Vascular Diseases.

Lefebvre, Cory
University of Western Ontario Cancer Kinome Profiling of Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells to Reveal Predictors of Response to Targeted Therapy

Lines, Laurie-Ann
Photo courtesy of: Virginia Quist,University of Alberta
University of Alberta Societal & Cultural Dimensions of Health Dene First Nations Youth-Led Health Messaging Program in a Community Context

Loo Yau, Helen
University of Toronto Cancer DNA-Demethylating Agents enhance cytolytic activity of CD8+ T Cells and anti-tumor immunity

Marshall, Erin
University of British Columbia Cancer Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease contributes to a tumour-promoting microenvironment and the development of lung cancer

Morriseau, Taylor
University of Manitoba Metabolism/Diabetes Role of the HNF-1aG319S Polymorphism in Early-onset Type 2 Diabetes in Oji-Cree Youth

Nassiri, Farshad
University of Toronto Cancer Establishing the oncogenomic landscape of clinically aggressive meningiomas

Nethery, Elizabeth
University of British Columbia Population Health The growing crisis of overly big babies: Comparing prevalence, outcomes and risk factors in midwifery v physician care

O'Hoski, Sachi
McMaster University Health Research Beyond Function: Exploring Participation in Life Roles in People with COPD

Phuong, Melissa
University of Ottawa Bacteriology Investigating Inflammatory Cell Death Mechanisms during Pulmonary Exacerbations in Cystic Fibrosis

Pietrobon, Adam
University of Ottawa Cell Biology Connecting Cell Cycle Progression to Invasion: Mechanisms and Therapeutic Development in Lymphangioleiomyomatosis

Poole, Julia
University of Calgary Psychosocial/Health Behavioural Res. An Innovative Clinical Treatment for Primary Care Patients with Depression

Qiu, Alvin
University of British Columbia Cancer Epigenomic Dysregulation in Synovial Sarcoma

Quinn, Kieran
University of Toronto Health Services Research Redefining care for patients with advanced non-cancerous disease – identifying quality indicators near the end of life.

Retrouvey, Helene
University of Toronto Health Services Research Use of Multi-Site Interviews to Understand and Reduce Barriers to Postmastectomy Breast Reconstruction across Ontario

Ruissen, Geralyn
Photo courtesy of: Abigail Saxton, The University of British Columbia (Musqueam Traditional Territory)
University of British Columbia Psychosocial/Health Behavioural Res. Evaluating the Long-Term Efficacy of Affective Mental Contrasting Interventions for Promoting Physical Activity Behaviour and Psychological Well-Being among New Motherso

Sicard, Taylor
Photo courtesy of: Aleandre Bosch Martinez
University of Toronto Virology Self-Adjuvanted Nanoparticles as an HIV Vaccine Platform

Stall, Nathan
Photo courtesy of: Michael Wong
University of Toronto Geriatrics Caregiving for dementia: determining the population-level physical and mental health consequences using administrative data

Syed, Saad
Photo courtesy of: Gwen Lovsted
McMaster University Environmental Influences on Health Impact of Food Production Compounds on Human Microbiota & Metabolic Health

Szyszkowicz, Joanna
McGill University Mental Health The Gut Microbiome as a Key Regulator of Early Life Stress Induced Depression – A Translational Mouse Model

Taccone, Michael
University of Toronto Cancer Metabolic Reprogramming of Glioblastoma to Reduce Tumour Growth

Tarade, Daniel
Photo courtesy of: Zoran Tarade
University of Toronto Cancer Structure-function studies of the HIF-pVHL axis: Implications for disease

Thiessen, Michelle
University of British Columbia Drug Research Cannabis and Pain: Examining the Relationship Between Frequent Cannabis Use and Pain Sensitivity

Tieu, Alvin
University of Ottawa Health Research Engineering immunomodulatory exosomes derived from human mesenchymal stem cells for treatment of acute inflammatory conditions

Trinder, Mark
University of British Columbia Molecular Biology Cholesteryl ester transfer protein as a novel regulator, predictor, and therapeutic target of sepsis

Tsang, Brian
University of Toronto Biochemistry Role of Phase Separation of Neuronal Granules in Stimuli-Induced Local Translation and Implications for Autism Treatment

Turner, Mandy
Queen's University Cardiovascular Experimental Characterization of Phosphate Dysregulation in Kidney Disease and Generation of a Clinical Tool to Identify Phosphate Dysregulation

Urner, Martin
Photo courtesy of: UHN/SHS Critical Care Medicine
University of Toronto Health Research Causal effect of time-varying driving pressures on mortality in mechanically ventilated, adult patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome

van der Wal, Ran
McGill University Population Health Vulnerable young women in Botswana co-design solutions to improve access to government support programs: a structural approach to HIV prevention

Vito, Alyssa
McMaster University Cancer Improved Cancer Immunotherapy for Breast Tumours

Woodman, Andrew
University of Alberta Cardiovascular Developmental programming of cardiovascular dysfunction by perinatal iron-deficiency
Name University Area of Research Title of Research ProposalFootnote 1

Andrea, Kori
Memorial University of Newfoundland Chemistry - Inorganic Chemistry No Frustration Needed: Triarylborane Catalyzed Coupling of CO2 and Epoxides

Aubry-Wake, Caroline
University of Saskatchewan Earth Sciences - Hydrology Modeling climate change impacts on glacier meltwater contribution to the hydrological systems of the Canadian Rockies

Bonar, Maegwin
Trent University Evolution and Ecology - Evolution and Ecology Quantifying the drivers of animal migration – an integrative approach

Borys, Breanna
University of Calgary Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Scaling up Production of Pluripotent Stem Cells in Stirred Suspension Bioreactors for Regenerative Medicine

Brand, Carolin
Photo courtesy of: Université de Sherbrooke
Université de Sherbrooke Cell Biology and Molecular biology - Microbiology Étude des modulations de l'expression des gènes et de l'épissage des ARNm cellulaires dans le cadre d'une infection par différents Flavivirus: le virus du Nil occidental, le virus de la fièvre jaune et le virus Zika

Cameron, Andrew
University of Waterloo Physics and Astronomy - Optics Ultrafast Photon-Pair Pulse Characterization

Cannon, Sara
Photo courtesy of: Breton Peterson, UBC Geography
University of British Columbia Evolution and Ecology - Aquatic Ecology and Limnology Coral reefs, climate change, and resilience in the central Pacific

Colpitts, Julie
Photo courtesy of: Katherine Fedoroff
University of Saskatchewan Evolution and Ecology- Evolution and Ecology Assessing the adaptive potential of an island population of feral horses (Equus ferrus cabbalus) using a variety of genetic tools

Dawson, Leanne
Photo courtesy of: Riley Brandt/University of Calgary
University of Calgary Electrical Engineering - Power Systems Implementing Predictive Dynamic Thermal Line Rating in the Alberta Electric System

De Souza, Diego Jesus
Photo courtesy of: Nusrat Zubaida
University of Ottawa Civil and Mechanical Engineering - Structural Engineering Avoiding & Mitigating Alkali-Aggregate Reaction (AAR) in Concrete Structures

Donelle, Louis
Photo courtesy of: Caroline Mallette
University of Toronto Evolution and Ecology- Evolution and Ecology A multi-scale meta-network approach to designing protected area networks

Dutta, Abhishek
University of British Columbia Civil and Mechanical Engineering - Environmental Engineering ADDRESSING GLOBAL ENERGY SHORTAGE: Biofuel Harvesting from Wastewater

Golubeva, Anna
Photo courtesy of: Gabriela Secara
University of Waterloo Physics and Astronomy - Condensed Matter Physics Quantum Machine Learning: Mutual Enhancement Between Machine Learning and Quantum Physics will Leverage Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence

Gomis, Surath
University of Toronto Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering A novel, label-free microfluidic platform for rare stem cell discovery

Green, Rivka
York University Psychology - Cognitive Science - Development The Tooth Biomatrix: Validation of a Novel Biomarker for Early-Life Fluoride Exposure

Guzman Quesada, Jose
University of Alberta Evolution and Ecology - Plant Ecology Detection, contribution, and local variability of lianas and trees of the Neotropical Dry Forest

Hesketh, Amelia
University of British Columbia Plant and Animal Biology - Animal Biology Genotypic modulation of the effects of climate change on the immune function of the Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas

Hopfmueller, Florian
Photo courtesy of: Gabriela Secara/Perimeter Institute
University of Waterloo Physics and Astronomy - Theoretical Physics and Chemistry Edge Modes and Symmetry in Quantum Gravity

Huang, Xing
University of New Brunswick Psychology - Cognitive Science - Fundament Individual and sex differences in digital map reading

Hudson, Roger
Photo courtesy of: Ciara Parsons, The University of Western Ontario
The University of Western Ontario Psychology- Behavioural Neuroscience - Reward, Motivation Examining the Roles of Hippocampal Cannabinoid Signaling on Emotional Memory Processing

Katz, Chaim
Photo courtesy of: University of Toronto
University of Toronto Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Contingent Deep Brain Stimulation for Augmenting Memory in Humans

Kendrick, Jillian
University of Waterloo Earth Sciences - Earth Science Understanding the evolution of Archean continents: A metamorphic investigation of the Kapuskasing uplift, Ontario

Kinney, Mackenzie
Photo courtesy of: Julie Chen
University of British Columbia Evolution and Ecology- Evolution and Ecology Species Hybridization as a Mode of Rapid Evolution in Response to Environmental Change

Kuhn, McKenzie
University of Alberta Earth Sciences - Physical Geography Greenhouse gas emissions from lakes in Western Canada: Assessing regional lake characteristics and the effects of groundwater connectivity and permafrost thaw

Laengert, Scott
McMaster University Chemistry - Polymer Chemistry Green Silicones Harnessing Canada’s Forest Resources

LaRue, Ryan
McMaster University Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Chemical Engineering Controlling surface interactions to induce adsorptive and antifouling properties in next-generation membrane technologies for the efficient removal of contaminants in water treatment applications

Lawler, Ethan
Dalhousie University Mathematical Sciences - Statistics and Probability Improving fisheries stock assessment models through spatio-temporal, multi-species, and integrated data models

Lee, Carmen
Photo courtesy of: Anthanasios Psaltis
McMaster University Physics and Astronomy - Condensed Matter Physics Fluids on the nanoscale in thin film geometries

MacNicol, Jennifer
Photo courtesy of: Anderson Coates photography
University of Guelph Plant and Animal Biology - Animal Physiology and Metabolism Development of in vitro models of equine gastric smooth muscle, mucosal tissue, a cecal micro-environment and simulated digestion protocol for equine gastrointestinal research

Mahmud, Mallik Sezan
University of Calgary Earth Sciences - Remote Sensing Monitoring the new Arctic sea ice regime using L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar

Matthews, Claire
Brock University Psychology - Cognitive Science - Development Cognitive mechanisms underlying face learning: The role of perceptual experience

McCarthy, Fiona
University of Waterloo Physics and Astronomy - Theoretical Physics and Chemistry Holographic Black Hole Chemistry

Mehina, Eslam
University of Victoria Cellular and Molecular Biology - Cell Biology Age-related changes in IFNgamma disrupt microglial dynamics and microglial-associated maintenance of neural and vascular function

Mesa Galloso, Haydee
Photo courtesy of: Riley Brandt/University of Calgary
University of Calgary Cellular and Molecular Biology - Biophyics Modeling the molecular mechanisms of drugs and membrane lipids interacting with the hERG potassium channel in cardiac cells in the context of heart arrhythmias

Michaud, Benjamin
Photo courtesy of: Bonnalie Brodeur
Université de Montréal Chemical Engineering, biomedical and Materials scinence - Biomedical Engineering Optimisation de l’horaire de répétition journalière des violonistes par la modélisation dynamique de la fatigue musculaire dans le but de réduire les lésions articulaires dues au travail répétitif

Morenz, Karen
University of Toronto Chemistry - Physical Chemistry “Hot” singlet exciton fission in cyanine dyes to increase the efficiency of optoelectronic devices

Nazarahari, Milad
University of Alberta Civil and Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Development and clinical implementation of a novel wearable sensor technology for walking training toward functional restoration of stroke survivors

Negrea, Jeffrey
University of Toronto Mathematical Sciences - Statistics and Probability Probably Approximately Correct Sampling and Self-Aware Monte Carlo

Parent, Emilie
Photo courtesy of: Stephane Gilbert
McGill University Physics and Astronomy - Astronomy and Astrophysics An in-depth study of the most rapidly rotating neutron stars in our Galaxy

Pellow, Carly
University of Toronto Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Ultrasound-triggered conversion of porphyrin microbubbles to nanobubbles: Extending bubble-mediated imaging and therapy beyond the vasculature

Picard-Lafond, Audrey
Photo courtesy of: Daniel Guay, Université Laval
Université Laval Chemistry - Analytical Chemistry Développement de nano-outils fluorescents pour la quantification rapide d'ions métalliques de source alimentaire ou environnementale

Ramsay, Malcolm
University of Toronto Evolution and Ecology - Biogeography and Landscape Ecology Landscape Genetics of Mouse Lemurs in Fragmented Habitats

Rickards, James
Photo courtesy of: Jim Rickards
McGill University Mathematical Sciences - Pure Mathematics Intersection numbers of geodesics on Shimura curves and modular curves.

Samson, Marie-Élise
Phot courtesy of: Franck Levey
Université Laval Earth Science - Soil Science Réconcilier la fonction environnementale et le rôle nourricier des sols agricoles pour des solutions aux changements climatiques et à la sécurité alimentaire

Saunderson, Shane
University of Toronto Civil and Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Robotic Leadership: Trust, Persuasion, and Authority in Human-Robot Interaction

Schafer, Haley
University of Alberta Civil and Mechanical Engineering - Geotechnical Engineering Long-term behavior of tailings dams after closure: implications for dam safety risk management

Schmid, David
University of Waterloo Physics and Astronomy - Physics Identifying quantum contextuality as a resource for quantum information processing applications

Schreiner, Helene
Photo courtesy of: Portraits Now
University of Ottawa Civil and Mechanical Engineering - Environmental Engineering Dilution and mixing of submerged jet in meandering river

Sidhu, Balsher Singh
University of British Columbia Earth Sciences - Physical Geography Reorienting rainfed agriculture: Increasing resilience to climate variability through optimized irrigation strategies

Stevenson, Sarah
Photo courtesy of: Art Connolly Headshots
The University of Western Ontario Civil and Mechanical Engineering - Structural Engineering Quantifying and Mitigating Vulnerabilities of Residential Structures to Hurricane Risks in Cuba

Stirling, Trevor
Photo courtesy of: Patty Wellborn
University of Toronto Electrical Engineering - Photon Devices Quantum light interconnects for distributed quantum computing

Stykel, Morgan
Photo courtesy of: Trina Koster Photography
University of Guelph Cellular and Molecular Biology - Cell Biology The role of alpha-synuclein in the initiation of neurodegeneration

Sutherland, Ira
Photo courtesy of: Diamond Head Consulting
University of British Columbia Evolution and Ecology - Plant Ecology Ecosystem services recovery in an era of novel forest disturbances

Véronneau, Catherine
Photo courtesy of: Jocelyn Riendeau
Université de Sherbrooke Civil Engineering and mechanical engineering - Mechanical engineering Conception et fabrication d’un exosquelette de bras hautement transparent, fort et léger, étant muni d’une intelligence artificielle pouvant détecter les intentions de l’usager et l’assister de façon adéquate et autonome dans le but de réduire la fatigue et les risques de blessures des mécaniciens d’aéronefs.

Wearing, Oliver
McMaster University Plant and Animal Biology - Animal Physiology and Metabolism Circulatory adaptations to high-altitude hypoxia in deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus).

Webb, Shasta
University of Calgary Evolution and Ecology - Animal Ecology Responses to pregnancy and lactation: examining activity budgets, diet, and the gut microbiome in two species of wild Costa Rican primates
Name University Area of Research Title of Research ProposalFootnote 1

Ahun, Marilyn
Photo courtesy of: Nathanaël Corre
Université de Montréal Psychology Why do children of depressed mothers have poorer cognitive outcomes? The role of nature and nurture.

Anyeko, Ketty
The University of British Columbia Women's Studies Senses of reparation and justice: women’s decision-making after wartime sexual violence in Northern Uganda

Banerjee, Shweta
University of Toronto History Currency, State, and Citizenship in India 1860 - 2017

Batac, Monica
McGill University Social Work Filipino workers in Ontario’s settlement sector: examining care deficits and local links in the global care chain using Q-Methodology

Bazinet, Trycia
Photo courtesy of: Ayesha Khan
Carleton University Geography Centering Abitibi Lake: Settler-Colonial Trajectories in NorthWest Québec and the Viens Commission

Briere Godbout, Lea
Photo courtesy of: Jade Boivin
University of Toronto Law Has discrimination become a matter of symmetrical harm?

Bruijns, Leona
The University of Western Ontario Sociology Engaging men as allies to transform a rape culture: Examining the impact of a multi-modal sexual violence prevention program for male athletes on post-secondary campuses.

Champagne, David
Photo courtesy of: Malou Uptmoor
The University of British Columbia Sociology How do Sustainable City Policies Affect Social Equality? The Case of Water Shortage in Los Angeles and São Paulo

Chiblow, Susan
York University Philosophy N’be Kendaaswin

Ciobanu, Costin Marius Viorel
Photo courtesy of: The Jeanne Sauvé Foundation
McGill University Political Science Accountability in Times of Democratic Deconsolidation. A Novel Test of the Functioning of Central and Eastern European Democracies

Comer, Leigha
York University Sociology The Social Organization of Opioid Use for Chronic Pain in Canada

Conacher, Duff
University of Ottawa Law The Ethical Politics Imperative: How Does the Federal Canadian Political Process Ethics System Measure Up to a Best-Practice Model System?

Coppey, Sonia
Phot courtesy of: Nadia Zheng
Université Laval Education Epuisement professionnel et résilience chez les musiciens classiques en début de carrière

Desrochers-Turgeon, Emelie
Carleton University Fine Arts Inuit Voices in the Colonized Land: Translating Architectural Imagination

Donato, Cássia
Concordia University Political Science Lethal Violence, Brazilian Youth, and Public Safety - A Study of Prevention Policies

Duerksen, Kari
University of Victoria Psychology Reproductive Coercion: Measure Development and Relation to Patterns of Control

Dunford, Lu-Vada
University of Toronto Philosophy Understanding and Defining Terrorism as a Violent Practice of Eradication: Killing Bodies to Kill Ideas

Efimoff, Iloradanon
University of Manitoba Psychology Teach love, not hate: Effective educational interventions to reduce racism towards Indigenous peoples in Canada.

Erfani Hossein Pour, Rezvaneh
University of Alberta Sociology Theorizing Environmentalism in the Middle East: Social and Political Capacities of Environmental Movements in Iran, Turkey, and Qatar

Filewod, Benjamin
University of Toronto Interdisciplinary Studies Three studies of the interaction between forest quality, forest sector development, and climate change.

Gagné, Jean-Philippe
Concordia University Psychology A mixed-methods approach to understanding the role of dysfunctional beliefs in the fear of losing control

Goubran, Sherif
Photo courtesy of: Marc Bourcier / Concordia University
Concordia University Interdisciplinary Studies Our buildings have credentials...Now what? - “Green” Buildings and Sustainable Development Goals in Canada

Hann, Cheryl
Photo courtesy of: Michael Doucette
Dalhousie University Literature and Modern Languages Coming Out, Coming Together: Lesbian Representation and Community in Women’s Life Writing of the Holocaust

Henry, Natasha
Photo courtesy of: The Ontario Black History Society
York University History One Too Many: African Enslavement in Early Ontario, 1750-1834

Hey, Maya
Photo courtesy of: Marc Bourcier / Concordia University
Concordia University Communications and Media Studies Living with the Microbial Other: analyzing the human-microbe relationship through fermentation, material engagement, and research-creation.

Horne, Rebecca
University of Toronto Psychology Love in the Works: Couples’ Relationship Functioning Over the Course of Job Relocation.

Howe, Miles
Queen's University Interdisciplinary Studies ‘Strategic Incapacitation’ of Aboriginal Public Protest in the Canadian Context: How protest policing tactics delegitimize the legitimate.

James, Dana
Photo courtesy of: Evan Bowness
The University of British Columbia Interdisciplinary Studies Assessing and Enabling the Transformative Potential of Agroecology

Laberge, Elaine J
University of Victoria Sociology Pushing privileged pillars: An investigation of a real-time grassroots initiative to widen access to, and participation in, higher education for “poverty-class” students

Lacroix, Emilie
Photo courtesy of: The University of Calgary
University of Calgary Psychology Predictors of Body Image Development from Preadolescence to Young Adulthood: A 14-year Prospective Study

Lainesse, Louise
Photo courtesy of: Geneviève Huard
Université de Montréal History La mort dans le Québec préindustriel, 1720-1887

Lebenbaum, Michael
Photo courtesy of: Dhoui Chang
University of Toronto Economics Estimating the Causal Effect of Mental Health on Social Capital: An Econometric Analysis Using Canadian and American Population Surveys

Lecavalier, Emma
Photo courtesy of: Milan Ilnyckyj
University of Toronto Political Science The rise of transnational city networks and the formation of global urban authority: Strong Cities and the C40 Climate Group

Malenfant, Jayne
McGill University Education Ensuring Access to Effective Education for Homeless Youth: How Can We Navigate an Increasingly Neoliberal Economic Context?

Maltais-Landry, Aude
Université de Sherbrooke Education L’inclusion de perspectives autochtones au cours d’Histoire du Québec et du Canada : points de vue d’enseignants, d’élèves et d'historiens

Moon, Christine
Queen's University Interdisciplinary Studies Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) in Canada for Racialized Canadians

Morriet, Oriane
Université de Montréal Communications and Media Studies Les mutations de l'écriture scénaristique à l'ère des nouvelles technologies : l'écriture des oeuvres réalisées avec les technologies de la réalité virtuelle.

Murray, Nathan
Université Laval History Passions populaires, passions politiques ? Une histoire émotionnelle de la foule romaine à la fin de la République et au début de l'Empire (133 av. J.-C. - 68 ap. J.-C.)

Nachtergaele, Shanti
Photo courtesy of: Sergio Veranes
McGill University Fine Arts The Birth of Modern Double Bass Playing at the Prague and Paris Conservatories, ca. 1810–1850.

Olafuyi, Mariam
University of Toronto Law Towards the Creation of an African Economic Community: A case for re-evaluation of approaches and development of a framework for cross-border infrastructure projects.

Perras St-Jean, Gabrielle
Institut national de la recherche scientifique Geography Représentations et usages de l'espace urbain chez les personnes présentant une déficience intellectuelle résidant sur le territoire montréalais

Phaneuf-Jolicoeur, Xavier
Photo courtesy of: Gilles Jolicoeur
McGill University Literature and Modern Languages Faire le mort : continuité et rupture chez Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Claude Simon et Marguerite Duras

Rackow, Hannah
Photo courtesy of: Jeremy Bunyaner
York University Fine Arts Performance After Atrocity: Forensic Aesthetics and the Role of Performing Artists in International Human Rights Investigation

Raycraft, Justin
McGill University Anthropology Conflict or Coexistence? The Changing Social and Political Landscapes of Human-Wildlife Interactions in Northern Tanzania

Robb, Douglas
The University of British Columbia Geography Conflict in the Canadian Water-Energy Nexus: An analysis of the contemporary debates and hydrosocial conflicts in British Columbia’s transition to a low-carbon future

Robert, Camille
Photo courtesy of: Julie Artacho
Université du Québec à Montréal History Femmes en grève : une analyse des rapports de genre dans les grèves du secteur public au Québec (1985-1990)

Roussel, Stéphanie
Photo courtesy of: Alexandre Turgeon Dalpé
Université du Québec à Montréal Interdisciplinary Studies Do it together, les communautés autopubliées. Nouvelles modalités de la création?

Schultz, William
Photo courtesy of: Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation
University of Alberta Criminology “You Don’t Know What’s Going On”: Impacts of Violence and Instability in Canadian Remand Centres

Sévigny, Marie-Ève
Université du Québec à Montréal Literature and Modern Languages L’imaginaire de la ville de Québec dans le roman québécois de 1934 à nos jours.

Sharma, Sarah
Photo courtesy of: Greg Black
Queen's University Political Science Governing global disasters and shelter crises: A study of sustainability in Mexico’s informal settlements

Stacey, Iris
McGill University Education Investigating the Vital Role of L2 Speakers in Indigenous Languages Revitalization

Sterling, Andrea
University of Toronto Criminology Policing Beyond the Criminal Code: A study of networked policing and the regulation of sex workers in Canada

Trottier-Gascon, Caroline
Concordia University History Histoire orale des communautés trans montréalaises, 1980-2000

Tulloch, Bonnie
Photo courtesy of: Patchwork Media
The University of British Columbia Library and Information Science Do the ends justify the memes? Exploring the relationship between young people, Internet memes, and digital citizenship

Umezurike, Uchechukwu
University of Alberta Literature and Modern Languages Masculinities in Contemporary Nigerian Fiction

Weinsheimer, Camille
Photo courtesy of: Deanna Finlay
Simon Fraser University Psychology Unintended Effects of Evaluating Reports from Multiple Witnesses in Criminal Court
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